Enzo Amore Released; UPDATE With Statement From Enzo’s Attorney

The WWE announced on their website earlier today that they released Enzo Amore. The release comes less than 24 hours after a rape accusation was made against him. The release from the WWE didn’t even include a “we wish him the best in his future endeavors.” You know it is bad if they don’t include that.

Amore’s release comes after news broke yesterday of a woman on Twitter accusing him of rape back in early October. According to Fightful.com’s Sean Ross Sapp, Enzo was released in part because he knew of the accusation and investigation since the incident, but did not tell the WWE about it. The WWE only learned of the incident yesterday when Enzo’s accuser posted on Twitter.

Earlier today TMZ released an interview with Amore’s accuser. The woman, Philomena Sheahan, claims she told Enzo Amore “no” multiple times while they were in a Phoenix hotel room back in October. But Amore continued to be aggressive with her and raped her in the hotel room.

Enzo Amore has long been a problem for the WWE. If you follow his Twitter or Instagram, you know he lives a lavish lifestyle and is not afraid to brag about it. There was an incident with a stripper calling him out on Twitter late last year. He also reportedly cheated on his then girlfriend Liv Morgan. And he still apparently dressed outside of the locker room at WWE events.

The WWE will address the Cruiserweight Title situation tonight on 205Live.

UPDATE: Enzo Amore has released the following statement on his Twitter through his lawyer:

JC’s Take: It was pretty much a matter of when, not if, Amore would be released. The WWE is a publicly traded company and can only tolerate Amore’s behavior so much. And it didn’t seem like Enzo was well liked in the WWE locker room as well. I’m sure he won’t be missed in the locker room or on WWE TV.

As far as the rape accusation goes, I am always an “innocent until proven guilty” person. And I don’t like that the woman went to TMZ to give her side of the story. Save that for the police and courts. Don’t go to TMZ to do that. Of course, with Enzo’s past behavior, it is also believable that he might do something like this. The Phoenix Police Department has still not pressed charges in the case. With the publicity the case is now getting, I could see this changing soon.

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