WWE RAW 2.12.18: The Three Key Stories With Justin C

1. Similar to Smackdown Live, RAW Had A Good Match That Meant Nothing In The End

On Smackdown, Rusev and Bobby Roode had a good match for the United States Title. And after the match, Randy Orton came out and RKO’d both men and stood tall. Tonight on RAW, Sasha Banks and Bayley had a good match. Then afterwards Nia Jax beat both of them up. There were people who thought one of them was turning heel tonight. And one of them still should at some point. But instead their match was forgotten in an instant when Nia beat both of them up. Why couldn’t Nia just squash some jobber again? Instead two of the six participants in the women’s Elimination Chamber match now look like fools.

2. Braun Strowman Once Again Showed He Is The Future In The WWE

Some of you may think this is bias. Guess what? I don’t care. Braun’s segment with Elias tonight once again showed that he has all the tools to be the WWE’s next big star. Elias is singing, Braun comes out and plays a cello like a guitar. He breaks the strings immediately, still carries on, then goes and beats up Elias. Braun actually had a pretty good voice too. They can’t waste him on a match with the Miz at Wrestlemania. Braun deserves to be in a big time match. And even though I like what Miz is doing, Braun is above a match with Miz at Wrestlemania. Braun continues to do new things every week and he knocks it out of the park each time. How hard is it to put him over Brock at Wrestlemania? You can easily switch to Rollins vs Reigns if you want.

3. The Elimination Chamber Build Continues To Baffle

So four guys who already competed in qualifying matches and lost fight to see who gets the last spot. Then Seth Rollins, who was nowhere near the WWE Title scene, asks Kurt Angle to get a shot. So Kurt asks the WWE Universe. The same WWE Universe he just got mad at minutes earlier for cheering Jason Jordan’s injury. And I liked Seth Rollins promo to Kurt. But it just continues to show that the WWE is stretching things out until after Elimination Chamber. With the double pin we will obviously get Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins for the last spot next week. That match could have happened at Wrestlemania but now it happens on RAW. I don’t like where things are headed going into the Chamber and can only hope Wrestlemania picks things up.

Quick Hits

-Even the most basic wrestling fan knows John Cena will be at Wrestlemania. Stop trying to get us to buy he won’t be there WWE.

-The shitty graphics made their way over to RAW. I haven’t heard or read one good thing about them. So of course the WWE will run with them.

-Asuka’s Streak got a “By the Numbers” video promo. That worries me. I really hope the WWE isn’t stupid enough to have Nia beat Asuka.

-Ronda Rousey is signing her RAW contract at Elimination Chamber. Was Smackdown even given a chance to negotiate?

-Roman Reigns made the Tag Team Champs look like fools. So a typical night for him.

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Justin C

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