The HTCWrestling Staff Answers: Will Ronda Rousey Prove Her Worth By 2019?

This week the HTCWrestling Staff answers the following question: Will Ronda Rousey Have Made A Huge Impact For The Women’s Division By 2019?

Cam: Will Ronda Rousey make in impact this year? If you mean impact the female roster to want to move to TNA then yes, yes she will.

I️ was very high on bringing Rousey into the WWE but her debut at the Rumble wasn’t great, hell it wasn’t even good. If she wrestles Charlotte and is slowly eased into a title program than I’m ok with it. But if by Summerslam she’s a champion and ended Auska’s streak than the WWE might as well give her the Brock Lesnar treatment and let the Raw or SmackDown women’s title be off tv for months at a time. If she’s really all in, then she needs to get off that movie set and work the house show schedule to not only help the WWE sell tickets but help her learn from the greats that the WWE has.

Heather: I think that it goes without question that Ronda Rousey will have a huge impact this year. There is no way that, barring an injury, WWE doesn’t put Ronda front and center as often as they can. While I don’t think she’ll shoot right for a title, I’d be shocked if she wasn’t holding one of the women’s titles by this time in 2019. Whether or not the impact she has is positive is the bigger question for me. I respect that Ronda has love for wrestling and wants this, but desire doesn’t always translate to results. While she’s a phenomenal fighter, wrestling is a different beast. I know she’s been training and I know she’s a great athlete but until we see her in the ring there’s no telling what WWE has gotten themselves into. I hope that Ronda’s passion and intensity morph into an impressive opponent for the other women already on the roster as she inevitably progresses to the top of the mountain.

Matt: Story Wise: Yes. Business Wise: No.

The Chairman: In my opinion I feel Ronda Rousey will help the women’s division and WWE. Even if she doesn’t catch on to the WWE style, her name alone is going to generate interest from casual fans and many sports media outlets. My only fear is if she’s going to be another Brock Lesnar. As in winning the title, disappear for months at a time, and only work the big events. Or is Ronda Rousey going to be there with the rest of the WWE women and work the grind week after week? Time will tell.

Justin C: My answer is yes. Simply because I think the WWE wants to main event a Wrestlemania with Rousey. If the WWE is smart, they can build up to Rousey vs Asuka at Mania next year with both of them still undefeated. With all due respect to Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Alexa Bliss, that is the biggest possible match for the women’s division. Rousey is still a name despite her two UFC losses. If she is committed to this and doesn’t do a Brock Lesnar schedule, then she will have an impact.

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