Five Thoughts On WWE RAW 12.18.17 w/Justin C

Heather is leaving for vacation tonight, so Justin C here to give you some thoughts on RAW!

1. Kane In A Main Event Title Match In 2018 Is Almost WCW Levels Of “We Can’t Make New Stars”

-Someone in the WWE still needs to explain to me how Kane being in a Universal Title Match at the Royal Rumble is a better idea than Finn Balor. I have no idea how Vince McMahon doesn’t think Finn Balor is over. Does he not watch Finn’s entrance every week? Apparently we need to watch Kane slowly plod around the ring in a triple threat match with BRAUN and Brock. If Finn could put on a match half as good as AJ Styles did with Brock Lesnar, than it would be really good. And I like BRAUN. But this match is going to be a big old bag of shit. I have the lowest of expectations for this feud and eventual match.

2. Only The WWE Could Make Me Not Want To See 4 Good Wrestlers Fight Anymore

-How many times do we have to see Sheamus, Cesaro, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose in the same ring together in some way, shape or form? It is becoming extremely tiresome seeing these four fight each other. And the sad part about it? They have good matches with each other. But they just don’t add anything new to any of their matches. It is almost if they are fighting on auto pilot with each other. If there was ever a need for a trade between brands these four are making a strong case for it. RAW needs a new tag team for Sheamus and Cesaro to feud with.

3. Stop Dragging Out This Jason Jordan Angle

-Another week of Jason Jordan wanting to prove himself, only to end up on the losing end of the fight. Eventually, something has to be done to turn Jordan fully heel. And it needs to happen sooner rather than later. If the WWE continues to drag this angle out the fans will lose any interest they have left in Jason Jordan. Chad Gable had a good showing at Clash of the Champions last night. Jason Jordan is now behind him in terms of being over. The fans just don’t care anymore. And it makes me wonder if the fans will even care when he turns on Kurt Angle. Do we really want to see a Jason Jordan vs Kurt Angle match at Wrestlemania? Jordan has potential but he is nowhere near ready for that kind of big stage at the moment.

4. A Failed Shield Reunion

-Roman Reigns wasn’t on RAW this week. It looks like Dean Ambrose is going to be written off for a little bit, plus he didn’t wear his Shield shirt on RAW. Seth Rollins didn’t come out in a Shield shirt for his singles match. This was easily the biggest waste of a possible Shield reunion. I have no idea why the WWE decided to do this without a long term plan in place. TV has suffered from it. From Day One I’ve said that when you do the Shield reunion, it needs to be done against a big time group that is wreaking havoc all over the WWE. That didn’t happen. And it has ruined any good the Shield could have done in the future.

5. No Issues With The Women’s Royal Rumble, Other Than Stephanie Announcing It

-Because clearly Stephanie McMahon has been so involved in the women’s revolution like she said she was going to be! The only bad part is that this will now make the Royal Rumble an even longer show. Hopefully Smackdown has a good WWE Title match up its sleeve because otherwise this Rumble card is looking like a bit of a let down. My early guess on a winner is Asuka.

Random One Liners

-Elias continues to be great.

-Hideo Itami debuting to save Finn Balor was a nice touch. Hopefully this leads to more cruiserweights interacting with main roster talent.

-Also a positive that the Revival is back. RAW’s tag team division needed a boost. And Heath Slater and Rhyno being told by Kurt Angle to toughen up is a nice change as well.

-Can WOKEN Matt Hardy please cut a promo in front of the live crowd already?

-And why has Alexa Bliss been a complete afterthought the last three weeks?

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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