WWE Raw Review 10.16.17 – with Heather


As The Shield Turns

The Shield is back!  And they want everyone to know it right away by ruining the big moment of them doing their old entrance and wearing their vests tonight to interrupt Kurt Angle starting the show. They cut a promo where Roman gets overzealous and Seth tells him to calm down saying how proud he is to stand with his brothers five years after their debut match at TLC.  They always dominated when they were in the ring and now it’s come full circle.  Dean says nobody divides and conquers like the Shield nor any force of nature stronger.  He calls out Miz, SheaSaro and BRAUN right now.

They come out but Kurt tells them all to wait until TLC.  There’s a tag title rematch tonight and Roman and BRAUN in a cage.

Later- Miz, BRAUN and SheaSaro get promo time of their own with MIZ TV.  Curtis Axel is there too and gets some nice chants!  They tell us all how The Shield is overhyped and aren’t as good as they think they are.  Miz says he and these guys are family – even BRAUN!  BRAUN says they would have shattered The Shield tonight and explains how The Shield needed to work together to take him down but he’ll take em apart piece by piece.

Miz tries to add a 5th member to their team, but Kurt Angle stops him to say he can add a member IF BRAUN beats Roman tonight.  If Roman wins BRAUN’s out.  He doesn’t need to be in this feud anyway.  Kurt also bans all outside guests from the ring tonight during the The two matches formed by these groups.

Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose defeated SheaSaro in the Raw Tag Team Title rematch.

Before the next match, Curtis Axel tells BRAUN and SheaSaro he’ll take out Roman Reigns in his own.  They encourage him and when Miz looks for him later he finds him hanging from a forklift.

BRAUN defeated Roman Reigns via returning DEMON KANE

That’s right – the fifth man for this Mega Match … HAS GOTTA BE KANE for some reason.

While I LOVE The Shield and think it’s really awesome to see them doing their entrance again and being together being all Shield-y, I wish they’d waited until the actual TLC show to do the entrance.  It’s a little thing maybe, but I’m allowed to be picky.

Kane being added to the match makes no sense unless The Shield is being built up to beat them and move to a bigger group.  Maybe I’m crazy.  It’s just a weird choice.

In the Raw women’s title picture, Alexa Bliss recruits EVIL Emma to assist her in a tag match this evening after finding her backstage complaining about how Asuka hasn’t done anything to get all the hype she’s receiving.

Mickie James & Bayley defeated EVIL Emma & Alexa Bliss 

Later backstage Chuck interviews Mickie who says while Alexa’s words have hurt her, nothing will make her happier than bringing the Raw Women’s Title home to her three year old son at home.  Alright.

Enzo Makes Friends

Enzo is out to ramble and says that he was cheated last week by Mustafa Ali.  Kalisto is out to tell him he can blame whoever he wants but he’ll beat him at TLC and become NEW Cruiserweight champ.  Which he already is. So.  Enzo says he has a lot of money from becoming a star and that’s she’d light.  He says something about the Zo train and Kalisto on the tracks and his new gang- Daivari, Noam Dar, Tony Nese and Drew Gulak attack Kalisto.  They all beat him down while Enzo talks smack and Mustafa Ali comes out only to get beat down as well.  Enzo brags more about his money and his shoes and well, I guess not everyone hates him anymore.

Finn Balor responds to Brays weird promo from last week where he Mighty Morphed into Sister Abigail.  Finn says he could feel she was real last week.  But again, you know Finns got tricks and demons too.  He kind of morphs himself from Finn to Demon.  Maybe this would be better if it wasn’t the never ending feud.

A Wild Fox appears!

Sasha Banks defeated Alicia Fox

After this match Alicia flips her lid per usual.  While Chuck is interviewing Sasha backstage after the match Alicia attacks her again and tosses her into some crates before she’s pretty comedically stopped by some refs.


Apollo Crews & Titus O’Neil & Jason Jordan defeated Elias & Gallows & Anderson

Well… I wonder why they decided this was a good fit for Jason Jordan…

Before this match we get to walk with both Elias and The Club as they perform The Honky Tonk Man’s theme song.

Cedric Alexander(w/Rich Swann) defeated Jack Gallagher (w/THE Brian Kendrick)

Jack Gallagher is now a dastardly heel working with THE Brian Kendrick.  Shame.

Well that’s Raw!  I didn’t get a good enough look at all the matches so I can’t say what was the best to watch, but I’d imagine that Tag Match can’t be beat.

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