The HTCWrestling Staff Predicts The WWE Breakout Star Of 2018

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This Week’s Question: Who Will Be The 2018 WWE Breakout Star of the Year?

Heather: I think we’re going to see a big year from THE DRIFTER HIMSELF, LADIES AND GENTLEMAN: Elias. He’s already on an upswing and at the end of 2017 WWE gave him matches against both their big Dawgs, Roman Reigns & John Cena. Elias is a fun heel. Crowds do boo him because he’s picked up the old heel tactic of putting down their cities in a fun way, with a song! I expect his star to continue to rise and if he isn’t holding a mid card title by the middle of the year, I’ll be shocked. If not that- then who’s to say we don’t see The Drifter climb up and walk off with the Money in the Bank briefcase this year? It’s time to walk with Elias my friends.

The Chairman: My breakout WWE superstar for 2018 is Sami Zayn. In my opinion, success has not followed Zayn to the main roster like it did for him in NXT. When Zayn arrived to the main roster in 2016, he had several midcard title shots in his first year. Unfortunately he wasn’t successful in capturing a single title. 2017 didn’t prove to be much better for Zayn. However when he was moved to Smackdown Live from Raw in the Superstar Shakeup after Wrestlemania, I thought maybe Zayn was finally going to break out. Unfortunately Zayn still fell short whether it was in title matches or the Money in the Bank ladder match. Zayn didn’t even crack the 2017 Summerslam card, not even the preshow. It was at Hell in a Cell where Sami Zayn finally had enough. By assisting Kevin Owens in his match against Shane McMahon, Zayn started showing a new side to him. Reuniting with longtime friend Kevin Owens has finally helped Sami Zayn stay afloat in the WWE. Zayn is now involved in a WWE Championship match at the 2018 Royal Rumble with Kevin Owens against AJ Styles in a two on one handicapped match. This is only the beginning for Sami Zayn where I’m confident that in 2018 he will not only main event pay per views for Smackdown Live, but he will also find himself with some championship gold as well. Many of us already know what Zayn can do in the ring, but now WWE is finally going to give him the stage to do so in 2018.

Matt: I see 2018 as being a massive year for new talent, but probably no one bigger than Adam Cole. I’ve called Cole this era’s Shawn Michaels for over five years now. I believe 2018 is the year he starts to show the WWE audience what they’ve been missing.

Cam: The WWE is in need of a break out tag team like they had with the New Day. Sure the Usos have been great for SmackDown Live but on the Raw side of things the tag division is lack luster. Seth Rollins lost his partner, Dean Ambrose, to an injury and has been forced to team with the talentless Jason Jordan. Gallows and Anderson have started to form what we all hope becomes the Bálor Club with Finn Bálor. Jeff Hardy is on the shelf and the time for Sheamus and Cesaro has almost come and gone. Cue The Revival. The old school mentality tag team is fully healthy and ready to lead the charge as 2018 starts to unfold. Both Dash and Dawson were groomed on NXT but two different injuries stopped their push directly in their tracks. Now that both men are healthy they have been utilized on Raw the past few weeks. Once the dust settles on Wrestlemania season The Revival will stand tall on Raw. The question is, who’s going to stop them?

Justin C: As my colleague Matt can attest too, I have been on the Rusev bandwagon since Wrestlemania 31. And over the last year he’s shown just how great of a talent he is. Rusev Day has gotten over tremendously with the fans. He’s great on Total Divas and Twitter. And the crowd is starting to get behind him on Smackdown Live. We all know Rusev had the in ring talent but last year he showed he is a great all around performer. And I think 2018 is the year Rusev finally breaks through as a top star in the WWE. The crowd wants to get behind him, and I think the WWE higher ups will too.

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