WWE RAW News and Notes For 11.6.17

Pete Dunne Appeared On The Show, Defeating Enzo Amore

-Kurt didn’t say Dunne was an official signing to the RAW brand. It seemed like more of a one off appearance. Although the U.K. Division will be appearing on 205 Live tomorrow. Dunne would be a great addition to the RAW brand and would be a great heel on the show. Of course, that doesn’t factor in the likely mis-use of Dunne by Vince McMahon.

Team RAW Is Set For Survivor Series

-Kurt Angle added Finn Balor, Samoa Joe and Jason Jordan to his team that already featured himself and BRAUN Strowman. Balor and Joe fought on the show to a double countout. They then had a pull apart brawl when Angle came out and announced them as being on Team RAW. And that is why I have a problem with the Survivor Series build-up. Balor and Joe were just trying to beat the crap out of each other and now Angle wants both of them on his team? Wouldn’t they want to go right after each other instead? The whole brand supremacy thing would make more sense if something was on the line in all these matches. As far as Jason Jordan goes, I’ll be surprised if he stays on the team considering it was announced that Roman Reigns is coming back next week.

Sheamus and Cesaro Won The Tag Team Titles From Ambrose and Rollins

-My guess is that this doesn’t stick. The New Day came out and cut a promo from the crowd. This lead to the entire RAW roster coming out and chasing away New Day. Sheamus then hit a Brogue Kick on Rollins to get the win. I’m going to assume they do another match next week. Of course, I have a problem with playing hot potato with the Titles like that. It makes it tough to take any Title reign seriously. Plus if it sticks, it gives us our third heel vs heel match when it comes to Champions on both brands. It doesn’t make any sense.

Other Notes

-Kane confronted BRAUN Strowman. After Survivor Series this likely leads to a match. The highlight was BRAUN telling Kane that he can’t kill him.

-Alicia Fox added Asuka and Sasha Banks to her team. She didn’t add Bayley though. It has to be either her or Mickie James right?

-Jason Jordan beat Elias in a “Guitar on a Pole” match. Somewhere Vince Russo and Jeff Jarrett had a raging boner.

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