WWE Raw Review 10.23.17 – with Heather


Last night at TLC a lot of exciting things happened!

ASUKA debuted – did she keep her streak alive and defeat the wonderful EVIL Emma?

AJ Styles and Finn Balor fought for the first time to a great match.  What’s next for Finn with Bray still out with an illness?  Has AJ gone home to Smackdown?

Kurt Angle had his first match back in a WWE ring in over a decade.  Did he survive?  Will he be here tonight to discuss it?

Under this tag you will find the answers to these question.  Mostly.  This is…


Kurt Angle opens the show and he’s pretty happy about last night but mostly wants to talk about Survivor Series.  In addition to Brock Lesnar vs Jinder Mahal we’ll also get Alexa Bliss vs Natalya, Baron Corbin vs The Miz, and Rollins & Ambrose will fight the Usos.  There will also be 2 5 on 5 traditional Survivor Series matches – one women’s match and one men’s.

Miz interrupts him with SheaSaro and Curtis Axel to say that Dean & Seth should have had to fight on their own last night and Kurt doesn’t deserve to be in the ring as either a wrestler or a GM.  He should resign.  Kurt says he’s going to his office – Miz and his cronies surround the ring and say he’s not going anywhere.   Seth and Dean come down to make the save, and Miz complains that they’ve sold out to the man.  Kurt says they’re all going to have a match tonight – SheaSaro and Miz vs Dean, Seth and…a visiting AJ Styles!  I guess he didn’t go home to his own show yet.

Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose & AJ Styles vs The Miz & The Bar (SheaSaro)

This is a great opening match, and it’s cool that they’re doing this to counteract the superstars who are out sick.  It’s extra exciting because it’s a breath of fresh air instead of the same old matches we’re used to.  It’s pretty hot from beginning to end I’d say with the faces getting most of the offensive action.  There is a pretty great moment there Cesaro hits a one handed body slam which was cool.  After an exciting match it’s the faces who pull out the victory.

Winners: AJ Styles & Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose

After the match ends Kane makes his way to the ring and everyone is scared for some reason.  He cleans house with Sheamus and Cesaro’s help but they leave the ring and leave Kane alone.  Kane cuts a promo on BRAUN and says that he liked that he wanted competition and he saw him run through Roman Reigns and The Big Show but he wasn’t impressed with him.  He saw fear in BRAUN’s eyes.  He’ll always be Raw’s monster and it’s HIM who wants competition now.  He gets it in the form of Finn Balor.

Kane vs Finn Balor

Well uh, this match is dominated by Kane for the most part until Finn Balor gets some slight offense in at the end managing to knock Kane into the steel steps.  Inside he hits a sling blade and the shot gun dropkick and goes for the Coup De Grace but ….Kane sits up!  Kane catches Balor on the top rope and hits 3 chokeslams.  He goes for the win and…gets it!  Kane beat Finn Balor clean on Raw.  Okay…

Winner: Kane

Angle is backstage and Shane McMahon joins him.  Angle thanks Shane for loaning AJ to their brand and says he wants to keep him.  He puts down Smackdown saying they’d be lost without AJ.  Shane says he came here to say Smackdown will annihilate Raw at Survivor Series.  They shake hands.

Asuka vs Emma

Much like last night Emma is very aggressive in their match up.  She dominates for most of the match, but it’s over after Asuka hits a german suplex and her booty bump – Emma does kick out of the pin attempt following this, but after trying to roll Asuka up she manages to get Emma in the Asuka lock and thankfully pick up the win instead of having it be 50/50 booking.

Winner: Asuka

Alexa Bliss is out next to talk about her victory over Mickie James last night.  Really she’s there to complain about how people chant “THIS IS AWESOME” at AJ Styles and Finn Balor after they stare at each other for 10 minutes, but nobody chants for her.  She wonders if she has to have a kid like Mickie James.  She tells the sheep in the crowd she’s going to start her own chant and they’ll chant along.  She tries to start a “YOU DESERVE IT” chant, but they don’t join in.  She wonders if she went slow enough since they’re in the midwest.  Mickie is out and stares at Alexa in the ring for a second before attacking her with a MickieDT.  She then tells Alexa she DOES deserve it.

Backstage Sasha Banks and Bayley are sucking up to Kurt Angle telling him he did a great job last night.  Kurt says they need a captain for women’s Team Raw.  Alicia Fox is out to protest and say she should be the captain.  Kurt says there’s only one way to settle this and Alicia suggests Rock/Paper/Scissors.  Kurt says in the ring.  Tonight.

Elias vs Jason Jordan

We’re invited to walk with Elias eventhough the crowd rudely chants “Go Pack” at him.  He gets annoyed and Jason Jordan interrupts for this match.  There’s very little action inside the ring and once they bring it to the outside Elias really WHACKS Jason Jordan over the head with his guitar.  The commentary is really fucking dumb about what happened here for some reason – Booker rambling about how Jason Jordan used the guitar and the other two just laughing at him.

Winner: Jason Jordan by DQ

Paul Heyman is out with his client BROOOOOCK Lesnar.  Heyman says it’s ridiculous that someone who can barely beat Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura is calling out Brock Lesnar.  He says he is the king of trash talk and yet he hasn’t trash talked any of Brock’s recent opponents because they deserved the praise Heyman gave them.  Jinder Mahal does not deserve this praise.  He says Jinder isn’t even a worthy pretender to the throne.  Heyman says whatever brand Brock is on IS the premiere brand.  He actually gets pretty tongue tied here and it’s funny, but whatever.  Heyman says the last time Brock stepped into the ring with a Smackdown Superstar he broke every rule and regulation of the PG era and now Jinder’s challenge is accepted.

Alicia Fox vs Sasha Banks vs Bayley

This is an Alicia Fox match so it’s weird.  Halfway through she says she doesn’t want to play this game and grabs the bell from ringside and just starts ringing it over and over.  I like Alicia, but the crowd is not into this.   The best part may have been when Alicia stood behind Bayley and imitated her getting ready for the Bayley to Belly then gave her one herself.  Sasha almost has the win with a Bank Statement, but Alicia manages to throw her into Bayley re entering the ring, pin the hugger and get the win to be Raw Women’s Captain for Survivor Series.

Winner: Alicia Fox

Kalisto & Gran Metalik & Mustafa Ali & Cedric Alexander & Rich Swann vs Enzo Amore & Drew Gulak & Tony Nese

Earlier Kalisto and the other faces had a little meeting with Chuck backstage where they called themselves Team Lucha and said they’re coming for the Zo Train.  The Zo train is the heels who have Drew Gulak as their mouth piece today since Enzo has lost his voice.  I actually think that whole part is pretty funny.  Gran Metalik is the star of this match and the rest is a clusterfuck like you might expect.  This is basically designed just to give Kalisto his win back.  Which he does get.

Winners: Team Lucha Lucha

Kurt Angle is out to announce who will be on Team RAW at Survivor Series but he’s interrupted by Shane McMahon and pretty much the entire Smackdown roster who surrounds the ring.  He says that they are Under Siege.  He tells Team blue to go get em after Kurt leaves up the ramp.  They go backstage and proceed to tear apart everyone they come across.  Titus and Apollo Crews first.  Some camera guy after that – Jason Jordan – Heath Slater – Goldust – Rhyno! All the guys who don’t even get matches around here!  Except Jason of course.  They come across the face women and taken them out, then Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose actually try to fight back and they go down too.   They kidnap Kurt and take him back to the ring.

Final Thoughts: The beginning was really hot but I thought it just dropped in quality from there.  The ending was fun though, the Smackdown under siege thing though they did something similar to it last year.  Just not to this extent.  It was a pretty fun situation, but terrible to see nobody be able to have an actual fight against them.  If only they hadn’t killed BRAUN the night before.  He would be here to fight for them.

WATCH THIS MATCH: AJ Styles & Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose vs The Miz & SheaSaro. Eventhough AJ later turned on his partners…

SKIP THIS MATCH: Elias vs Jason Jordan and I do like Elias.

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