WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses for 2.13.18 w/ The Chairman

Here are my three hits and three misses for the February 13th episode of Smackdown Live.


HIT: Owens and Zayn Ambush Corbin and Ziggler


Smackdown Live started with the match advertised last week Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin. Shane McMahon of course added the stipulation that the winner would get added to the WWE Championship match at Fast Lane. Ziggler was in the ring, but Corbin wasn’t coming after his music hit. We find out Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are attacking him backstage and then head ringside to attack Ziggler. This was a fantastic move and smart booking! Zayn and Owens obviously don’t want another superstar added to their match so they made sure neither man made it there. Or so we thought….


MISS: Triple Threat Turns Fatal Five Way


I wasn’t a fan of the WWE Championship match at Fast Lane being a triple threat, now I’m beyond annoyed it’s a fatal five way. We’ve had a solid rivalry with AJ Styles against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in the works and now they just randomly decide to throw Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler into the mix. Why? Neither one of these two are legit threats. I would’ve rather seen Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal tossed in just for the simple fact they were at least WWE Champion in 2017. I didn’t say they should’ve been champ last year, but they were. In the end of the day though, they can throw ten guys into this match and it doesn’t matter. Everybody knows it’s going to be AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura at Wrestlemania anyway. Speaking of which, why were Styles and Nakamura both off Smackdown Live???


HIT: Zayn vs Ziggler


As expected, this match looked good on paper and it delivered. Granted I wasn’t heavily invested in the match because by this point because I was done with Smackdown for the night because it was a pretty bad episode. I’m still trying to figure out why Ziggler is getting this push all the sudden, but most fans seemed to enjoy this match so I’ll go ahead and agree.


MISS: Pancakes vs Waffles


Past few weeks Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin were confronting and beating all the comedy tag teams of Smackdown Live. They took care of Breezango and Ascension so you figured New Day was on the list and they were. New Day was in the middle of a Big E pancake eating contest and everything went to hell from there. Arguing over pancakes and waffles and then New Day got the win derailing Gable and Benjamin again. Honestly don’t know what they can do with Gable and Benjamin. They’re both good enough to be singles competitors and maybe it’d be a wise idea to split them up. Speaking of split up, how much longer can we suffer thru New Day and their pancakes? How much more can this group do in the tag team division? I really hope at some point in 2018 this faction gets the axe. I think Big E has huge potential as a singles star.

HIT: Usos and Bludgeon Brothers


It was brief, but the Usos delivered another hot promo. Towards the end though, we see a monitor get smashed by Harper and Rowan. This is the tag team match we want to see. Usos have been on fire, but so have the repacked Harper and Rowan. Something has to give and they’re slow burning this bad boy. I fully expect to find out who’s the more dominant team at Fast Lane. Of course way WWE likes booking, they’ll probably add two more tag teams for a fatal four way denying us.


MISS: Arguing Over a List


I would’ve put the Smackdown Live Women’s Division, but I felt I’ve beat that horse dead so I found another gripe with this episode. Bobby Roode had a open challenge for the United States title and wanted Randy Orton. Orton he got, but Jinder Mahal interrupted him.I was interested to see where this was going. Then they started bringing up that stupid Smackdown Live top ten list from last week and the whole segment died. Bashing Mahal because he wasn’t on it. Dissing Orton because he was nine. Are we seriously doing this WWE? Instead of being interested in a title shot against Bobby Roode, they’re more focused on the Smackdown Live list.


Well that’s another Smackdown Live show in the books. Next week another Charlotte, Naomi, and Becky vs Riott Squad match is booked. That’ll put butts in the seats….. Til next time, I’m the Chairman and thanks for reading.