Lucha Underground: Ultima Lucha Tres 10.11.17

Last Luchadora Standing: Taya vs Sexy Star

-First Sexy Star match I’ve watched since her incident at Triplemania.

-Sexy Star hits a couple awful hurricarranas then dropkicks Taya out of the ring. Taya catches Sexy on the outside then slams her into the railing.

-Taya plants Sexy on the ringside chairs but Sexy moves as Taya charges at her.

-Sexy rubs Taya’s face into a chain door and it busts Taya open.

-Matt Striker: “Sexy Star has always been an ethical and just person.” HAHAHAHAHA

-Sexy sets up a table at ringside. They brawl through the crowd and Taya then sets a table up on top of the other.

-As they would say on the Lapsed Fan Podcast, Sexy and Taya open up a chop house while brawling in the crowd.

-They brawl towards the tables and awkwardly both fall through them. Sexy just beats the ten count as Matt Striker has an orgasm announcing this for some reason.

WINNER: Sexy Star- Nothing good here at all. Weak finish as well.

Trios Championship: Drago, Pindar, Vibora (c) vs The Mack, Dante Fox, Killshot

-Fox and Killshot at least have their backs taped.

-Fox hits a springboard hurricarrana but it hurts his back. Killshot tags in and he argues with Fox, so they eat chokeslams from Viborataker.

-After getting worked over for a bit Killshot makes the hot tag to the Mack.

-Everything ends up breaking down. Mack hits THE POUNCE on Viborataker. Fox and Killshot hit duel moonsaults over the top.

-Fox hits a C4 off the top on Pindar. Mack hits the Stunner and Killshot hits the Kill Stomp for the win.

WINNERS and NEW Trios Champions: The Mack, Killshot and Dante Fox- Alright match. Too quick for my liking as they are trying to squeeze three matches into this show.

Ladder Match for the Gift of the Gods Championship: Pentagon Dark vs Son of Havoc

-They go to the outside right away as Son of Havoc hits a handstand dive over the top. Havoc then hits Pentagon with some ladders.

-Pentagon catches Havoc by surprise with a ladder then sets some up in each corner. Havoc recovers and hits a springboard elbow on Pentagon.

-Havoc side steps Pentagon and Pentagon goes into a chair in the corner. Havoc then puts a ladder horizontally into the crotch of Pentagon and slams a chair into the ladder.

-Pentagon sets up a table, but Havoc recovers and backdrops Pentagon through it.

-Havoc goes for a Shooting Star Press but Pentagon gets up and hits a cutter.

-Four chairs get set up. Both men throw some punches, then Pentagon hits a Package Piledriver on the chairs.

-Pentagon puts Havoc through a table then climbs the ladder and gets the Title.

WINNER and Gift of the Gods Champion: Pentagon Dark- Decent match with some good spots.

-Evil Vampiro asks Puma if he is ready for the circle to be complete next week. Puma says yes then leaves. Then Vampiro kneels down and thanks his apparent master.

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