Five Thoughts On WWE Clash of the Champions w/Justin C

1. Rusev Is A Mega Star In The Making (So the WWE Will Naturally Not Push Him)

-The Boston crowd last night was hot for Rusev. They chanted “Rusev Day.” They played along into Aiden English’s promo and cheered them during the match. Rusev looked the happiest I’ve seen him in a WWE ring in such a long time. I’m curious to know how the sales of the “Happy Rusev Day” shirts are going. We’ve always known Rusev is a good worker and now he is showing how well rounded he is as a character. I’d love to see him get some kind of main event push in 2018. He deserves it. I’ve been on the Rusev bandwagon since Day One. If only he got the push Jinder received earlier this year.

2. The Daniel Bryan/Shane McMahon Angle Has So Many Layers And It’s Great

-There were some things to like and not like during the tag team match. I mean, if you take away everything involving Bryan and Shane, those four could have had a great match. But the distractions of Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan took away from that. The match was meant to be more of an angle, but it could have been a great wrestling match. Now with that being said I like the layers involved in the angle. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are wrong in certain ways with their beliefs, but Shane McMahon is becoming more of the heel in this situation. He stopped the three count with Zayn having a fair and square pin on Orton. Bryan’s fast count was technically wrong, but he did it to make up for Shane’s wrong earlier. I’m still curious to see where this is all going, but they have me intrigued enough to care about what happens next.

3. There’s Potential In Heel Mojo Rawley

-For some reason the WWE was stupid to not build this program up on TV. Instead they let these two cut promos and trash talk each other on their website and social media accounts. And less people saw it then they would’ve if it was on TV. If they saw it they would have seen some pretty good promo work by Mojo. I thought turning Mojo was the wrong move. But if he cuts promos like the ones he did leading up to this, then he just might be alright. Now is there a spot for Mojo on the heel side of Smackdown Live? I don’t know. But they guy has been underutilized ever since winning the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.

4. Why Is Dolph Ziggler United States Champion In 2018?

-The biggest head scratcher of the night was Dolph Ziggler winning the United States Title in the opening match. By all accounts, the guy is one foot out the door in the WWE. And now he won the US Title? I mean I’m not the biggest Baron Corbin fan but he should have had a longer reign with the US Title. Ziggler is someone the fans have waited on to reach his full potential in the WWE but he never got there. I assumed Ziggler was in the match to take the fall but he ended up winning. I’m assuming we get more Roode/Ziggler, which not many people want to see.

5. RIP Jinder Mahal’s Main Event Push: May 2018-December 2018

-I feel confident saying that Jinder Mahal’s main event push is finally over. He lost clean to AJ Styles last night. And we can all let out a big sigh of relief. The WWE did everything in reverse with Jinder. They rushed Jinder to the WWE Title instead of building him by winning the US Title first (which he may go to now). Jinder was just never taken seriously as a main eventer. He ruined Shinsuke Nakamura’s early push to the WWE Title and bored us to death with his non-descript offense. I’ll be curious to see who AJ Styles fights next, but we can be thankful that it won’t be Jinder Mahal again.

Quick Hits

-What the hell was Natalya going on about in her post-match promo? The fans don’t like her (she is the heel) so who cares if she turns her back on them?

-The Lumberjack match was a giant mess.

-I still like the Bludgeon Brothers. There presentation is great. Now I want to see them in a Tag Title feud with the Usos.

-If Charlotte is fighting Ronda Rousey at Wrestlemania, then they need to keep the Title on her until then. So don’t expect a Carmella cash in any time soon.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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