WWE Raw Review 10.2.17 – with Heather


It’s been a tough day so I don’t have any fun intro to give.  To anyone who might come across this and was affected by what happened in Las Vegas today I’m sorry.  I lived there for 7 years of my life and have strong ties with friends there still.  I cannot understand things like this, and wonder when the madness will stop and we’ll wake up and realize we have to make a change to some things.

On a different note – as of right now Tom Petty is alive and fighting for his life.  I prematurely believed credible news sources and was heartbroken at the idea of him being gone as I am a huge fan.  I hope against hope that he pulls through though the situation seems dire.  I hope everyone just keeps on keeping on.


BRAUN vs Seth Rollins

We start with BRAUN vs Seth after Seth said he wanted this match last week following his partner Dean Ambrose taking the challenge and failing.  It’s mostly all BRAUN, but Seth gets some fine fight back moments – enough to make it not seem like a complete decimation.  Seth avoided BRAUN early on, but after about 2 minutes it flipped to all big guy.  Before a break Seth attempts a dive through the ropes is knocked out of mid air.

After the break Seth does get some offense after he rolls to the outside and BRAUN follows allowing Seth to shove him into the post and connect on two separate dives.  Back on the inside he gets a super kick, but BRAUN manages to clothesline him and hit the running powerslam for the win.

After the match BRAUN hits another powerslam on Seth, goes to leave then makes to return.  Dean Ambrose comes down but is also over powered by BRAUN.  He leaves them lying for The Bar, SheaSaro, to make their way to ringside and attack the tag champs while they’re down.  Dean gets a Neutralizer and Seth a Brogue kick.  Yikes.

It’s a pretty good match even if it is a loss for Seth.  They managed to make BRAUN look like a monster still though and also help get the crowd angry at SheaSaro for kicking the guys while they’re down.  Nice.

Winner: BRAUN

Mickie James walking backstage runs into both Alicia Fox & Emma who mock her and her age and let her know there’s a present waiting for her in her “dressing room”.  She goes in – and it’s diapers and a walker.  Of course it is.  She marches off to…I guess Alexa Bliss’s dressing room and bangs on the door only to bring Nia out in front of Alexa to ask what she wants.  I guess they’re friends again.  Instead of getting Alexa Bliss tonight Mickie gets Nia Jax.

Bray Wyatt got some time next to sit in a rocking chair and chant over and over again “she’d never lie to me”.  Looks like the cult leader is finally losing it.

Elias vs Titus O’Neil (w/Apollo Crews)

After the break we get the opportunity to walk with Elias!  He’s got a great new song for us, but is cut off by Titus O’Neil who ditched the suit tonight and is ready to actually get down and wrassle.  It’s a passable match, with Titus getting some offense in, but with Apollo on the outside there’s bound to be chaos.  Elias taunts Apollo after Titus gets him to the outside and it causes both the ref and Titus to get distracted allowing Elias to get the Drift Away and a win.

Winner: Elias

Mickie James vs Nia Jax

This is basically a squash match through the first commercial break which is to be expected.  Nia cheap shots Mickie after Alexa Bliss makes her way to ringside and holds control, outside a flurry of offense from Mickie in the middle, pretty much the entire way through.  Mickie continually tries to fight back, but Nia’s strength is played up throughout.  Since Mickie won’t give up though, after Nia slams Mickie into the turnbuckle she manages to turn it around and hit Nia with a tornado DDT from the ropes.  It seems like Mickie might pull off the victory, but Alexa Bliss interferes and causes the DQ.

After the match Alexa tries to attack Mickie, but Mickie gets control and mocks her to Nia telling her “that’s your friend”.  It’s a pretty good match that did it’s job.  Nia looked like a monster throughout, and Mickie never gave up – getting spurts of offense and showing her veteran skills by pulling out a tornado DDT at an opportune moment.  I thought the crowd got behind Mickie too which was nice.

Winner: Mickie James by Disqualification

After we see a video package of the Cruiserweights beating down Enzo last week, he’s backstage with Renee who asks what it was like getting beaten down by the whole division.  In maybe Enzo’s best moment for me thus far – he stays silent and says nothing.  I guess he looks emotional?

Backstage Chuck Caruso is with Mickie James who says she is eager to represent WWE as the Raw Women’s Champion.  Kurt Angle just happens upon the scene and says Mickie will get her match – against Alexa at TLC.  Where Asuka will debut.  And Kill them all.

Jason Jordan & Matt Hardy vs The Club

This match is happening because of a confrontation before Raw between The Club and Jason Jordan that Matt Hardy happened upon and stuck his nose into.

Gallows & Anderson do the right thing and alienate Matt Hardy from his partner Jason Jordan because Jordan needs to have the monster come back that will hopefully get the crowd to care.  He does eventually get it and runs all over Gallows & Anderson, giving Anderson a monster suplex, but throws him into his corner so Gallows can get the tag and he regains control.  Some of the crowd actually start to clap and get behind Jordan even as G & A keeps control. After Jordan manages to get one up on Anderson by landing on his feet after a suplex, he gets Matt Hardy in with the hot tag who manages to take both of The Club out with a bulldog.  Matt has control and almost has the win with an elbow drop but he gets double teamed.  Jordan tries to interfere but manages to end up on the outside thrown into the barricade.  This allows Matt to get caught up on the inside with a magic killer and a loss.

Real surprised The Club won here, but I’m glad they’re not just consistently losing.  I mean they are, but this was a welcome change.  The match was actually pretty good.  I enjoyed the tag team work of Gallows & Anderson and I’m glad they’re getting time.

Winners: The Club

Backstage Chuck  is with Roman Reigns and asks if he has any comment on what happened with Seth and Dean earlier because we just have to have this Shield reunion teased until it finally happens.  He says he’s not surprised it happened, but he’s not worried because he’s sure Seth and Dean are already coming up with a plan for next week.  He’s concentrating on himself and says he’s not leaving Denver without the Intercontinental Title.

There’s a presentation in the ring with Ultimate Warrior’s widow Dana Warrior, some breast cancer Survivors and the Raw Women’s Division.  It’s a nice scene where they honor the three survivors with Pink Women’s Championships.  I don’t feel comfortable saying anything negative about this segment so I’m gonna just move on from there.  I actually really loved Warrior’s wife bringing them over to go nuts on the ropes though and she really went for it.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: The Miz (c) vs Roman Reigns

The Miz and the Miztourage make their entrance in old Shield fashion by making their way in through the crowd.  Roman stalks down to the ring to a wide variety of cheers and boos.  As Jojo does her introductions, Roman Reigns takes the opportunity to Superman Punch both Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel on the outside.  He then chases Curtis Axel down with a steel chair as he runs through the crowd and then back up to the top of the ramp.  He hits Axel with a chair a couple of times until Bo Dallas makes the save but eats another Superman Punch and the steel chair for his trouble.  He beats down The Miztourage at the top of the ramp until he can’t no more and then sets his sights on the Miz.  I gotta say.  This was pretty bad ass.

Miz uses his dastardly heel ways to keep control through the early portion of the match, not letting up on Roman.  Roman is nearly counted out after Miz attacks him on the outside and leaves him laying behind the barricade following his assault on the Miztourage.  As The Miz holds control the crowd is actually pretty vocal for Roman which is surprising though it does sound like a LOT of children.  Roman grabs control after powering up and slamming Miz down for a powerbomb, but before he can even catch his breath Miz hits a Skull Crushing Finale!  Roman kicks out of course and the two eye each other from across the ring – who will get the kill?  ROMAN, hitting with a MONSTER Superman punch and a ….2 count!  Before Roman can even figure out what happened and manage to get the win, the bell rings for some reason and….it’s Cesaro and Sheamus attacking Roman.

Cesaro and Sheamus attack Roman giving him the Disqualification win.  They then go into the ring and join The Miz to rub salt in the wound.  The crowd chants LOUDLY for The Shield as Miz, Cesaro and SHeamus mock the former supergroup, getting up onto the ropes as The Shield used to do and then Triple Powerbombing Roman to the ground.

The crowd was HOT for this match and it was deserved.  I even found myself accepting Roman as the new IC champ.  I don’t know why I didn’t think they’d actually bring SheaSaro out but they do – leaving Seth and Dean to pick up these pieces next week I guess.  Maybe they just are sick of Roman saying he’s on his own.

Winner: Roman Reigns by DQ

Finn Balor is out to the ring to talk about Bray Wyatt playing mind games.  He says if Bray had the whole world in his hands he wouldn’t know what to do with it.  Probably true.  He says Bray lost to the demon at Summerslam and the man at No Mercy so he can make excuses, but he’s afraid despite all his games he can’t beat Balor.  Lets hope not.  He calls Bray out – don’t sing it, bring it!

Bray says that Finn lied and was more than a man at No Mercy.  He says he doesn’t paint his face to become the demon – he peels back his skin to reveal it.  Bray says Abigail is alive and she is DYING to meet Finn Balor.  Then it turns into a creepy laughing woman mixed with Bray’s laughing.  Abigail is coming.  Too bad they’re already using Nikki Cross in NXT.    Well god damn though I like that too.  They’ve needed to change Bray up.

Sasha Banks & Bayley vs Emma & Alicia Fox

I like Alicia Fox even if she isn’t the proficient in the ring.  I think she’s good personality in the ring.  She and Emma work well together as a heel tag team.  Alicia is holding control on Sasha Banks through the break and trading off with Emma who is in the ring when Sasha gets invigorated by Bayley and the crowd.  She almost comes back, but is held down by the heel duo.  Alicia gets a great back breaker on Sasha for a near fall as she bounces all over the floor.  After the ref reprimands Alicia she shouts at him that she doesn’t listen to rules!  He says he knows.  Hahaha.  She and Emma continue to keep Sasha away from her partner and it really does a lot to get the crowd behind her.  It’s Alicia who screws up and allows Sasha to throw her into Emma on the outside and tag Bayley in.  Bayley runs over Alicia for about 30 seconds until Alicia gets a jawbreaker on Bayley and goes to tag Emma back in.  Emma bails out though and pulls her hand away from Alicia’s tag allowing Bayley to hit a Bayley to Belly and get the win.

This was a pretty good match too.  Emma leaving Alicia is fun, and I actually thought Alicia looked pretty impressive in this match.  I’m glad whenever she gets to show off her skills.

Winners: Sasha Banks & Bayley

I definitely don’t love the show ending with Enzo Amore again but here we are.  I guess bring out the Cruiserweights.  I like them.

I like that they’re giving the Cruiserweights a prime spotlight, I just do hate that it’s for Enzo.  I am selfish in that regard though because it does seem like it’s going alright and I do want them to get more time and a bigger spot on the card.  If this is how it’s going to happen, I can deal with it.  For now.  But man, fuck Enzo.  He says look, he’s made 205 Live the Main Event 2 weeks in a row and he’s not wrong.  Enzo is angry because after he was left lying on the ground like a pancake he heard the crowd chanting “You Deserve It”.  Enzo is officially over as a heel.  I …I want to say it’s go away but I like being able to hate him now.  He continues on about how he deserves the title and he’s hurting from carrying the Cruiserweight division on his back.

Enzo says all the Cruiserweights lost their opportunity at the belt last week when they touched him because he had a clause that said none of them could touch him.  He says if any of them touch him tonight they get fired.  All of the cruiserweights come out anyway and surround the ring, even behind the barricades not allowing him to escape.  He gets back in the ring and the entire division surrounds the ring.  Enzo goes around and makes fun of them all showing them his clause where they’ll be fired.  I gotta say it’s kind of great, but I am hoping for something other than them just killing him.

Kurt Angle is out to burst Enzo’s bubble…none of the men surrounding the ring can touch him.  But the newest member of the Cruiserweight Division can…. It’s…Kalisto….!! Kalisto beats up Enzo and my whole bubble regarding this segment.

It’s like they knew that would happen though and the show doesn’t end there.  The show ends with a dejected Roman Reigns sitting on a bench in the back only to be joined by Dean Ambrose.  Then Roman Reigns.  The three of them nod.  Seth and Dean leave.  Roman stands alone…for now.

Final Thoughts:  I really enjoyed this Raw.  There were a lot of tag matches but I thought they were all pretty entertaining.  I liked the women’s match with Mickie and Nia and I thought the Roman/Miz match was a ton of fun.  I’m still one of those people that think The Shield reunion done now would be WAY too soon, but I guess they’re going to do it anyway and I do like the people who they wil eventually destroy.  I just feel bad for Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel.

I loved Enzo in the Cruiserweight section which is a lot for me because I really don’t normally like him but he’s fitting into this heel role well.  I did think the Kalisto reveal was a letdown.  The Shield thing at the end was a nice touch too. Pretty good show!  I’d check it all out!

WATCH THIS MATCH: Roman Reigns vs The Miz It was a good solid match.  I loved the beginning of it and the crowd responded accordingly.  Really can’t believe how much I enjoyed it.

SKIP THIS MATCH: Titus vs Elias  It wasn’t terrible, it was just the odd man out tonight.

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