WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses for 2.20.18 w/ the Chairman

Hey everyone, Chairman here with this weeks Smackdown Live three hits and three misses for February 20th.


HIT: Fast Lane Finally Getting a Card


Over the course of the evening, the card for Fast Lane started to fill up. Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan were at odds over Bobby Roode’s challenger for the United States Championship. Shane wanted Randy Orton and Daniel wanted Jinder Mahal. Shane of course got his way and at Fast Lane it’ll be Roode vs Orton. Though as many of us know, don’t be surprised to see Mahal get added making it a triple threat. We also will finally see Charlotte Flair not only defend the Smackdown Women’s Championship again, but she’s finally going one on one with Ruby Riott. Lastly, New Day defeated Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable to earn a WWE Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship match against The Usos.


MISS: Where’s Shinsuke Nakamura? Where’s Tye Dillinger? Where’s Half the Roster?


This isn’t so much of a criticism of what was on the show, but who wasn’t. Shinsuke Nakamura wins the Royal Rumble and has been barely seen or featured on Smackdown Live since. Is he even going to have a match at Fast Lane? This isn’t exactly good booking for a superstar that’s in line for a main event match at Wrestlemania. Tye Dillinger is ten on that silly top ten list and where has he been? Then there’s countless other superstars that have barely been seen for weeks. I know Smackdown Live is only two hours, but I feel there’s ways to get the entire roster featured within a few weeks time opposed to completely disappearing.


HIT: Sami Zayn’s Assist


Smackdown Live started with an impromptu Shane McMahon match putting Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler in a match. The match was alright, but when it looked like Ziggler was about to win, Sami Zayn’s music hit. Zayn makes a bee line for the ring and then suddenly stops right when he gets close. Owens takes advantage of a distracted Ziggler and picks up the win. Later in the locker room, Zayn vowed to take the fall for Owens at Fast Lane so he could go to Wrestlemania. Looks like Styles, Corbin, and Ziggler have a bigger challenge on their hands at Fast Lane because if Owens and Zayn get the chance to pull the fast one, Owens is going to Wrestlemania.


MISS: Six Women Tag


Once again on Smackdown Live, we’re stuck with the Riott Squad taking on Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, and Naomi. While this match was better than most of the six women tags I’ve dealt with lately. I’m done with this lazy booking and so are many other fans. I think part of the problem is because of what the Riott Squad is composed of. Three random superstars thrown together with barely any back story and it just isn’t working. The sooner this faction gets axed the better. I’ll scream this until I’m blue in the face, but they had the Iconic Duo Peyton Royce and Billie Kay in NXT that were already working together as a heel team that would’ve been a better choice. Also, where the hell have Natalya and Carmella been?


HIT: United States Championship Division


I was invested in the Bobby Roode and Jinder Mahal promo tonight. Granted I could’ve done without the top ten list storyline, but these two with Randy Orton are making the US title seem like a big deal. All three of these men are trying to get one up on the other and just when we thought Roode finally got Orton, Mahal got to Roode. Had Mahal been in the United States title picture last year opposed to getting shot up to the top, I think he wouldn’t have had as much resistance from fans. Mahal however is left out of the title math at the moment as I stated earlier McMahon booked Roode vs Orton. Quietly nobody is aware that Orton is a United States title reign away from becoming a Grand Slam Champion. It very well could happen at Fast Lane.


MISS: Tag Team Division


This division has been a bright spot of Smackdown Live, but lately it’s gone cold. The Usos have barely been featured and they’re the champions. Many of the other teams we’ve seen haven’t been used lately including the hot duo of Rusev and Aiden English. It seems there’s a separation now in the division between the teams and it was clear when it was New Day taking on Gable and Benjamin for a title shot at Fast Lane. Not much creativity here when New Day and the Usos had a very lengthy feud in 2017 and the Usos already got the better of Gable and Benjamin lately. It seemed like the Usos were on a collision course with the Bludgeon Brothers, but they’re really slow burning that one I guess? Alot of people, myself included, want to see the Usos make the main Wrestlemania card. However it’s going to be tough if the Smackdown Live tag division keeps limping like it is right now.


That’s all I have this week. Thanks for reading!