5 Thoughts: WWE RAW 1.8.18 w/Justin C

1. Goof Jason Jordan Is Stupid

I have no clue what the WWE’s end goal is with Jason Jordan. Sure, he looks like an idiot trying to be the cool guy with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. But if the WWE’s end goal is to push Jordan out of this, it isn’t working. Kurt Angle was able to make the corny heel work because of his comedic timing and mannerisms. Jason Jordan doesn’t have any of that. He just looks like a moron out there. The WWE really needs to figure out what they are doing with him. If they keep this up any longer his ship won’t have sailed, it will be sinking.

2. The WWE Has No Idea How To Book This Matt Hardy/Bray Wyatt Feud

We are four weeks into this Bray Wyatt/Matt Hardy program and the WWE has no clue what to do with them. Their feud so far has consisted of them laughing at each other and giving backstage promos which included them going from one pre-recorded interview to the next. I was worried this was going to happen when they WWE decided to go with Woken Matt Hardy six months too late. And now he is stuck in a soul sucking program with Bray Wyatt, the eater of wrestler’s pushes. I wish the WWE would let Matt do some of his TNA stuff with this character. Go get Senor Benjamin and visit the Hardy Compound!

3. The Miz Started 2018 Just Like He Ended 2017

Miz was one of the best acts in the WWE in 2017. He brought a passion to his work like almost no one else in the company. And his promo tonight on RAW was great. After stopping Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel from fighting, he just went into straight fire and seriousness with his promo. He got serious and looked directly into the camera and talked about winning back the Intercontinental Title and becoming the greatest IC Champ of all time. Imagine that: A wrestler talking about wanting to win the IC Title and holding it for a year. Miz was great tonight and I hope that is something they actually go through with. Let Miz win the IC Title and hold it for all of 2018 and into 2019, where he loses it at Wrestlemania.

4. I Have No Idea What To Think Of That BRAUN/Kane/Brock Segment

That segment had me laughing and I can’t tell if it was because it was funny good or funny bad. Why is there a random grappling hook backstage? Was BRAUN trying to climb the structure like Batman? The camera work didn’t do a good job of hiding that the structure didn’t fall on either Kane or Lesnar. The one thing this segment didn’t accomplish is increase my interest in this match. These three won’t be able to do tricks like that in their match at the Rumble.

5. Please Keep Finn Balor And The Club Together

Finn Balor looks like a new man these last two weeks. After being paired with Gallows and Anderson, Finn looks to be having more fun out there with his buddies. This is the group the WWE should have reformed to take on the Shield in their initial return. I hope the WWE actually builds these three up and makes them a serious threat, with Gallows and Anderson actually helping Finn win the Universal Title at some point. I also thought the subtle “elite” lines by Graves during commentary was interesting. That has to be a directive from someone higher up in the company. It is interesting to say the least.

Random One Liners

-I’m assuming the WWE made Sonya Deville take the cornrows out of her hair because that isn’t normal for a woman. I bet they send all their girls to charm and beauty school like in “A League Of Their Own” too.

-A Bad Luck Fale and Tama Tonga name drop on RAW? I’m going to assume Vince just thought Gallows and Anderson were making up fake names.

-Kurt was talking to a woman’s legend on the phone for the Rumble? I bet it was Kelly Kelly.

-If Enzo’s ankle injury wasn’t real he did a damn good job of selling it.

-ECW Rhyno vs Current Samoa Joe would have been one hell of a match.

-Alexa Bliss was trying to stir shit up between Nia Jax and Asuka. Nia then said what Alexa is saying isn’t true, because Asuka doesn’t speak English. Umm, has she not watched RAW since Asuka’s debut?

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Justin C

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