WWE RAW 2.5.18: The Three Key Stories w/Justin C

1. Finn Balor Is Going To Get Jobbed Out Of A Big Time Wrestlemania Match

It is really cool that Finn Balor is finally teamed up with Anderson and Gallows. It looks like Balor is having fun out there with them. But it continues to look like Finn Balor’s first Wrestlemania is going to be a dud for him. If the rumored Wrestlemania card happens, there is nothing left for Finn to do. I personally would have him turn heel and take out Jason Jordan and then he could fight Rollins at Mania. You could have him fight Miz for the IC Title too, but I’d prefer Balor/Rollins. All I know is that it will suck if Balor is left off the Mania card all together. And I’m really starting to think there is a better than 50/50 chance that happens.

2. The Booking Of The Elimination Chamber Matches Is Really Pissing Me Off

First off, the women don’t have to qualify but the men do? I know there aren’t a lot of women on the RAW roster, but it is just lazy booking. Alexa Bliss brings up how she has to defend her Title in the Chamber but Brock doesn’t. You’re great Alexa, but the WWE holds Brock higher than everyone else. (Another good Alexa promo by the way) Then the men. Elias, John Cena and BRAUN wrestled tonight to see who gets to enter the match last. Why do they get special treatment? So just screw Roman and Miz that were booked in qualifying matches this week? Everything about this is extremely lazy. Right now the WWE looks like they are in coast mode heading to Wrestlemania. And that isn’t a good thing at all.

3. Elias Is Turning Into A Star

When Elias first came onto the roster I thought he would be a solid hand that would get some good heat with his gimmick. But the WWE crowd is now starting to somewhat get behind Elias. And he was not a success on NXT. The crowd just hated him. Here the crowd loves to hate him or cheer him. And Elias is improving in the ring as well. He pinned John Cena tonight. Not just anyone pins John Cena. Elias is going to be a rising star in the WWE in 2018. World Title worthy? Probably not. But he will be a guy hovering around the main event all year. And I don’t think anyone saw that coming six months ago.

Quick Hits

-They admitted Drake Maverick used to be Rockstar Spud. Why not just use the Spud name then?

-With Asuka taking on Bayley this week, I’m even more convinced that Asuka is moving to Smackdown to fight Charlotte.

-Apollo Crews should have beaten Miz and given a chance to shine in the Chamber. This was easily Crews best showing on the main roster, however.

-If Jason Jordan is really hurt they need to end this storyline. I’d rather Jordan heal up then risk worse injury at a potential Wrestlemania match.

-Nia Jax being given the opportunity to fight for a Title if she beats Asuka kind of negates the importance of the Women’s Rumble doesn’t it?

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Justin C

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