Five Thoughts On WWE RAW 1.1.18 w/Justin C

1. Giving Away Asuka vs Alexa Bliss With Little Build Was Stupid

Yeah, it wasn’t for the Women’s Title. But the fact that they gave away a long, competitive match like they did on RAW with less than a few hours build was dumb. If you are going to do that, you should have had Asuka win the match in about ten seconds. Then when Asuka wins the Rumble the story is Asuka won in short fashion the first time, how can Alexa combat Asuka this time. It is simple. I was even surprised they didn’t go with a cop out DQ finish like they do in most cases. Just an odd set of circumstances that shows just how the WWE doesn’t like to think long term at all.

2. BRAUN Strowman Is Going To Be A Major Player In 2018

Did you hear that pop BRAUN got tonight? The RAW crowd was dead and BRAUN woke them up. The crowd loved him and loved it when he power slammed Heath Slater and Rhyno multiple times after the match. If BRAUN kept that up the ratings would have tripled easily. At this rate BRAUN should be the one winning the Royal Rumble, or at minimum facing Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania for the Universal Title. He is OVER. BRAUN should easily be a Champion by the spring or summer of this year, especially if he stays over like he is. I just dread the fact that it seems like BRAUN is going to be wasted on Triple H at Mania.

3. The BIG DAWG WINS- Expect That To Be The Theme of the WWE In 2018

I know I just talked about BRAUN getting a Unviersal Title run in 2018. But at least the first half of the WWE in 2018 is going to be all about Roman Reigns. We are going to suffer, we are going to bitch, but we need to endure. Roman isn’t a bad wrestler, as evident by his last two weeks with Samoa Joe. It is just that everything else about him is not that great. I know it is going to be another Roman coronation at Mania. I wish the WWE did something different, but I don’t think it is likely. The WWE is going to be stubborn with Roman, just like they were stubborn with Cena during his career. Maybe something will change this time but I find it highly unlikely.

4. Please Keep Finn and The Club Together

Hopefully uniting Finn Balor and Gallows and Anderson isn’t a one time thing for the WWE. I also hope that Finn isn’t continuously stuck in a feud with Curtis Axel and Bo Dalls up until the Royal Rumble. It is smart of the WWE to team these three up so they can get some Bullet Club heat with them. But who do they feud with? If Cesaro and Sheamus get the tag titles back I would assume they could be the next feud. While it is nice to pair these three together, they need someone to feud with. Of course that is exactly what I said about the Shield as well and look how that turned out.

5. Still Not Interested In The WWE Title Match

Sure, Brock Lesnar sat up like Kane then flew over the ropes while clotheslining him. But these power moves and locker room break ups aren’t getting me into the WWE Title match. Part of it is the obvious outcome of Brock winning. Then of course there is the whole Kane being taken as a serious threat in 2018 thing. BRAUN’s awesomeness isn’t going to be enough to get me to care about this match.

Random One Liners

-Elias name dropping The Rock during his song made me really want to see a Rock/Elias interaction.

-Drew Gulak has been great and I really hope he gets a Cruiserweight Title run in 2018.

-The Royal Rumble is going to be long with the women’s match being 30 as well. Might need to order pizza and wings twice.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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