Hell in a Cell Review w/ The Chairman

Ladies and gentlemen, we just went to Hell and back! Hell in a Cell has come and gone and if you missed it, make sure you check out the replay. Both Hell in a Cell matches were excellent in their own ways and there even were a few titles changing hands tonight. Not to mention there was a match transformed into a triple threat and a potential heel turn as well. If you’re curious what I’m talking about then keep reading.

Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin vs Hype Bros (Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley)


The preshow match featured a recently formed tag team against a tag team that was struggling to win. The fans were behind Gable and Benjamin for the most part and they had control of this match in the early going before a brief break. The match continued on and Gable was trying to land a big moonsault, but failed. However he was able to successfully apply a belly to belly suplex followed up with a moonsault on Rawley for a two count. The Hype Bros tried to turn the tide, but in the end Gable and Benjamin were too much. Benjamin was able to hoist Ryder up in a powerbomb position with Gable coming off the top rope to take care of the match and add another victory to Smackdown Live’s newest tag team. There was no betrayal yet for the Hype Bros, but you can only imagine it’s coming soon.


WINNER: Gable and Benjamin via pinfall


New Day (Big E and Xavier Woods w/ Kofi Kingston © vs Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso (Hell in a Cell Match for WWE Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship)


New Day cut a brief promo talking about the New Day Apocalypse that was coming. Apparently this is the first Hell in a Cell match in WWE history to decide the tag team championship so that’s cool. The match started off with a weapons showdown. Chairs, chains, and rainbow kendo sticks. The offense was fast and heavy with both teams. Big E lifting Xavier with a chain wrapped fist dealing damage. Big E launching his signature dive between the ropes. Xavier using a series of trombones, cowbell, and gong as weapons found underneath the ring. However the Usos gained control and started an assault of kendo stick beatings on Big E then begin taunting Kofi on the outside as they attack Xavier nearby. At one point during this match Jey Uso was restrained by numerous kendo sticks in the corner of the cell. Eventually Usos took control and landed a double splash on Big E, but he kicked out. Xavier at one point is handcuffed to the ring post and beaten in the ribs with kendo sticks by the Usos. This prompts Big E to snap and absolutely go on a tear. He’s taking Usos and smashing them into the cell. Giving out Big Ending’s and stretch muffler submissions. Usos however recover and start delivering superkicks and splashes again trying to win, but fail. Eventually though the Usos were able to win the match when they got the better of Xavier with the kendo sticks and laid him out in the center of the ring with a chair on his chest and was on the receiving end of splashes from both Usos to give them the WWE Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship.


WINNER: The Usos WIN WWE Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship


Randy Orton vs Rusev


Randy Orton is wrestling in his 143rd pay per view match tying him with Big Show and Chris Jericho good enough for fifth all time in WWE. Rusev takes control early in the match and at one point he knocks Orton off the apron and into the barricade. This match went outside and inside of the ring as these two clearly don’t like each other. Rusev however took control again, but eventually Orton got control and delivered his signature powerslam on his second attempt. Rusev started to get frustrated with the flow of the match, but finally got Orton where he wanted him and was going to finish him with the Accolade, but Orton escapes. Eventually Orton had things going his way. Rusev almost got an Accolade in, but Orton countered and finished off the Bulgarian Brute with an RKO.


WINNER: Randy Orton


AJ Styles © vs Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger (WWE United States Championship Match)

Originally this match was just Styles vs Corbin, but Dillinger on the preshow convinced Daniel Bryan to let him in the match. The match starts with Styles and Dillinger staring down Corbin. Corbin realized he was going to be double teamed left the ring. However he was surrounded on the outside. Corbin tried going back inside, but Styles and Dillinger caught him. Corbin however powered through and started dissecting his opponents. Beating Styles up on the outside and Dillinger in the ring. Eventually though Styles and Dillinger were able to take care of Corbin and get back into this match. Dillinger almost landed the Tye Breaker on Styles, but countered into a Styles Clash. Dillinger blocked the move however, but then found himself in a Calf Crusher. Corbin knowing if Dillinger taps he loses quickly pulled Dillinger out of the ring. Styles goes after him but meets the pole courtesy of Corbin. Baron then hits the Deep Six on Tye, but Styles is back and wants to land the Phenomonal Forearm. Instead though Corbin gives him a backbreaker chokeslam. After this the three men took turns smashing each other in the corners of the ring. One point Styles hit the Pele kick on Dillinger and he fell onto Corbin for a pinfall, but Corbin kicked out at two. Styles tried a 450 splash on Corbin at one point, but Dillinger broke that pin up. Styles was close to victory when he landed his Phenomonal Forearm on Dillinger, but Corbin with a big boot knocked Styles out of the ring and Corbin took advantage to win the WWE United States title.


WINNER: Baron Corbin wins WWE United States Championship


Natalya © vs Charlotte (WWE Smackdown Live Women’s Championship)


Both women are evenly matched, however Natalya took control of the match for the most part early. Natalya focused on Charlotte’s knee so when the time came to apply the Sharpshooter, Charlotte would tap out instantly. Natalya wore Charlotte down during the course of the match and applied constant pins, but unsuccesful. Frustration reached a boiling point and this is when Charlotte took control of te match. Charlotte was getting desperate while Natalya was getting nasty. Natalya eventually gets Charlotte in the Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring. Charlotte is able to make the ropes. Eventually Charlotte started getting the better of Natalya to the point she escaped the ring. Charlotte was then able to measure he up for a moonsault on the outside and nailed it. This point it looked like Natalya was going to leave, but instead she grabbed a hair to get herself disqualified.


WINNER: Charlotte won the match via disqualification, however Natalya remains WWE Smackdown Live Women’s Championship


Breezango is given a new case and this Tuesday we learn more about Pulp Fashion.


Jinder Mahal w/ The Singh Brothers © vs Shinsuke Nakamura (WWE Championship Match)


Match starts a little slow. Mahal gets some offense in, but Nakamura starts delivering knee strikes and kicks. The Singhs of course get involved frequently creating another obstacle for Nakamura in this match. At one point Nakamura was ready for the Kinshasa, but stopped by the Singhs. Eventually the referee had enough and ejected the Singh Brothers. While this was all going on, Nakamura hit the Kinshasa on Mahal, but no referee to make the count. When the ref finally got back in, Mahal was able to reach the ropes. Nakamura at one point looked like he had the edge and went to finish Mahal off with the Kinshasa, but Mahal avoided it and got the Khallas instead to retain his title.


WINNER: Jinder Mahal via pinfall


Kevin Owens talks about his upcoming match against Shane McMahon


Dolph Ziggler vs Bobby Roode


Ziggler talked up a big entrance, but instead he gave us literally nothing. No music, no videos, nothing. The crowd was pretty much dead after the last match so this one drug on. Ziggler would take Roode’s face and run int against the ropes. Roode however with the power advantage in this one would use it on Ziggler. Roode went for the Glorious DDT, but Ziggler escaped and went for a rollup pin. When that didn’t work, he delivered a DDT of his own. Ziggler then mocked Shawn MIchaels setup for Sweet Chin Music by stomping the mat. Roode instead though turns it into a spinebuster. The match ends with a series of rollup pins and counters until Roode gets the advantage and holds the tights to win.


WINNER: Bobby Roode


Shane McMahon vs Kevin Owens (Hell in a Cell Match)


The match starts outside the Hell in a Cell with Shane getting the edge with his jabs. Owens makes it inside the Cell and holds the door shut on Shane until he pump kicks the door into Owens. During the match Owens would yell at Shane’s kids and girinds Shane’s face into the Cell. Both men went for lots of high risk moves during the match. Owens with sentons, Shane with shooting star presses. Owens at one point went for the Pop Up Powerbomb, but Shane somehow locked in a triangle armbar. Eventaully things got outside of the ring and Owens set a table up leaning agianst the Cell. Owens was going to launch himself off the apron as a cannonball into Shane, but Shane escaped prompting Owens to go into the table. Shane then starts using half the table as a weapon on KO. Shane then finds a trash can which later sets up his Coast to Coast signature move. Shane then wants the refs to open the door, but they refused. Shane then cut the lock off with bolt cutters. Eventaully the two make it outside and Owens gains the upper hand and headbutts Shane onto one of the commentators table. Owens goes onto the barriacde looking to put Shane away, but then sees the Cell. Owens climbs to the top and plots on leaping off the Cell into Shane. Owens hesitates a few times, while this is going on Shane makes the 20 foot climb to the top of the Cell. They brawl on top of Cell for awhile before KO tries to escape. As both me climb half way down, Shane bounces Owens head off the Cell and he fallls off and thru a table. Shane then headbutts Owens onto another table and looks like he’s going for a giant move off the top of the Cell. Just before Shane connects as he takes the 20 foot leap, Sami Zayn pulls Owens out of harms way as Shane crashes below thru the table. Zayn then places Owens on top of Shane for the victory.


WINNER: Kevin Owens


Both of the Hell in a Cell matches were fantastic and some of the best matches this year. New Day and Usos continued delivering quality matches while Owens and McMahon progressed their story with the addition of the Sami Zayn element. I think Tye Dillinger saved the United States Championship match because I don’t know what it is, but I don’t think just seeing Styles and Corbin would’ve kept people interested. Yet Corbin is the United States Champion? I’m slightly curious on that decision. Orton and Rusev was nothing special, clearly Orton didn’t need the win but he got it. Rusev meanwhile continues to fall on his downward spiral. Natalya and Charlotte didn’t do anything for me far as the match goes. Disappotining there was no Carmella cash in tease, but liked the finish. It was unexpected that Natalya would go the route she did to keep her title. Mahal and Nakamura was everything I expected it to be. Not a fan of Nakamura taking pinfalls to Mahal when he’s beating so many more top superstars, but WWE won’t back down from their Mahal push? Ziggler and Roode I think fell victim to card placement and with the event running long. At this point fans were exhausted and annoyed with Mahal retaining that they didn’t give the attention Roode and Ziggler deserved.


Overall I give Hell in a Cell 6/10!!! As I stated, the Hell in a Cell matches were fantastic!!! However I feel the rest of the card was average at best.
What did you think of Hell in a Cell??? Did you like it??? Hate it??? Let me know @chairmanpodcast and thanks for reading.