5 Thoughts On WWE Survivor Series w/Justin C

1. Once Again, It Is Time For Some McMahon Family Drama

The main event 5-on-5 match had so many big stars in it that everyone thought there was no way it could be a let down. Well the WWE decided to prove all of us wrong. The ending turned into an awkward McMahon Family Drama storyline. Triple H turned on Kurt Angle to help Stephanie McMahon, and then he turned on Shane. So now we will have RAW’s up until Wrestlemania filled with constant bickering between Triple H and Kurt Angle, along with the ever so annoying Stephanie McMahon. Everyone else was made to be an afterthought in the entire match. Nothing mattered until the end sequence. And even BRAUN going over Triple H at the end to close the show just didn’t have the same impact.

2. AJ Styles vs Brock Lesnar Was Everything We Could Have Ever Asked For

From before the match even started, the crowd’s reaction to both wrestlers showed it was a wise decision to remove Jinder Mahal from this match. The crowd was hot before the bell even rang. The match played out perfectly. Brock destroyed AJ early on, AJ fought back and chopped Brock down to size, AJ connected on a Phenomenal Forearm and applied the Calf Crusher with a great set up. It was an even better spot to see Lesnar get out of the Calf Crusher by smashing AJ’s head into the ground. Styles jumping into the F5 by going for the Phenomenal Forearm was a good ending spot. AJ Styles looked like a million bucks coming out of this match. He looked better than BRAUN, Samoa Joe and anyone else who fought Brock one-on-one. And it was probably Brock’s best match since coming back. Jinder Mahal in this match would have been nothing like what we got. It shows Vince McMahon thinks highly of Styles, and hopefully he keeps the WWE Title til at least Wrestlemania.

3. The Usos Are Great

If you would have told me a year ago that the Usos would be one of the best acts in the WWE in 2017 I would have laughed at you. But here we are coming up on the end of the year and the Usos are easily the best tag team in the company. There promo work since turning heel has been great, and they have become must watch TV on Smackdown. Their feud with the New Day was great. I really wish they could find a way to RAW and have a feud with the Shield, but that is wishful thinking. The Usos are a top 5 act for me in the WWE at the moment. I really wonder what is next for them on Smackdown Live because there isn’t a team on that show they should lose to in the coming months.

4. A Shield Reunion Gone To Waste

I didn’t have an issue with the Shield/New Day match. It was good and they did a decent job of putting some drama in the match. I actually thought New Day came out of the match looking great. But we all pretty much knew the Shield was going to win that match. So now I ask, what is next for the Shield? Who are they going to feud with on RAW? They’ve already gone through the Miztourage. They beat Miz with Sheamus and Cesaro. What other group is there for them to feud with? Hell, what individual is there to feud with? Brock will be gone until the Rumble. Finn Balor is feuding with Samoa Joe. BRAUN is a face now. I have no clue what is next for the Shield. This just goes to show you that doing something for the short term is bad without a long term plan.

5. How Long Do You Hold Off On Asuka’s Title Run?

Asuka was the sole survivor of the women’s 5-on-5 elimination match, as most people expected. I would’ve liked to see it get down to maybe 3-on-1, but it was good to see the WWE do the right thing and let Asuka win. Now we wait to see how long Asuka is held out of the RAW Women’s Title picture. You would think she would be rewarded for winning this match for her team. There isn’t a RAW brand PPV until after the Royal Rumble. I’m sure they will hype up the 25th anniversary show of RAW in January. Maybe you let Asuka get a Title shot there? Alexa is running out of opponents to face on RAW. She’s already gone through Bayley, Sasha Banks and Mickie James. Unless Paige is coming back to RAW, Asuka is the only logical choice left to face Alexa.

Random One Liners

-Michael Cole calling Shinsuke Nakamura “Shin” the whole match made me want to throw my phone at the TV.

-Speaking of Nakamura, getting eliminated first makes me think the WWE isn’t planning on Styles/Nakamura for Wrestlemania.

-Baron Corbin continues to look like an idiot when he tries to taunt the fans walking to and from the ring.

-Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens getting ran off by a wounded Shane McMahon was weak.

-As much as I love BRAUN, a match with Triple H just sounds like a bad idea. Two styles that don’t work.

-Can we not do a five man announce team ever again? That was awful. I swear Byron Saxton said maybe five things all night.

-Also next year if they do brand vs brand again, can we FINALLY put something on the line in these matches?

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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