Quick Hits: NXT 12.6.17 w/Justin C

Justin C here. We are still looking for a NXT writer. But for the time being I’m going to start recapping NXT each week here on HTCWrestling!

William Regal starts the show by announcing that there will be four singles matches over the coming weeks, and the winners will fight in a Fatal Four Way to determine the new #1 Contender.

Andrade “Cien” Almas Championship Celebration

-Almas and Vega are a great pairing together. But I really wasn’t a fan of this opening promo. Almas just bragged about being Champ and how he told us all that he was going to win. It was a pretty paint by the numbers promo that personally didn’t stick out to me.

-Lars Sullivan “media scrum” where he talks about how he will beat Roderick Strong in a few weeks and will be the one fighting for the NXT Title at Takeover Philadelphia.

Trent Seven vs Killian Dain

-Dain starts the match with a strong forearm then dropkicks Seven into the corner. Dain was the standout of the War Games match and I enjoyed the match he had with Johnny Gargano at a NXT house show I attended.

-Seven starts a comeback and hits a nice DDT but Dain catches him with a flying crossbody.

-Seven hits his “Seven Star Lariat” but Dain kicks out. Dain then catches Seven and hits a seated senton and follows it up with a Vader Bomb for the win.

WINNER: Killian Dain

-Undisputed Era promo with Adam Cole talking about his match against Aleistrr Black and Fish/O’Reilly talking about their Tag Title match against Sanity.

No Holds Barred Match: Ruby Riott vs Sonya Deville

-Riott goes for her finishing move early but Deville catches her leg and applies a weak looking ankle lock. Riott crabs the ropes and crawls up them and throws Deville into them.

-Deville hits a spinning kick to the gut and takes over control of the match.

-Riott ducks a punch and hits a STO. She catches Deville with an elbow then hits a weak looking springboard DDT.

-Riott catches Deville with a dive to the outside. But Deville catches Riott in a triangle choke in the ropes coming back in for the win.

WINNER: Sonya Deville- This was my first exposure to both these women. Deville is pretty bland and didn’t show me much. Riott looked much more smooth in the ring and will probably be the best of the five women call-ups.

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay interrupt Ember Moon’s media scrum. They say Ember didn’t pin Peyton to win the Title. Ember says she will face either one of them next week and they decide on it being Peyton.

Kassius Ohno vs Johnny Gargano

-Gargano is an injury replacement for Velveteen Dream.

-Gargano goes for a dive through the ropes but Ohno stops him and sets him up in the ropes with a forearm.

-Ohno drops a knee on Gargano. Gargano tries fighting back in the corner but Ohno catches him with a kick to the face.

-I must say Gargano does a great job of selling the fact that he is dazed and completely out of it.

-Gargano blocks Ohno’s senton with his knees. He hurricarranas Ohno then hits the jumping spear through the ropes.

-Gargano lands some kicks to the face but they don’t effect Ohno. Ohno takes down Gargano and hits the senton this time. Ohno lets Gargano get up but then kicks Gargano in the face.

-Ohno goes for a dive over the ropes but lands on his feet when Gargano runs back in the ring then dives out himself and hits a DDT on the ramp.

-Gargano hits an enziguri kick in the corner. But Ohno comes charging back with a cyclone kick for two.

-Gargano goes for a Victory Roll for two. Ohno comes back with a kick to the face then hits a Northern lariat but again only gets two.

-Gargano starts chopping down Ohno with strikes. He eventually gets Ohno into the Gargano Escape and Ohno taps.

WINNER: Johnny Gargano- Very good match here. Highly recommend it.

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