Lucha Underground: Ultima Lucha Tres Review 9.27.17

Texano vs Famous B and Dr. Wagner Jr.

-Famous B still has a broken arm. He knows he can’t win so he made a few calls and Dario is letting him have a partner. Naturally, it is Famous B’s other client Dr. Wagner Jr. I was wondering where he was.

-Texano hits a running senton to the outside. Back in the ring Famous B hits him with his cast but it is nothing more than a distraction to Texano.

-Texano tosses Famous B off the stairs after ripping off his cast. Dr. Wagner hits Texano with a metal jug to get control.

-Famous B comes in and starts kicking Texano. Texano fights back. Dr. Wagner comes in but he eats a sit out powerbomb. Texano goes for the cover but Famous B is legal. Brenda distracts Texano and he kisses her. But Famous B rolls up Texano and puts his feet on the ropes for the win.

WINNER: Famous B and Dr. Wagner Jr.- Texano is now a client of Famous B

Hell of War: Killshot vs Dante Fox

1st Fall: First Blood

-I don’t get this stipulation. Doesn’t this favor Killshot? Watch me be proven wrong.

-Killshot hits a dropkick through the ropes then throws Fox into the wall.

-Fox sets up a ladder between the ring and the railing. He puts Killshot on it then hits his parkour flip off the post onto Killshot.

-Killshot falls before Fox throws a chair. But Fox fakes it and as Killshot pops back up Fox throws a chair into his face.

-They set up a chair in the corner. Killshot reverses Fox and dropkicks him head first into the chair.

-Fox hits a crescent kick. He sets up Killshot on the apron with a chair under his face and on top. Fox goes to the railing and hits a leg drop from the railing to the apron. It was a good 5-7 foot jump.

-Fox makes the ref help him set up some glass on two chairs on the outside. They jockey for position and Killshot ends up hitting a Side Effect on the apron.

-They go to the top. Fox hits a C4 and they move the glass into the ring.

-Back on the top, Fox backflips Killshot through the glass and Killshot’s back is busted open. Fox wins the first fall. And that is how they prove me wrong.

2nd Fall: No DQ

-Why this is the second fall is beyond me. Could have come up with a more creative stipulation.

-And now Fox hits a C4 from the top on Killshot through an open chair. And he follows it up with a 450 onto a ladder.

-Killshot kicks Fox off the top before he can do something else crazy. Then Killshot wants to top the crazy and gets a board from under the ring with barbed wire on it.

-The board gets set up in the corner. Killshot hits three running kicks to the head then the Killstomp but Fox kicks out at one and hulks up. Killshot comes back with a knee to the head then a powerbomb into the board. Killshot hits a package tombstone for the win and we are tied at 1-1.

3rd Fall: Medical Evac

-This is essentially an ambulance match fall.

-Killshot jumps over the gurney and hits a dropkick.

-Back on the top again. Killshot decides to hit an AA off the top onto the gurney on the outside.

-Killshot straps Fox onto the gurney. Fox tries kicking out. Killshot jumps on the railing and hits the Killstomp onto the gurney.

-Fox escapes and hits a running swanton.

-They go up to where the band plays. There are four chairs with a table and glass set up on the ground. Fox chokes Killshot with an amp cord. Killshot hits him with a liquor bottle and Fox falls off the top through everything set up below. Killshot comes down and lifts Fox into the back of the military ambulance for the win.

WINNER: Killshot- Holy shit what an awesome match. Good luck trying to top that as far as Ultima Lucha goes. This feud was built up for this kind of match and it delivered. Fox came out of it looking great and it elevated Killshot if there is a season 4.

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