WWE RAW 2.26.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. Did Vince Russo Book This Show?

Between John Cena’s promo and Roman Reigns promo, you would think Vince Russo booked this show. Both promos came off as worked shoots. Cena being told that a match with the Undertaker “wouldn’t happen” then Roman talking about Brock “no showing” and leaving made it seem like they were pulling back the curtain. Reigns even said he was going to get “chewed out” backstage afterwards. No one believes the Cena story for a second. Brock was advertised all day for RAW so there might be something to that, but I’ll wait and see. But in today’s Internet world I feel like something would have leaked by now. It all seemed unnecessary, especially the Cena one. And no one is going to get behind Reigns no matter what the WWE tries so this was pointless.

2. The Bayley/Sasha Banks Story Is Being Played Out Perfectly

In the Elimination Chamber, Sasha “turned” on Bayley and beat her up when Bayley thought she was going to help Sasha. Tonight on RAW, Bayley refused to tag in when Sasha reached out her hand. Neither woman turned heel, and Bayley helped Asuka in the match. This story should be drawn out leading to Mania and they are doing a good job of it so far. It isn’t like the Cena/Taker stuff. This story is being told well so far. It is making the audience pick sides and decide who will turn heel first. It is almost as if the writers are waiting to see the crowd’s reaction and then turn someone based on that. But I like the slow build to this match and the fact that multiple storylines are being played out in the women’s division.

3. Ronda Rousey Was Good, But That Ending Fell Flat

I thought Ronda Rousey was much better tonight than she was at Elimination Chamber. She showed great intensity walking to the ring and I thought her promo delivery in the ring was an improvement. But the ending with Kurt apologizing, then Triple H hitting him with one punch and walking away, just felt completely flat. It wasn’t a good hook to make me want to tune in next week. I would’ve had Ronda chase them to the back, maybe throw or break something backstage as they drive off in their limo. But just seeing that end the way it did felt like a bit of a letdown. And who was in that limo? Are we just to assume it was Steph and Triple H?

Quick Hits

-So is Asuka not going to announce who she is fighting until Wrestlemania? Make up your damn mind already (WWE Creative)!

-I hope this means Bray Wyatt is now going to the Hardy compound to fight Matt. Because if he doesn’t I just don’t care.

-Miz/Finn/Rollins is the way to go for the IC Title at Mania. Of course, where that leaves Braun remains to be seen.

-Insert annual complaining about the Warrior Award here.

-I know it’ll signal more signs that the brand split is in trouble, but it might be time to combine both Tag Titles and let them appear on both brands.

-Was Elias using the fire extinguisher on Braun a metaphor for the WWE putting the fire out of Braun’s push?

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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