Lucha Underground: Ultima Lucha Tres Part 2

-Jeremiah Crane tells Ivelisse that he is in love with Catrina, whom Ivelisse is facing tonight. Ivelisse is pissed and Crane calls her a bitch as she walks away so she spin kicks him into the wall.

Battle Royal For A Dario Cueto Unique Opportunity

-Anyone not involved in an actual match here is in this.

-This was clearly a way just to get everyone on the show as in under five minutes we are down to Mascarita Segrada, The Mack, PJ Black and Ricky Mandel.

-And just like that, the Mack delivers a Stunner to PJ Black and he wins.

WINNER: The Mack

-Dario Cueto comes out and says The Mack gets a Trios Title shot next week against Drago, Viborataker and Pindar. But Dario gets to pick his opponents. And he picks Killshot and Dante Fox. Um, shouldn’t those guys be dead and recovering even after two weeks from last week? I don’t like that.

Catrina vs Ivelisse

-Mil Muertes is looking pimpin in a suit. And Catrina looks as fine as ever.

-Remember Ivelisse called Catrina out to start this season. Then Ivelisse was injured and they couldn’t build up a storyline.

-Catrina runs into Dario’s office and hides. She then busts THREE bottles over the head of Ivelisse and is busted open.

-Catrina drags Ivelisse up the stairs and kisses her so she has blood all over her face. Ivelisse then lands a kick on Catrina.

-They end up getting back to the ring. Catrina goes for the stone but Ivelisse catches her with a backbreaker.

-They fight for control over the stone. Ivelisse gets it and hits Catrina with it for the win.

WINNER: Ivelisse

-After the match Jeremiah Crane comes out and hits Ivelisse in the ankle twice with a hammer. Dick.

Mask vs Hair: Fenix vs Marty “The Moth” Martinez

-Mariposa grabs the leg of Fenix early to give Marty the upper hand.

-Fenix takes out Mariposa on the outside after a second leg grab. She then leaves and walks away from Marty.

-Marty gets his legs up on a Fenix moonsault and starts to rip at the mask of Fenix.

-Fenix gets dropped on the post and is busted open and his ripped mask is pretty much exposing his whole face at this point.

-Melissa is yelling on the outside for some reason. Back in the ring Fenix hits a frog splash.

-Fenix hits a Lethal Injection on Marty as Vampiro runs around like an idiot on the outside to get people pumped. Marty silences them with a clothesline.

-Fenix’s blade job is really bad. Marty grabs some scissors and digs at it.

-Melissa gets on the ropes and tells Marty they can run away together if he stops. Melissa gets pulled into the ring. She eventually escapes his grasp and kicks him in the nuts. Fenix takes out Marty and hits a springboard 450 splash for the win.


-Marty tries to leave and goes up the stairs with Mariposa. Maripsoa, however, hits him with a chair. Marty gets handcuffed to the railing and gets his haircut.

-Not as good as last. The battle royal was a throw away match and as I said above I don’t like Killshot and Dante Fox being brought back in two weeks. Ivelisse/Catrina was sloppy and the main event was okay.

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