NXT Takeover Philadelphia 1.27.18 w/ Cameron Dougharty



A very nice touch and change of pace from the WWE to have Paul Heyman kick off the show and introduce the new, and old fans back to Philly for the future of the WWE and possibly the best NXT takeover to date.

Kyle O’Riley and Bobby Fish are the tag team future of the WWE, don’t @ me. They both just have it, heel or face these guys need to be apart of the future of the WWE. The Authors of Pain are more than likely main roster bound especially after you consider  War Machine has signed to NXT and will be feuding with Fish and O’Riley soon than later. Just teach the guys to protect their opponents, please.

While Velveteen Dream continues to grow as a character, a modern day Goldust if you will, one of my favorite Kassius Ohno continues to digress. Ohno is a master craftsman and one hell of a knockout artist, it still puzzles me why his time in the WWE just hasn’t clicked. Dream’s rise in overall confidence will shake up the landscape of the NXT roster. If you would have told me Dream would be more relevant in 2018 in the WWE than Ohno and Roderick Strong I would have called you a very bad thing.

If I️ had any doubts about Ember Moon leading the women’s division now that Asuka is on Raw they were pushed aside tonight.She proved my doubts wrong and Shayna Baszler proved she can fit right along this, once again, strong women’s division. Between the two along with Kari Sane and Candice LeRae and the women’s division is back, baby.

I️ don’t have enough words or energy left to tell you how great Adam Cole and Aleister Black was. Easily, easily the best extreme rules match the E has booked, maybe ever. It was everything and more you could ask from the two guys. You could have easily fooled anyone into thinking the show was over after that. Even Sanity and O’Riley/Fish’s moment was great and didn’t take away from the match itself. Move over Jericho/Omega, Black/Cole may be the match of the year. For a guy who finds match ratings a tad bit silly Meltzer better give this damn match 5 stars.

Take away the million false finishes and Johnny Gargano and Cien Almas told an amazing story. Almas entire attitude and motivation has completely the changed in the past year, the guy is a star and will be everything that Alberto El Patron guy could never be. Johnny Wrestling can be the next big thing for the WWE and they didn’t even know it, hell I wasn’t ever sure it was possible. Gargano is a natural baby face that his on his way to making Sami Zyan’s face run in NXT look weak. Bringing back Tomasso Ciampa adding more fuel to the fire but added a question, does Gargano wrestle his former partner or are we on our way to a multi man match for the title? In my eyes, I’d love to see Almas defend the title against Gargano, Ciampa, Cole and Black on the Wrestlemania card.

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