WWE RAW News and Notes For 12.4.17



Who did ABSOLUTION (Paige, Mandy & Sonya Deville) turn their sight to next?

Who accepted Roman Reigns Challenge for his still newly acquired Intercontinental Title?

Which unexpected Superstar may be jumping on the ZO Train?

Do we have a BROKEN…or a WOKEN Superstar on our hands?

We found out the answers to these questions and more…on Raw.

Below are the BIG THINGS that happened on RAW this week!

ROMAN REIGNS!  SAMOA JOE!  AND…Jason…Jason Jordan??

As is the standard, the show kicked off with Raw’s resident authority figure Kurt Angle.  Before too long he was joined by his very demanding son Jason Jordan who explained he wanted to fight Roman Reigns for the Intercontinental Championship.  Kurt was less enthused about this idea, saying that Jason’s knee is still hurt and probably thinking to himself that he’s real afraid this kid is going to embarrass him all over again.  Roman Reigns shot this idea down himself, coming out to say he’s a fighting champion but he chooses who he fights (?? weird) and he wants Samoa Joe.  Jason Jordan whined about this a bunch until Samoa Joe came out as well and says Roman doesn’t really want him, but Roman said he did and Jason Jordan mocked Joe for attacking people from behind.  He then promptly attacked Roman Reigns from behind in order to actually get himself a match.

After Roman beat Jason, Joe came back out to mock Roman for looking tired and attacked him in the ring with a Coquina Clutch.  It was broken up by Jason though who suplexed Joe out of the ring.  He seemed pretty proud of himself, but ate a Superman Punch from Roman to knock him out of the ring.

Later, backstage, after getting chewed out by Stephanie McMahon on his phone, Kurt was joined by his son again who demanded ANOTHER match against Roman next week.  Kurt seemed at his wits end, but didn’t say no – only that he’d take it under advisement and Jason should GET OUT AND CHILL OUT.  Before he could though, Joe attacked Jason in Kurt’s office and left him down.

It looks like that we might be heading for a Triple Threat match for the Intercontinental Title at Clash of Champions.  While it would seem obvious Jason Jordan is only there to eat the pin, I could actually see him being the spoiler and them running with the title on Jordan for awhile, just to maybe finally show he’s only taking advantage of Kurt.


ABSOLUTION showing up really is bringing life into the women’s division – especially since they don’t seem to immediately be going for the Women’s Belt.  I assume that they eventually will, but it’s nice to see some spotlight on the women outside of that.  It’s too bad they’re so terrible on the mic.  With Asuka running through opponents that too presents another women who is out there just being awesome instead of only shooting for the belt.  Obviously it can’t last forever, and it’s not as positive because while this all happens Alexa Bliss is just sitting on commentary watching it all go down, but I have hope.

ABSOLUTION attacked Sasha after she lost to Paige, and later did make their way back out following Asuka beating Alicia Fox.  Once again they leave Asuka alone though, and after a brief segment where Paige says she genuinely loves Alicia and she’s her best friend – Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville took Foxy out.  Poor Foxy.


After giving Drew Gulak and Tony Nese a…well sort of a pep talk backstage about how they better represent him well tonight and one of them win their match, Enzo was left alone.  Not for long though because he turns right into Nia Jax who apparently had been standing by.  They stare each other down for a moment before Nia asks the important question to Enzo…”How YOU Doin’?”  Enzo looks quizzically then…seems kind of into it?  This reminds me way too much of Santino and Beth Phoenix so I don’t know that I’m going to be into it.  Mostly because I hate Enzo.


Let me start by saying that it took me awhile to get on board with Broken Matt Hardy.  I mean I thought it was over the top and ridiculous in a bad way for a long while before I thought, well, okay this is kind of entertaining.  I’ve always LIKED Matt Hardy, at least much more than I’ve liked his brother Jeff, and I was at least happy that he was getting all of this exposure after so long.  I thought he’d have been allowed to bring it to WWE long before now, but here we are.  It is kind of fitting it’s being introduced with Bray Wyatt since everyone wanted the Wyatt Family and the Broken Hardys forever ago.  Unfortunately we’re in the same dilapidated boat we always seem to be with Bray.   He needs to win a damn feud to be taken seriously.  But you can’t make Matt Hardy lose his first feud after being “WOKEN” or “BROKEN” or whatever this is.  It’s a real problem.

The back and forth video promo they did on Raw was pretty good, though I find it hard to ever really take Bray seriously now.  It was entertaining none the less and like someone I know said – it seems Matt’s just here to troll Bray.  This should at least be kind of entertaining.


Well I just love Elias eventhough I think this BRAUN/Kane feud is kind of bunk.  I just can’t take Kane seriously anymore.  I have to start suspending my disbelief, but if BRAUN doesn’t just kill him, what’s the point?  BRAUN is the most entertaining character I’ve watched in forever and he is exactly someone I would normally hate.  Too bad I just love him.

Elias told Kurt unless Kurt gives him an opponent tonight he’s just going to put on a concert.  Unfortunately from the title of this segment you might have caught on that BRAUN was his opponent.  It isn’t really a match as much as a beat down with a set up to a Kane video on the tron. So, Elias was brought down by the monsters 😦


The Bar and Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose technically had TWO matches on Raw, Sheamus was originally disqualified after an unrelenting attack on Seth Rollins while he was not the legal man.  Kurt Angle restarted the match, making it no disqualification – only leading to more chaos when Seth & Dean seemed to have victory in sight, only to be attacked by their brother’s current problem – Samoa Joe.  Joe attacked Seth  and Dean and Roman managed to make his way out delivering a rogue Superman Punch to Cesaro, but it didn’t help and it cost Seth and Dean their chances at the Tag Team Titles.  Sad.

Looks like Joe is going to be the new person teaming up with The Bar for awhile while Miz is out.  I still think this all just leads to an early break up of the Shield around Rumble time as I still really think we’re going to get heel Dean Ambrose vs face Seth Rollins at Wrestlemania.  Time will tell.



Roman Reigns beat Jason Jordan (Hate Jason Jordan all you want but I’m kind of fine with what’s happening now…if it still leads to him using Kurt.)

Paige beat Sasha Banks (MAKE SASHA BANKS GREAT AGAIN, though I’m happy to see Paige back and this match was pretty okay.)

Drew Gulak beat Tony Nese, Mustafa Ali & Cedric Alexander (So next week we get Gulak vs Rich Swann.  Think it’s an obvious Gulak win here.  Mustafa Ali deserves a big push here though)

Asuka beat Alicia Faaaaucchhhs (Poor Alicia)

Finn Balor beat Bo Dallas (Great moment on commentary here where Corey tells a story about how Bo gave him a scar he still has and Booker says “Thank you Bo”.  Hahahah)

The Bar beat Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose (Great match…but you already knew that.  Seth and Dean are so good together and I wish they’d been a big name tag team at some point before this.  Still think it all leads to Dean turning on Seth to show him how it feels going into Mania, but mayhaps I am wrong)

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