Justin C Watches WCW Fall Brawl 2000

After taking a week break from all things WCW related, I’ve decided to get back at it. Mostly because I want to get this done, and it’s snowing bad here so I really have nothing else to do.

This event was held in my hometown of Buffalo. Now at this point in my wrestling fandom, I was pretty much all WWF. I had always been more of a WWF kid, but back in 1997 I was switching back and forth regularly. By 2000 I would switch back once or twice. But I still wanted to go to this show, but my parents wouldn’t justify spending the money.

And looking back at it, I know now they wanted to also shield me from this horror.

Vince Russo is in full effect here. Goldberg, who turned heel to help Russo three months ago, is now a face going up against Russo. Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner are buddy/buddy again after Steiner turned on Nash two months ago. There are title changes left and right. Oh and Stacy Kiebler just left David Flair at the alter. Because she is pregnant and David was not the father! Instead of pushing young talent, Russo is ruining them with his awful writing. WCW is a sinking ship. The veterans are just there to get paid and the young guys are stuck in god awful storylines.

Lets get into this show.

The opening video montage shows clips from Nitro and Thunder with shots of wrestling action figures next to them as well. Those figures look absolutely awful by the way.

Tony Schiavone calls it a capacity crowd. He’s full of shit. The upper deck has no one in it and the ends of the 100 level are blacked out.

100kg and Under Championship (Cruiserweight) Elix Skipper (c) vs Kwee Wee

Lance Storm gifted the Cruiserweight Title to Elix Skipper. Skipper comes out with Major Gunns, who is a prisoner of war and has been kidnapped by Team Canada in their battle with the Misfits in Action. Can you imagine if this angle happened today? Imagine someone going to Trump and showing him a picture of Major Gunns and telling him she’d been kidnapped by Canada. He’d be sending tanks into that country within seconds.

You’re suppose to think Kwee Wee is gay but he’s not because he has Paisley with him. We’re off to a great start as these two botch a simple leap frog. Skipper hits a nice looking double leap on the ropes into a Saito suplex on the mat. Just when it looks like they are getting going we get another botch as Skipper catches Kwee and they are suppose to go over the ropes but Skipper can’t get the momentum so he tosses Kwee Wee who lands hard on the apron, then Skipper just randomly falls over the ropes. The Natural Born (Vanilla) Thrillers come out and watch. Why? The announers don’t know. Kwee Wee lawn darts Skipper into the rail. That looks like it hurt. Mike Sanders comes out and hits Kwee Wee with a stick ball stick. Skipper hits a crossbody but Kwee Wee rolls through for two. Skipper ends up hitting the Over Drive for the win. Too many botches to make it a good match.

Three Count vs the Misfits in Action

I forgot to mention this last show, but Van Hammer is no longer with M.I.A and is gone from WCW. He apparently wanted a bigger role in M.I.A., but even Vince Russo knew he sucked so he left. This is probably the greatest thing Vince Russo ever did in WCW. He’s replaced by Wall, who is now A-Wall. Remember when he was being groomed as a top guy earlier in 2000? Yeah me neither. M.I.A. also has squirt guns now, if they couldn’t get any lamer.

So these two teams are just there wrestling. There’s nothing bad about it, but there isn’t anything good either. It is like watching the most random, average, boring match you could. Evan Karagias is still wrestling on a fucked up ankle. Imagine working on a bad angle for WCW in late 2000. The crowd doesn’t care either. A-Wall gets the hot tag and I can’t tell if the cheering he gets is piped in or not. It sure seems like it. A-Wall goes to put Helms through a table, but Moore and Karagias stop him so Helms superkicks him through it. Three Count hits a nice double suplex. A-Wall pulls Karagias and Moore out. Cpl. Cajun hits his finisher for the win, even though I think A-Wall is still the legal man. They got the crowd into it at the end.

Earlier today, some little kid asks Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash for an autograph. Jarrett tells him to get lost, Steiner asks where his mom is, and Nash asks how much money he has. The kid says $1.50. Nash tells him to go buy a soda. The problem? The kid is smiling at the end of it.

Chain Match: The Harris Brothers vs Kronic

Oh my god. Someone save me. I might go water board myself. Maybe I’ll go pull my teeth out with a wrench.

Bryan Clark wants to make this a first blood match. Can we just make it a match where the bell sounds and then the match ends? I would advocate a finger poke of doom here. They are brawling through the crowd. Fans are scattering. By evidence of the seats, most already scattered to the bathroom or concession stand. One of the Harris brothers is choking Clark with a chain in the ring. It looks more like they are just laying their doing nothing. There’s a ref bump, surprisingly our first of the night. This match is already going on five minutes too long. One of the Harris brothers is bleeding but the ref is out. So he hits both members of Kronic with a barbed wire baseball bat. Madden says its not blood. Hudson sarcastically asks Madden if its period blood. I feel like I’m being raped watching this. Bryan Adams is busted open and the ref sees it so the Harris Brothers win. Kronic takes out the ref after. I think I need to see a therapist after this.

General Rection is interviewed. He says he’s representing America tonight. Could you imagine a worse representative for America? Jim Duggan gave Rection his flag on Monday and now Duggan is the special enforcer.

Canadian Championship (U.S.): Lance Storm (c) vs General Rection

Lance Storm actually gets the full Canadian anthem in. Probably since Buffalo is so close to Canada. Nowadays we have a Tim Hortons every two miles. Imagine if you told someone in 2000 that one of these guys would be training wrestlers in the WWE 15 years from now. They would have all thought you meant Lance Storm. Storm hits a nice springboard crossbody to the outside. You can clearly tell Rection is gassed and Lance Storm has to slow down his pace for him. Rection goes to the top for a moonsault. Major Gunns gets on the apron for some reason. Duggan then TURNS ON AMERICA and hits Rection with his 2×4. Lance Storm applies the Canadian Maple Leaf and Rection is out. Storm wins. Major Gunns is sad, but it is her own dumb fault. This is Vince Russo at his finest. Duggan looks so unhappy out there.

The Natural Born (Vanilla) Thrillers vs The Filthy Animals, Big Vito and Paul Orndorff

Orndorff comes out of a limo with a towel. Imagine that being a big surprise. Mike Sanders does a pretty good Konnan impression in a prematch interview.

The Thrillers are essentially the Nexus without a leader like Wade Barrett or a good wrestler like Justin Gabriel. Disco accidentally hits his finisher on Konnan and he’s eliminated. We still don’t know the history of Big Vito and Reno. Does anyone care at this point? Apparently WCW has a stick ball bat budget because now Vito has his. But Vito is eliminated soon after. We end up getting down to Rey and Orndorff for their team. This is apparently No DQ now, as there is a kendo stick in full view of the ref. Orndorff eliminates Johnny the Bull with an awkward piledriver. Orndorff goes for another piledriver and hits it on Jindrak, but his head bounces off the mat when he falls backwards. He suffers a stinger and can’t move in the ring. The match comes to a halt as they try to work around him, but Robinson eventually calls for the bell. Orndorff gets immobilized and taken out as members of both teams walk with him to the back.

Pittsburgh Plunge Scaffold Match: Shane Douglas and Torrie Wilson vs Billy Kidman and Madusa

What better way to follow a serious neck injury then with a scaffold match! Madusa cuts a promo beforehand calling Torrie a bimbo bitch, just shouting random shit. It takes forever to get the scaffold up to where it is suppose to be. Madusa is trying to climb down the ladder but she acts like a complete idiot trying to get down it. You think guys climbing the ladder in the WWE today look bad? Watch this. Douglas kicks Madusa off and she takes the softest fall ever onto a crash pad. Torrie low blows Kidman and Douglas tosses him off and they crawl down the ladder to win. Russo gets his fix of people falling from tall structures in.

Jeff Jarrett attacks Sting during an interview.

Mike Tenay goes to David Flair’s house. His place is a mess with food and stuff all over. David is super paranoid. Tenay asks if he thinks Ric is the father. David then runs out and attacks the mailman.

Vampiro vs The Great Muta vs Sting

Poor Great Muta coming back to WCW in 2000 and having to put up with this shit. Muta and Vampiro beat up Sting through the crowd. After taking down Sting, Vampiro and Muta began fighting each other. The ICP tries to break it up. Sting grabs the bat and goes to work. He then hits the Scorpion Death Drop on Muta for the win. As I said, the veterans *cough Sting cough* are just their for the paycheck. Sting then saves Muta from a beatdown after the match.

Mike Awesome comes out of his 70s bus with Gary Coleman.

Bunkhouse Match: Jeff Jarrett vs “That 70’s Guy” Mike Awesome

Talk about Vince Russo ruining wrestlers, I give you Mike Awesome. Awesome went from top player to joke in the span of a month or two. Most believe it is because Awesome is a cousin of Hulk Hogan. Jarrett comes out in a Frank Wycheck jersey and rips on Buffalo for the Music City Miracle that happened last Playoffs. It was a forward lateral for those of you don’t know. Awesome throws Jarrett into the railing in front of some Bills in the front row. Awesome sets Jarrett up on a table but Jarrett gets up. Awesome tries to Awesome bomb him off the top through the table but Jarrett counters and backdrops Awesome through it, even though he went more head first. Awesome recovers and tosses Jarrett through the barbed wire table twice, then hits a sit out powerbomb for two. Awesome misses a splash. Jarrett taunts the Bills so they surround the ring and push him around. Awesome hits an Awesome Bomb but Jarrett kicks out. Why was that not the finish? The Bills get off the apron and Jarrett hits a low blow. Out comes Gary Coleman who hits a low blow, but then he eats a guitar shot. Sting comes out and hits the Scorpion Death Drop and Awesome gets the win. Classic Vince Russo Over Booking 101.

No DQ Match: Scott Steiner vs Goldberg

Goldberg hits a couple power moves early on. They go to the outside where Steiner throws Goldberg into the barricade. Steiner goes for a tombstone in the ring but Goldberg counters for a quick powerslam. Steiner moves out of the way of a spear, then goes to the top. But Goldberg catches him and slams him down. Steiner slams Goldberg into the steps. Out comes Midajah, who looks like she got a new boob job. Goldberg is busted open back in the ring as Steiner takes control. Midajah hands Steiner the pipe, but he eats a spear. Out comes Vince Russo, who hits Goldberg with a bat. Russo just had “brain surgery” last week. That’s the most believable Russo storyline ever. Too bad it didn’t help. Russo is wearing a stupid cutoff shirt again. Goldberg is put into the steps again and then through a table. Goldberg breaks the Steiner Recliner. They go to the top. Midajah and Russo hit Goldberg with the pipe and bat. Steiner hits a belly-to-belly off the top for two. Goldberg breaks the Recliner again and goes for Russo. Steiner hits him over the head with the pipe. The ref calls for the bell as Goldberg is out in the Recliner.

Dave Meltzer gave this match 4 1/4 stars. I thought it was the best match of the night. That might be a tad too high. But it was at least 3 1/2 stars. Just a solid, hard hitting brawl.

A Halloween Havoc promo saying Sting will be reborn. No, we still have a few years before that happens.

Steel Cage Match for the WCW Championship: Kevin Nash (c) vs Booker T

Michael Buffer still getting paid by WCW at this point is amazing. He drops the classic “greatest big man in professional wrestling” line for Kevin Nash. Nash dominates the early portion of the match with his normal offense. Booker throws Nash into the turnbuckle he exposed then bodyslams in. Booker hits the axe kick then goes for the Book End but Nash blocks it with a chokeslam. Poor Booker, he starts a comeback and the crowd just doesn’t care. Nash gets thrown into the exposed turnbuckle and is busted open. Nash goes for a powerbomb but Booker grabs the cage and hits a missile dropkick. Booker goes for the finish but Nash hits a low blow. Nash hits a big boot. Booker counters a powerbomb and hits the Book End to win the Title.

When your best match is Goldberg/Steiner, you probably had a pretty bad show. There was nothing offensive like New Blood Rising, but it was just a bad show put together. Nothing good, just bland, non entertaining wrestling. There’s nothing on this show you should go out of your way to see.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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