WWE Smackdown Live Hits and Misses for 2.6.18 w/ The Chairman

This is the Chairman and here are my three hits and misses for Smackdown Live for February 6, 2018.


HIT: Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn


Any chance you get to watch these two wrestle each other in the ring, it’s a treat. With their recent alliance, one would assume it’d be awhile before seeing Owens vs Zayn again. Daniel Bryan however proved us wrong last week by booking this match with the winner challenging AJ Styles at Fast Lane for the WWE Championship. Some fans of course were waiting for some shenanigans such as a finger poke of doom. That clearly wasn’t the case. Sure the match started slow as expected, but things really intensified. Both men wanted that WWE title match. Sure enough though we didn’t get a definite winner. Zayn got into an altercation at ringside where Styles was doing commentary and Styles ended up taking both Zayn and Owens out. The referee threw the match out and we had no winner. Daniel Bryan made a final decision and booked Styles vs Owens vs Zayn in a triple threat match for the WWE Championship at Fast Lane.


MISS: Another multi man championship match


Instead of getting AJ Styles vs Sami Zayn or AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens, we get a triple threat match. Not exactly a fan of another match involving all three of these guys, but it is what it is. Since we had to see Styles face Owens all last summer, I would’ve been intrigued in seeing Sami Zayn getting a main event one on one pay per view match against Styles. Then again it doesn’t matter because we all know Styles will survive Fast Lane and face Royal Rumble winner Shinsuke Nakamura at Wrestlemania anyway. The dream match everyone wants. Basically Fast Lane is a throwaway pay per view and Smackdown Live is going to coast until we get closer to Wrestlemania.


HIT: Bobby Roode vs Rusev


Another great match on the show tonight was Rusev challenging Bobby Roode for the United States Championship. The popularity of Rusev Day is at an all time high so some folks out there were wondering if WWE would cash in and make the title change tonight. Unfortunately for Rusev Day fans, Roode proved to be the better man tonight and successfully defended his title. The plot thickened after the match when Randy Orton took Roode out with an RKO and then hit Aiden English and Rusev. Does Orton have intentions on becoming United States Champion or is he just striking everything that moves? There is definitely more to this story and we’ll have to wait until next week to see what’s next.


MISS: Smackdown Live Women’s Division


While Smackdown has been doing a solid job with their tag division and now building prestige back to the United States Championship, they’re completely crapping all over the women’s division. You look on the Raw brand and they’re doing everything right with their women. It seems like we never see Becky Lynch or Naomi anymore, yet they’re two of the top ten Smackdown Live superstars (more on that later). Basically it’s Charlotte feuding with the terrible throw together group known as the Riott Squad. It’s almost as if nobody cares about challenging Charlotte for her championship anymore. Then again it probably doesn’t matter because Charlotte will be champion going into Wrestlemania anyways. I just want a Becky Lynch heel turn and challenge Charlotte for the title, but don’t see that happening any time soon.


HIT: Non title tag team feud


A few weeks ago, Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin were in the hunt for the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship. Unfortunately they came up short in their conquest against the Usos at the Royal Rumble. Now that the team of Benjamin and Gable have taken a backseat, they decided to clean up the tag team division. They’re targeting all those that make a mockery of the division. They’ve already focused on Breezango and Ascension. Something tells me the pancake eating New Day has to be next on the horizon. It may not be a big deal to some, but seeing them create a tag team rivalry not focused on the titles speaks volumes.


MISS: Smackdown Live Top Ten List


So apparently the superstars of Smackdown Live have put together a list of the top ten superstars. This whole thing was just bad. Not a single heel was in the top ten when clearly guys like Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are some of the best wrestlers in WWE. Rusev Day is the most over thing right now and he didn’t crack the list. Yet Tye Dillinger who is only on once a month made the list? Worst part is they’re gathering tweets from the wrestlers regarding this list. This whole thing just needs to be scrapped along with the words on the screen and selfie promos…


Overall Smackdown Live was not very good tonight. The first hour was completely terrible, but the second hour was decent with the two featured matches. Zayn vs Owens and Roode vs Rusev were the reason to watch tonight. Next week they advertised Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin? That’s not exactly a must see match… It’s frustrating seeing Raw absolutely on fire lately and Smackdown Live has turned into a B show. It’s not even close which show is on top right now. I have a feeling Smackdown Live isn’t going to get better until there’s another superstar shakeup and I’ll go as far as saying some new creative juices behind the scenes. With that, thanks for reading.