Justin C’s Thoughts On WWE RAW 25

-The opening segment was a great nostalgic kick. Vince McMahon at 72 years old still knows how to work an audience. Stone Cold coming out and interacting with Vince was great. Vince’s lines about being in a retirement home and a member of AARP cracked me up. Perfectly fine nostalgic segment with two of the most prolific stars from RAW ever.

Asuka, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Mickie James vs Nia Jax, Alicia Fox, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville

-That was an oddly timed match. It ended right after the second commercial break with Sasha Banks tapping out Alicia Fox. Asuka eliminating everyone after the match leads me to think she might not be winning Sunday. That would be incredibly stupid on WWE’s part.

-Is Brother Love back to manage The Undertaker??? Is Teddy Long here to put someone in a match with DA UNDERTAKAH??? I guess I’ll continue watching.

-That was a really weird use of the Undertaker. I mean it was almost a pointless promo. It made it seem like they were setting up John Cena coming out when Taker was talking about all the people he beat. Even if that was the point of it, I thought it fell flat.

WWE Intercontinental Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs The Miz

-If you have been following my writing for the last few weeks you know this is the result I wanted: Miz winning the Intercontinental Title and holding it until at least next year’s Wrestlemania. The IC Title should be built up again as an important Title and Miz would be the perfect guy to do that. The match was just okay and had both guys hitting their usual spots. Miz did take off a turnbuckle pad leading to the win, but hopefully that doesn’t lead to anything like a rematch.

The Peep Show With Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan

-The crowd booed the shit out of Jason Jordan, who continues to try and get goofy Kurt down. Rollins accidentally took out Jordan when The Bar came out to brawl with them. It seemed like a way just to get everyone on TV and remind people of their match this Sunday.

Bray Wyatt vs Matt Hardy

-Man, throwing away this match out of nowhere is a bit weird. Yeah their promos were getting a bit boring and redundant but you would think they would have at least announced it before they just gave it away with no build. Not only that, they end up having Bray win clean. What the fuck? That was a complete waste of that match.

-They do a segment with some of the “greatest women in RAW history.” Out comes Kelly Kelly, Torrie Wilson, the Bellas. Poor Trish Stratus comes out last, who has 20 times the talent as every other woman there.

Elias Concert

-Elias gave another great performance. John Cena came out and interrupted him. Cena went for an AA but Elias escaped and low blowed him. Elias then hit Cena with his guitar, instantly drawing more dimes than Jeff Jarrett and hit Cena with the drift away. Great job making Elias look good in that segment.

-The Godfather was backstage with Mark Henry. Godfather introduced his wife to Mark Henry. KAYFABE IS OFFICIALLY DEAD.

Heath Slater and Rhyno vs Titus Worldwide

-This all ended when the Dudleyz came out and put Heath Slater through a table. Pretty lame.

D-X Segment/The Club vs The Revival

-D-X came out and did their normal schtick. Scott Hall came out and they immediately cut to a commercial break which was one of the weirdest commercial break cuts I’ve ever seen. Balor Club came out and they all “too sweeted” each other. Because of course D-X had to be a part of that. Revival lost a quick match to the Club then got beat up by D-X afterwards.

Main Event Segment

-So all the legends and Brock, BRAUN and Kane come out. Some guys get in the ring to stop BRAUN and Kane from fighting. But then they leave when Brock comes out. Then BRAUN takes out Kane and puts Brock through the announce table and that’s it. No one did anything.

I thought that was a pretty disappointing show. The best part was the beginning. And then they tried and fit a bunch of shit into it and it just didn’t work. They could have done so much better but it failed to deliver like most big RAW shows.

RAW has been around for 25 years and I’ve been a part of it from the beginning. I’ve been through the Attitude Era, the LOLCENAWINS Era, the botched WCW Invasion, everything. I’ve been through all the highs and the lows. I’m about to be 30 and RAW and the WWE has been a part of 25 years of my life. I’ve been ridiculed for watching wrestling. And I just don’t care. It’s an escape. It’s something I’ve enjoyed my entire life and can’t see going away any time soon, especially with all the great wrestling out there nowadays. I hope RAW has another 25 years and I’m a part of it through the whole ride.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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