WWE RAW News and Notes For 11.27.17


We are now on the road to CLASH OF THE CHAMPIONS!  Who will be the Champions come the big show coming up?

Who will take on THE BIG DAWG as he says he’ll take on all comers?

After Paige and her cronies showed up last week and interrupted the #1 Contender Match for Alexa Bliss’s Women’s Championship will we get answers as to who her opponent may be?

How will we determine who will hopefully take the title off of Enzo Amore?

Well some of those things are answered tonight…on Monday Night Raw!

Here’s a rundown of the Big Angles we saw on RAW tonight.


Well, Roman Reigns kicks the show off with his brand new Intercontinental Title belt and he has no belt respect.  He talks about The Shield beating The New Day and how he beat Miz last week and we won’t see him for awhile.  He says he will be a fighting champion.  If you want his belt, come and take it.  Okay Cena v.2.  The Miztourage interrupts because they are very upset over the beat down of their leader.  They say they’re in no condition to fight him, but they have someone who is.  It’s Elias!  Well, I’m excited.  He and Big Dawg Roman Reigns will fight later tonight.

Before Elias takes on Roman he does get a lengthy performance segment that is just great.  Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel even join in for a great harmonica duet in honor of their fallen leader.  It is awesome.  Most probably fake?  I’m not sure they can both play harmonica so wonderfully.

After beating Elias, as Roman goes up the ramp Samoa Joe attacks him and puts him in the Coquina Clutch!  I guess doing it to TITUS WORLDWIDE earlier in the night just wasn’t enough.

Interesting Note: As he leaves – Seth Rollins enters to his own music in his own gear.  Huh.  Roman did the same.  Guess they’re not exclusively The Shield.  Seth had a match right after Roman talked so they totally could have come out together.  Dean meanwhile is apparently on his honeymoon.


Sasha Banks, Mickie James & Bayley are supposed to face off against the women who assaulted them last week, a returning Paige as well as a debuting Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville.  Unfortunately after Sasha makes her way to the ring her partners are no shows!  Paige & Company make their way out and reveal video of Bayley and Mickie hurt backstage.  They then make their way to the ring with Paige revealing that she was the woman responsible for the word DIVA going away and she was THE Woman this time last year, and now people seem to have forgotten.  She says she, Sonya & Mandy are now the ABSOLUTION on Raw.  Sonya & Mandy speak…um…well they speak.  It happens, and they say they didn’t forget that Paige came before The Four Horsewomen and before an Empress or a Goddess – THERE WAS PAIGE!  Well, okay.  Paige asks Sasha if she is with them or against them?  If she was going to PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE to Absolution.  Sasha fights and predictably gets beaten down.

Later – after Asuka murdered Dana Brooke ABSOLUTION came out and surrounded the ring, but Asuka left the ring keeping her eyes on the three women.

Important note: Alexa Bliss was meant to be on commentary for this match and she mentioned how she didn’t run from the women last week like Alicia Fox.  However she did promptly run away while the ladies walked down the ramp towards Sasha.


After an impromptu match with Bray Wyatt where Matt emerged like a 90s jobber from the back and lost he sat in the corner despondent after Bray exited before repeatedly chanting DELETE.  Could we actually be seeing the beginnings of “BROKEN MATT” in WWE.

Before this match Bray Wyatt was ranting and raving in the ring and ended it all by chanting that we were all dead.  “YOU’RE DEAD”  Okay.  Maybe he just meant he was killing Matt Hardy.  Which he kind of did.


In order to find an opponent for Enzo Amore at Clash of Champions – because he’s still a champion for some reason – Kurt Angle organized 2 Fatal Fourway Matches – one for tonight and one for next week.  Tonight it was Rich Swann vs Noam Dar vs Akira Tozawa vs Ariya Daivari in what I thought was a pretty fun match.  There was a really awkward moment on the outside when Daivari was holding Tozawa for way too long waiting for Dar to come out and assist him.  All four guys looked pretty good though, and it was pretty surprising to me that it was Rich Swann picking up the win.  I gotta assume Gulak or Nese will win the match next week.


Tonight, after Kane’s brutal attack on BRAUN last week, Jason Jordan is set to take on the Big Red Machine.  It doesn’t take long for him to get counted out but Kane does not cease his assault.  Instead of the expected BRAUN run in right away we get Finn Balor coming down and during a break I guess Kurt Angle sanctions the match.  What if Kurt weren’t around to sanction the match?  Would they not be able to have it?  Would they have to just bow out?  Huh.  It lasts…not a long time and ends when Kane decides to pull out a steel chair and attack Balor on the outside.  As he’s about to crush Finn’s head between a chair and jump from the ropes, BRAUN’s music hits.

After absolutely no selling a chair shot from Kane, Braun proceeds to attack Kane over and over with the steel chair, hitting him in the throat – returning the favor from last week.  Kane escapes through the crowd clutching his throat.

WATCH THIS MATCH:  Seth Rollins vs Cesaro that began the show.  It wasn’t the best match but it was pretty good.  I was surprised to see Seth get the win since Dean beat Sheamus last week.

SKIP THIS MATCH: Samoa Joe vs Titus O’Neil It was pretty uneventful.  Joe put the Coquina Clutch on both Titus and Apollo after the match when he tried to get in Joe’s face.

Seth Rollins beat Cesaro

Samoa Joe beat Titus O’Neil

Bray Wyatt beat Matt Hardy

Rich Swann beat Akira Tozawa & Noam Dar & Ariya Daivari

Roman Reigns beat Elias

Asuka murdered Dana Brooke

Finn Balor beat Kane by DQ

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