WWE RAW News and Notes For 11.13.17


We are 6 days away from the now most least enjoyed show of the WWE Big 4 – Survivor Series!

What will Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose do now that they’ve been beaten for the Raw Tag Titles??

Will Stephanie McMahon have anything to say about a second “invasion” of Smackdown??

Who will be the fifth member of the Raw Women’s Survivor Series team??

How exciting will Miz TV be?

Does Brock Lesnar have a response to AJ Styles beating Jinder Mahal??  (Maybe not…but Paul Heyman does…)


We kick Raw off with Queen Stephanie who still seems a bit perturbed at Kurt Angle.  She says she needs true leaders to help her execute decisions and Angle joins her in the ring.  Steph wonders how The New Day got into the arena last week.  Kurt doesn’t know.  She is interested in why Jason Jordan, Kurt’s son, is the fifth member of Team Raw.  Kurt says he’s very talented, but Stephanie points out that Smackdown’s fifth member is John Cena – who was on Raw last time she saw him.  Steph wonders why he would join Team Smackdown instead.  Kurt doesn’t have an answer for that – but he does have an answer for Steph’s next question: What is he going to do first at Survivor Series?  Kurt says he’ll break Shane’s angle, but Steph doubts Shane will do anything but let his other teammates do the dirty work and says she wants her brother’s head on a platter.  She may be about to fire Kurt when…

SIERRA HOTEL INDIA ECHO LIMA DELTA – Shield. It’s The Shield!  If that wasn’t clear.  Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are in the stands and soon joined by a returning, hopefully not contagious, Roman Reigns.  Dean says that Kurt proved himself as a leader when he joined The Shield at TLC.  Stephanie wants to know where the tag titles are.  She wants to know who’s to blame for them losing those?  Also – do they even have a match at Survivor Series now?  She asks where Roman has even been – he counters by asking where she’s been.  Doesn’t she know they do what they want?  They want The New Day at Survivor Series and they tell her Kurt is going to lead Team RAW to victory.  Then that’s it.  I guess she just believes them.

Bayley vs Dana Brooke vs Mickie James

The winner of this gets to possibly be the last person on Team Raw Women.  I say possibly because who knows what Alicia Fox is going to get up to.  It’s not the most exciting women’s match, but each lady manages to look like an actual threat.  Mickie nearly gets the win with a seated senton off the top rope, but Dana Brooke breaks it up causing Mickie and her to duke it out.  After Mickie takes out both Dana and a returning Bayley she collides with Dana sending her outside the ring bringing the most entertaining portion of this match up.  When Dana decides Asuka has gotten to close to her she takes a swing at Asuka, making the Empress give chase and knock Dana out with a roundhouse outside the ring.  Mickie nearly wins after a rollup on Bayley, but Bayley kicks out, reverses a Mickie DDT for a Bayley to Belly and gets the win.

Winner: Bayley but Alicia Fox does not look pleased.

Enzo Amore & Drew Gulak vs Kalisto & Tozawa

Gulak is the man.  Enzo rambles a lot about NBA shorts and pockets and I don’t know.  Gulak however is gold throughout, answering Enzo’s how You Doin’, bantering with fans and getting angry when Kalisto and Tozawa interrupt him.

I actually thought this match was kind of entertaining…It has to be Gulak and Tozawa.  The most entertaining portion of the match happens when Tozawa and Kalisto toss the heels to the outside and each dive to the outside to take them down.  Tozawa nearly gets the win after dragging Enzo back into the ring and goes for a senton off the top rope, but Gulak drags Enzo away before being taken down by Kalisto.  Enzo knocks Tozawa into Kalisto, hits him with…I guess a Jordanzo?  It sucks and gets the win.

Winners: Drew Gulak & Enzo Amore

Backstage Kurt Angle is with Team Raw (Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, BRAUN and Jason Jordan).  He’s giving each of them a job tonight.  Finn and Joe needs to team up instead of beating the hell out of each other by fighting Anderson & Gallows (But those are Finn’s buddies, not Joe!).  Jason Jordan is taking on Bray Wyatt who is apparently alive again and done with Finn.  Before Angle can give BRAUN a job he says he wants Kane and really that is that.

Miz is out and it’s time for Miz TV!  First he talks smack on Baron Corbin, wondering if he’ll still be Champion come Survivor Series since all he does is waste opportunities.  He brings out the new Raw Tag Team Champions and his close personal friends, but I don’t think they’re his friends.  Also, Curtis Axel in a neck brace is so great but so sad.  Sheamus and Cesaro say they weren’t so easily distracted by trying to defend Raw.  Sheamus says that they are the real champs not like the Usos on Smackdown.  He says they’ll break the Usos and Miz says just like they’ll break The Shield tonight.

Miz goes on to say that they’ll finally fight the real deal Shield tonight and they reunited just to wrestle them.  But he and The Bar are the champions and The Shield’s happy reunion tour ends tonight.  Unlikely.

A lot of video packages here showing HASHTAG UNDER SIEGE and also earlier tonights goings on.

New Day has accepted The Shield’s challenge via Twitter.

Bray Wyatt vs Jason Jordan

Wow now they’re just gonna make Bray Wyatt lose to Jason Jordan, huh?  What has happened to this guy?  Jason gets a good fight in as the match begins, but right before the break  Bray runs to the outside and when Jason attacks, Bray sidesteps him and sends him into the barricade.  After the break it seems Wyatt has tweaked Jason Jordan’s knee and he concentrates on that for a majority of the match.  Bray is really amping up the crowd and they are pretty firmly on his side, but this causes him to lose Jason for a minute who tries to take advantage but his knee gives out.  After a Rock Bottom from Bray, Jason hangs low and punches Bray in the face before running into a near Sister Abigail.  Jason slips out and manages to roll Wyatt up with a school boy pin and get the win!

Stephanie and Kurt are watching backstage and Kurt is overjoyed – it’s short lived though as Bray attacks Jason again and goes after his knee again.  Refs have to help Jason to the back and his knee does seem to be in trouble.

Winner: Jason Jordan

Backstage Kurt tries to take Jason Jordan off the Survivor Series Team but Jason begs him not to do it.  He says he’s watched Kurt fight through injuries, and he can do the same.  He calls him Dad and Kurt certainly seems conflicted.  See….Jason is totally a bad guy.

Brock Lesnar is out with Paul Heyman to address the fact that AJ Styles is now his opponent for Sunday, not Jinder Mahal.  Paul introduces himself and his client in typically wonderful fashion.  Heyman is giving us the top 5 reasons to get the WWE network for Survivor Series this Sunday. 1.) First time a Universal Champion fights a WWE Champion.  2.) First time Brock Lesnar steps into a ring against AJ Styles (I’m already sold to be perfectly honest), maybe the only time.  If you want to see Brock Lesnar vs AJ Styles it happens THIS Sunday.  Wow this is literally just a commercial for the Network now. 3 (but Heyman calls it to 2 so…).  Heyman wants to see Brock Lesnar fight AJ Styles.  AJ represents a new challenge.  AJ knows that speed kills and he has the advantage in speed. Selling Point 4 (But he says 3 so….) AJ Styles is the single most in ring performer of this generation.  Heyman says some say it could be Finn Balor, and he’d let them fight that out, but AJ is a perfect opponent for Brock Lesnar.  AJ has to be the ultimate underdog to beat Brock Lesnar though.  AJ Has a lot of odds to overcome.  Selling Point 5(4): AJ Styles is a Rocky movie come to life.  He is the ultimate underdog (we said this already but it’s fine.) Selling Point F5: This isn’t a Rocky movie.  Brock won’t let him win.  Heyman will look forward to talking about this match after Brock conquers him.

Someone also proposes during this apparently because the crowd chants “SHE SAID YES” and I’m just over here thinking that groom will never see his wedding day after doing this and interrupting Brock.  Also Brock shakes hands after he leaves.  Weird.

The Shield vs Miz & Sheamus & Cesaro

Miz and SheaSaro do their best to isolate Dean Ambrose, but he gets control and tags in Seth Rollins who tags in Roman Reigns (I think?) and they take the heels out.  They send Cesaro and Sheamus to the outside then both flip over the top rope leaving Miz and Roman Reigns.  Miz hides behind his wonderful Miztourage who are taken out by Seth and Dean and Miz takes off running.  Really fun moment where Seth and Roman try to tell Dean not to attack Curtis Axel because of his neck brace but he does it anyway.

After the break Miz is back in the ring and he and his team have taken over and have Seth in the ring.  Seth manages to get Roman tagged in and he cleans house, beating down Cesaro who has ended up in the ring after a tag from Seth.  Roman tries to go for The Superman Punch but Miz grabs his leg only to get taken out by a suicide dive from Dean Ambrose.  Sheamus hits a cheap shot on Roman in the ring while the ref is distracted and Cesaro nearly gets the win with an uppercut.  Ambrose and Rollins take care of Sheamus and get him off the apron, allowing Roman the opportunity to hit his punch.  He goes for the spear but Cesaro hits him with an uppercut!  He can’t get him up for the neutralizer though and Miz gets tagged in nearly winning with a roll up.  Rollins takes Miz out with a knee, and before Sheamus can get involved Dean hits him with a dirty deeds.  The Shield surround Miz in the ring and hit him with TWO Triple Powerbombs before Roman pins for the win.  Fun match.  Still anticlimactic return of The Shield at 10 o clock on Raw.

Winners: The Shield

Kane is backstage being pretty creepy so.  That happens.

Kurt Angle is back in the ring and he says he has to make a difficult decision.  Wow he’s going to dump his son right in the middle of the ring.  He says he has to take Jason Jordan off the team.  Jason comes out and pleads his case in real Soap Opera like fashion and I’m kind of into it.  Jason begs Kurt not to take this chance away from him.  He makes his way all the way down to the ring, crying, begging and in a direct quote from someone else “He sounds super crazy right now. Like Mark Wahlberg in Fear crazy.” True.  Before Kurt can give in they’re interrupted by Stephanie McMahon who tells Kurt to do it already.  Before he can do anything though… HHH’s MUSIC HITS!  The Game is back after doing nice face like things on the tours.  He says he’s the fifth member of Team Raw.  He then pedigrees pathetic Jason Jordan.  And leaves.

Finn Balor & Samoa Joe vs The Club

Finn and Joe have a little shove before the match starts but then make quick tags to attack Karl Anderson.  While Finn and Gallows fight, Joe takes out a charging Gallows.  After the break Gallows and Anderson have control on Finn and work on keeping him away from his volatile team mate.  FInn almost makes it but gets hit with a monster Spine buster from Anderson.  There is another break making this match seem a lot longer than it actually is.  Joe is still not in the ring, but Balor hitting a quick kick on Gallows and rushing to Samoa Joe brings him in and he cleans house.  He tags a returning Balor in and tells him to go up to the top rope, then dives through the ropes to take out an interfering Gallows allowing Finn to hit the Coup De Grace for the win.   After the match Joe walks right away.

Winners: Finn Balor & Samoa Joe

Backstage Chuck Caruso is with Alexa Bliss who is upset she hasn’t gotten to prepare for her title match at Survivor Series because she’s not sure if she’s fighting Natalya or Charlotte.  She says maybe she’ll check that match out live.  Then says it doesn’t matter because the Goddess will win.

Kane vs BRAUN

Welp they are just beating each other to hell and BRAUN seems really upset that Kane dumped him in a garbage truck.  Not sure the bell actually ever rings so I guess this is just a beat down. BRAUN has control early but Kane regains it and busts out a table.  Kane is hitting BRAUN with some chair shots but it’s just making BRAUN wince a little bit.  BRAUN powers out of a chokeslam and grabs the chair for himself and well… it’s a lot more effective then when Kane was using it.   BRAUN goes up to the middle rope, setting Kane up to go through the table Kane set up, but after Kane manages to almost knock BRAUN himself down, he shoves Kane away.  BRAUN hits Kane with a running powerslam and well.  They break the ring.  There’s a hole in the ring and it appears they’ve gone straight to hell.  And then it abruptly ends.  Huh.

FINAL THOUGHTS: It was a weird Raw.  There are a TON of video packages throughout and it’s really annoying.  The SHIELD match is pretty good and I liked Finn and Joe working together.  It wasn’t a bad show, it was just pretty lackluster.  HHH coming back adds another big name to the Survivor Series match but at this point I’d say the selling points for me are The Shield vs The New Day and AJ vs Brock.  I assume all these matches will stay in place for Survivor Series but who knows what WWE is doing.  I will say I expect Raw to win nearly all the matches this Sunday.

WATCH THIS MATCH: The Shield vs Miz & SheaSaro It’s a good match.  I wanted more, but I really love watching The Shield work together.  While I like Dean and Seth (and just want something different from Roman), them as The Shield is a sight to behold.  They seem more intense, more focused and just fired up at all times.  It really is a joy to watch the Shield even if I don’t like how they did it, I love them so.

SKIP THIS MATCH: All the matches are okay actually, not great but okay.  Skip Bray Wyatt vs Jason Jordan just because they do nothing for me and maybe they also do nothing for you!

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