5 Thoughts On The 2018 WWE Royal Rumble w/Justin C

1. That Was The Best Men’s Rumble Match In A Long Time

We’ve all been disappointed with the Royal Rumble match itself in the last few years. I would say the last good one was probably Edge winning in 2010. This match delivered. There were so many things to like about it. Heath Slater constantly getting beat up so he couldn’t get to the ring. Rusev was over HUGE with the crowd and lasted a long time. Kofi using pancakes to not let his second foot touch the ground. Elias being able to do a concert, Rey Mysterio’s return. There was something for everyone in it.

2. The Right Man FINALLY Won The Rumble

I’ve been a long believer that the winning the Rumble should be used to elevate someone up the card that needs it. Shinsuke Nakamura has been floundering on the main roster for quite some time. He’s needed that one big push up the card to finally be taken as a serious main eventer by the casual fans. And Nakamura winning this match did exactly that. Nakamura looked great in the match. He had a great final exchange with Roman Reigns and that is a match that needs to happen down the line. Reigns didn’t need to win the Rumble. Nakamura did. And now we get AJ Styles vs Nakamura at Wrestlemania.

3. The Universal Title Match Was As Awful As I Thought It Would Be

If you listened to the HTCWrestling Podcast or read my RAW Reviews in the build up to the Royal Rumble, you know I had low expectations for this match. Somehow it didn’t even meet those. It started with Braun accidentally stiffing Brock with a knee, then Brock delivering a UFC style head shot to Braun. I personally think Brock overreacted a bit, it was more of Braun’s thigh that caught Brock. And the destruction that happened with the tables and chairs was something we’ve all seen before. At this point the WWE is in dangerous territory with Braun and they are risking losing him with the fans.

4. The Woman’s Royal Rumble Worked, But It Might Not In Future Years

With all the worry going into the women’s Rumble with the match going on last, I thought it was good. They had a good mix of main roster women and legends. I wasn’t a fan of Michelle McCool eliminating so many people. But Asuka winning was obviously the right call. The only thing I worry about is future women’s Rumbles. There aren’t a lot of women they can bring back for a nostalgia pop, and they used most of them tonight. So they better have more women on the roster by this time next year. Other than that, Nia Jax looked strong, the Trish/Mickie standoff was good, and Lita thankfully didn’t break her neck on that moonsault.

5. Ronda Rousey’s Debut Was Perfectly Fine

You couldn’t have Rousey debut in the match because she would have to win it, and that meant Asuka becoming an afterthought. And she has the sign pointing down so that’s good. But her interactions with Asuka, Charlotte and Alexa Bliss and even with Stephanie McMahon was fine. If I would have changed it, I would have had Asuka officially say she was challenging Alexa Bliss, then have Ronda come out and stare down Charlotte and point at the sign. Charlotte vs Ronda is the obvious match to make and would get the most attention.

I will have more thoughts on the Royal Rumble and all the huge WWE News and NJPW News from this weekend on our HTCWrestling Podcast this week with fellow host Cam!

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Justin C

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