Daniel Bryan is Medically Cleared and why the WWE is Banking on it

Daniel Bryan - Old School



When Daniel Bryan was forced into early in ring retirement after several injuries, including multiple concussions, it was a catastrophic blow for everyone and I️ mean EVERYONE in or around the world of professional wrestling. Bryan was riding high in the WWE, his ability to connect with the fans eventually forced Vince McMahon to ride the ‘Yes Movement’ wave. To say a lot has changed not only in the WWE but the professional wrestling world since Bryan retired would be one hell of an understatement. Daniel’s contract expires this year with the WWE and he has made it very clear he intends to wrestle again, with or without the WWE’s medical consent. Is Daniel Bryan really unable to be medically cleared to wrestle or has the WWE already cleared him and they are banking on it?

The WWE may be the number one promotion in the world but the water is starting to tread a bit. The independent scene is hotter than ever all over the and New Japan’s success continues to grow in the United States, daily. For every guy or girl Triple H signs to NXT there is a response felt around the wrestling world to upstage the WWE. Is the WWE really prepared to allow Daniel Bryan to potentially walk away and rake in money for NJPW, Ring of Honor or hell maybe even TNA? Imagine Vince’s face is Bryan sells a million shirts on ProWrestlingTees and wrestles Cody Rhodes in a sold out venue before the end of 2018.

If the WWE keeps Daniel Bryan the list of dream feuds and matches would not could create a whole lot of money making opportunities for everyone involved. Finn Balor, AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Bobby Roode and the entire NXT roster would be first time matches in a WWE ring for Bryan; I️ can smell the money now. What’s best for business for the WWE, Daniel Bryan against AJ Styles for the WWE Title or Bryan against Kenny Omega in a sold out Japanese arena?

Daniel Bryan still has the years and fan base to go right back to the top of the WWE mountain. Bryan can lead the WWE into battle with every promotion on earth, the question becomes is this going to be a story of an unforgettable, historic Daniel Bryan come back story or does the WWE still believe they can beat anyone and are bigger than any of their talent?

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