The Biggest Work in Pro Wrestling History?




There have been several moments in the history of professional wrestling that some fans, writers, conspiracy theorists and people in the business themselves have considered to be a work or part of the plan all along. The Montreal Screw Job and semi recently, CM Punk walking out of the WWE (the first time) are still debated to this day. Is the entire wrestling world smack dab in the middle of not only another work but possibly the biggest one of all time with The Bullet Club and the WWE?

A few months ago members of the Bullet Club, minus Kenny Omega, held a meet n greet at a hot topic just a mile down the road where Raw was being broadcasted live that night. The Young Bucks, Cody, Marty Scrull and ‘Hang Man’ Adam Page then lead hundreds of Bullet Club faithful down the street for an impromptu ‘invasion’ of Raw. That action and others has led to a cease and desist letter and Jimmy Jacobs losing his job. A short time later it was announced that Kenny Omega would answer the challenge and wrestle Chris Jericho in just a few short weeks. Now if we back track before all of those dominoes fell hints began to drop on the ‘Being The Elite’ YouTube show where the Bucks and company all eluded that there was not only a ‘WWE stooge’ in their group and or ROH colleagues but at one point Adam Page had been kidnapped by the WWE themselves; foreshadowing? All of this left myself wondering is Vince and Triple H behind the whole thing?

As professional wrestling continues to boom outside of the WWE Vince has to take notice. With every t shirt sold, every Indy promotion you’ve never heard of ending up on ESPN or Tosh.O, Vince has to take notice. Not only has the independent scene become a place where you can stay and make a decent to great living, it’s become a place where going to the WWE doesn’t have to be the end game anymore. Meanwhile, NXT lead by Triple H, continues to bring in the who’s who list of top independent wrestlers from around the world. So, where does that leave the hottest faction in independent wrestling history?

Cody Rhodes, Marty Scrull and Adam Page would probably go to the WWE for the right price and creative direction but The Bucks and Kenny Omega are a whole different animal themselves. Like a major free agent in the top three sports in football, baseball and basketball, these three are arguably, the biggest soon to be free agents in the history of independent wrestling to date. Will The Elite trio stay in Japan and continue to concur the world or is there a plan already in the mix to bring them into the corporate giant that is the WWE?

Are we all being worked or did I work myself?

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