WWE RAW 2.19.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. The Gauntlet Match Would Have Meant More If There Was A Meaning To It

I had no issue with the gauntlet match taking up as much time as it did. It was a nice change up from the normal segments we have on RAW every week. With that being said, it would have meant more if there was something on the line in the match. Essentially, these guys were just wrestling for pride and “momentum” going into the Chamber. And I hate using the term momentum, especially when it comes to sports. Even the announcers were talking about why everyone was wasting so much energy in this match. AND SO WERE THE WRESTLERS! Rollins said beating Cena and Reigns meant nothing if he doesn’t win the Chamber. That essentially contradicted everything going on in the match. This match should have been for the last spot in the Chamber match. That way these guys fighting for two hours would have meant so much more.

2. That Being Said, Seth Rollins Killed It Tonight

Many people including myself were starting to wonder what place Seth Rollins had going forward in the WWE. If tonight was any indication, it seems like he is going to have a top spot for awhile. Rollins and Reigns had a good fifteen minutes. And the final ten minutes of Cena/Rollins was very good. Rollins hit the falcon arrow suplex off the top, delivered in AA to Cena and hit a great Curb Stomp to finally put Cena away. Rollins balled out for over an hour and the crowd showed their appreciation after he was eliminated. Rollins has yet to put it all together in the WWE. I really hope this match is the start of a solid, injury free year for him.

3. No Consistency In The RAW Women’s Division

So last week, Alexa Bliss was trying to make nice with Mickie James and teamed up with her to take on Absolution. She also saved Mickie from an attack from Absolution two weeks ago. This week? Alexa is teaming with Absolution to take on Mickie James, Sasha Banks and Bayley. And it made even less sense for them to team up after the match. Can we not get a little consistency with these storylines? Of course you knew the WWE would go with the lazy booking here after the two hour gauntlet match for the men. How about just two gauntlet matches? Or Sasha/Bayley vs Mickie/Alexa vs Absolution, losing team has to start the Chamber match? Anything other than what we got this week.

Random Thoughts

-I liked the after match interviews with each wrestler once they were eliminated from the Gauntlet Match.

-Whoever decided to give Asuka that extended in ring promo should be fired from creative. Her English isn’t great and she got lost during it.

-Poor Sheamus and Cesaro are going to get stuck with next to nothing at Wrestlemania.

-The Phoenix crowd was great. Stayed into the show all the way through the end of it.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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