WWE Raw Review 9.25.17 – with Heather



The fallout from No Mercy is happening tonight…

WHO Will be the next contender for Brock Lesnar’s Universal Title??


Where are Cesaro’s teeth?

Who will be the exciting guest on MIZ TV?


Hopefully we get all the answers to these questions and more on MONDAY NIGHT RAW!

Miz TV opens the show and his guest Roman Reigns.  Miz tries to apologize for the crowd booing Roman but he says “we like it loud”.  I’m sure you do Roman.  Roman says he respects John Cena after their match because he backed up everything he said, but Roman still beat him.  He says it was the biggest win of his career and somewhere The Undertaker is doing that weird growl thing he does.  Roman also says Jason Jordan could beat Miz without his Miztourage.  Miz says Roman shouldn’t talk about the Miztourage because he rode the coat tails of two superstars when he debuted with The Shield.  He says The Miztourage would have beaten The Shield and it is clear we are going to get a mediocre reunion soon isn’t it…  Roman says if Miz wants a fight they can fight now.  Miz claims he’s in a suit and going home to his pregnant wife, but Kurt Angle comes out and makes the match.  Also makes a match between Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel vs Matt Hardy and Jason Jordan up next.  The crowd goes mild at the mention of Jordan.

Roman was okay in this segment and seemed more relaxed than he has in a long time.  He had a fun little moment where he tried to get The Miztourage to go back and get him a drink.  Still think he has some trouble with lines and needs less of a leash because there were some stumbles as well.  GET LOOSE ROMAN.

Matt Hardy(w/Jeff Hardy) & Jason Jordan vs Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel

Jason Jordan is a really good wrestler.  This isn’t something that is new to anyone, but it’s sad that he can be so good and just not fit into this role they’ve got him playing.  At least not yet.  I still think it’s leading to him turning on Angle, and if it’s the long game then I can’t complain.  He and Matt get the early upper hand against Axel and Bo, with Matt making sure to throw in his little broken tidbits.  Back from the first break Axel has control over Jordan, and somehow the Hardys get the crowd to clap for Jordan to rally.  Once he does and Matt gets in the ring and takes control, getting the win after Jordan takes out Axel who interrupts a pin attempt and Matt manages to get the twist of fate on Bo.

The match is okay.  It’s a fine start to the show and I thought Jordan looked great.  Hardys always look so tired to me.  Bo and Axel play the jerk heels well and I think they make a good team, but if they can’t beat these two put together guys how are they going to beat The Shield?

Winners: Jason Jordan & Matt Hardy

There’s an “in depth look” at The Universal Title Match from last night which will best be remembered for easily they let Lesnar topple a bright shining star in BRAUN.

Elias vs Apollo Crews

Elias is out first to sing a new song about Apollo being a loser.  Elias beat Apollo last night, and he’s here for the encore.  Booker T thinks Apollo might be wasting his time with Titus Worldwide because Titus hasn’t helped anybody.  He actually did help Akira Tozawa to the Cruiserweight Title but Booker admittedly has forgotten that.  Apollo looks really good in this match and he seems way more confident than I can remember him being for a long time.  At one point the crowd is even chanting for him.  Unfortunately after Elias takes it upon himself to attack Titus on the outside, Apollo lets himself get distracted with that and it leads Elias to a win.  Titus is incensed and I guess this is leading to him leaving his managerial role?  Poor Apollo.

Winner: Elias

Finn Balor is backstage with Chuck Caruso and says he wants to thank Bray for bringing this all out of him and he hopes he can think about what he did to people like Goldust.  Then he says he’s going to go after the Universal Title.  Feed Brock more I guess.

Curt Hawkins is out to try and end his losing streak because he’s sick of having one and you gotta admire this guy’s pluck.  Unfortunately BRAUN is in a bad mood after last night and decides he’s going to answer Curt’s challenge.  Hawkins immediately starts running away through the crowd as BRAUN comes down the ramp and BRAUN gives chase.  He destroys him on the top of the ramp THEN CRASHES HIM THROUGH THE LIGHTS ON THE STAGE.  This man is out of control.  He’s wonderful.

Braun says he is now on a path of destruction and he’s out looking for a real a fight.  Commentators say they could be here all night because you’d have to be crazy to fight BRAUN and…out comes Dean Ambrose!!  He surveys the damage, cringes and makes his way to the ring.  I’m so torn.

BRAUN vs Dean Ambrose

Dean’s shoulder is taped up so this doesn’t seem like the wisest decision but here we are.  He makes sure to say a little prayer before he gets in there and proceeds to get destroyed for most of the match.  He does slap BRAUN across the face at one point before dropping and that’s pretty great.  Dean is a champion though and takes all the punishment he’s dealt in stride.  He gets a bit of an advantage when the two are on the outside and he can shove BRAUN into the ring post.  After they both get back into the ring, Dean manages to trick BRAUN into falling through the ropes then delivers a monstrous DDT to the floor after BRAUN catches him after a dive.  The crowd is LOVING Dean.  This was a great match idea.  Dean tries to keep his momentum up, but once BRAUN has his bearings back he catches Dean off the top rope and pins him after a running powerslam.

I thought it was a pretty fun match, and I loved that Dean went out there throwing caution to the wind.  Real enjoyable.

Winner: BRAUN

Kurt Angle is backstage with a ref and Enzo Amore interrupts and says that he wants a celebration tonight for his win last night.  Kurt says he doesn’t really deserve it after the way he won, but Enzo says all champions get celebrations and Kurt gives in.  He says he wants to give Enzo some advice as a Hall of Famer, but Enzo says he’s good and leaves.  God damn that might be the most I’ve ever liked him.

Backstage Seth Rollins is sassily reprimanding Dean Ambrose backstage for not thinking more before running into a match with BRAUN.  He says maybe he could tell him next time.  Dean claims Seth is too predictable and Seth takes exception to that saying he’ll challenge BRAUN next week.  For now he has Sheamus tonight.  Dean tells him to throw up the signal if he needs him.  Love these two.

Alexa Bliss comes out and says she is disappointed in the crowd because she beat 4 women last night and nobody is talking about her.  She doesn’t know what’s wrong with all of them, they don’t appreciate they’re in the presence of a Goddess.  True.  Mickie James comes out and is angry that Alexa thinks she beat all the women on RAW but she’s still here.  She wants Alexa to say what she said on RAW talk which must have been something insulting about Mickie being old because Alexa starts talking about her top 8 on Myspace and how she was popular back when that was popular.  Alexa doesn’t want to see Mickie break a hip.  I can’t stop thinking how good Mickie looks so I’m part of this women’s revolution problem.  She is GREAT in this promo and mentions that she was here when Alexa was in a training bra – which is still working great for her.  She wants Alexa to say to her face what she said on RAW Talk which she eventually does – Mickie is an old lady.  Mickie immediately smacks her down and stands tall as Alexa turns tail and run.

Both were really good in this segment and the crowd actually responded to both of them appropriately.  Loved this even if it just leads to Mickie losing again.  She is one of my favorite performers of all time, male or female and I just want her to get the respect she deserves.

Seth Rollins vs Sheamus(w/Cesaro)

Despite his tooth situation Cesaro (he had his teeth SHOVED INTO HIS GUMS), he is there with Sheamus tonight.  Seth takes the lead early even leading to a great suicide dive smashing Sheamus into the outside barrier, but Sheamus quickly regains control.  He manhandles Rollins, keeping him grounded and almost getting a win with a big powerbomb.  Rollins takes advantage when Sheamus decides to go to the top rope and misses and Rollins uses his knee (King’s Landing??) to pick up the victory.  Cesaro makes no move to attack and leaves with Sheamus quietly despite kicking the ring steps in frustration.

This match was okay.  After their great match last night it can’t get much better, but it got only a little bit of time and was mostly all Sheamus until the mistake at the end.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Backstage Finn Balor runs into Goldust who he calls Goldy.  Goldy isn’t happy about that and he isn’t happy his name came out of Finn Balor’s mouth earlier because he isn’t a victim and he doesn’t need Balor to defend him.  Balor apologizes and says he considers him a friend and would never disrespect that.  Goldust says he might be right but then beats Balor down and quotes the Godfather at him.

There’s a video package about the Cena/Reigns match from last night and Cena getting emotional on RAW Talk.  They keep teasing maybe he’s done.  He’s not done.

Roman Reigns vs Miz(w/The Miztourage) – Non Title Match

Miz spends the beginning of this match trying to get Roman to let him go home, but it doesn’t work.  The Miztourage from the outside though helps Miz get some control after tripping Roman up.  They continue to take advantage of the numbers while Miz distracts the referee.  Roman of course continues to come back, but Miztourage continually helps turn the tide.  Roman gets a superman punch on Miz then immediately hits one on both Axel and Bo, but Miz rolls to safety and the outside. As he runs Roman hits both members of the Miztourage with his drive by on the apron, but runs into a skull crushing finale inside the ring.  He who kicked out of 4 AA’s is not getting beat by a simple Skull Crushing Finale however and he kicks out.  Roman manages to regain control and hits Miz with a spear for the win.

Miztourage in immediately after to attack Roman and beat him down in the corner.  Roman manages to beat the two out and almost …I guess Shield powerbomb The Miz alone, but Axel and Bo get chairs and take him back down.  They leave to go up the ramp, but they all head back down to the ring to continue their assault.  They get him up for a Skull Crushing Finale onto a chair. The crowd is actually pretty hot for Miz here, but I’m giving the credit to him.  He knocks Roman in the face with a chair again for good measure and he and The Miztourage stand tall.  They mock The Shield by putting their fists out and joining them in the middle over Roman’s prone body.  Pretty sure The Shield would eat them all alive.

This was a pretty good match too, it kept the pace pretty well and both men got to look pretty good.  We could never believe Roman would lose though.  At least not fairly to The Miz.  The after match attack was big though and the crowd was really angry at Miz.  He was a great villain here and eventhough it’s going to lead to The Shield reuniting for a mediocre PPV I guess I do still love them.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Goldust vs Finn Balor

Sure. Finn is angry about Goldust’s earlier attack and takes the fight to him immediately.  The beginning mostly takes place outside, with Balor launching Goldy into the ringside barriers.  Goldust gets a slight advantage when he catches Balor on the apron and slams his head into the steel post.  He then starts throwing him around the ringside barriers and my god this poor barricade is having a bad night.  There’s actually a commercial break during this and Goldust holds control after it, and despite Balor managing to throw him hard into opposite corners, Goldy hits his monster spine buster for a near fall.  Finn takes control after that though and hits Goldy with a sling blade, the kick to the corner and then the coup de grace for the win.

Not a terrible match if predictable.  Goldust had some good offense and Finn sold his ribs like a god damn champ.  Tape those suckers up DDP style!

Winner: Finn Balor

Backstage Bayley and Sasha are in a little tift about last night when Bayley interrupted Sasha’s pin that almost gave her the win.  Bayley says it was everyone women for herself and Sasha agrees but there is still a tension.

Enzo is backstage with Kurt and tells him if other Cruiserweights want to come out to his celebration they can.  Kurt says fine and tells Enzo he is annoying.  True.

Sasha Banks & Bayley vs Nia Jax & Emma

Nia and Emma spend most of the beginning of this match isolating Bayley and her injured shoulder.  Nia continues to look like a monster, really working on her character.  Gotta cut out those smiles though.  Emma lets Bayley get the hot tag to Sasha while also being kicked into Nia making her a little angry at the Aussie.  Sasha goes for a pin and Nia interrupts only to go through the middle rope to the outside and go down via a double team from Sasha and Bayley.  Emma almost pulls out a win with a roll up once Sasha returns to the ring, but Sasha gets out of it, Bayley tags in and hits a Bayley to belly for the win.  Sasha and Bayley seem huggy after so the turn holds off another week…

Again an alright match which is the norm for tonight.  Not one match was bad, just not a stand out.

Winners: Sasha Banks & Bayley

Enzo comes out for his celebration.  He says he’s had to deal with a lot more than a “cuppa haters” in the past few months and he’s had to eat some humble pie, but he’s champion now.  He says all the people who say he can’t wrestle said the same thing about John Cena, Batista and The Rock.  Well, I mean they’re not great either but they can get by.  He then says he’s going to retire his jersey and shows it, and he made 205 relevant.

The 205 Live music hits and…pretty sure the entirety of the 205 Live roster make their way to the top of the ramp.  Enzo calls out Rich Swann specifically about dancing his way to the Championship then danced his way back down.  Says Cedric Alexander has no charisma.  Says Gran Metalik can’t be under 205.  Gulak needs a suit because he usually looks like Captain Underpants.  Calls Jack Gallagher teacup, then tries to make fun of Noam Dar and is interrupted by KING NEVILLE.  Enzo says the championship is finally on the shoulder of a real man.

Neville finally interrupts and says the truth hurts, and that Enzo is a toxic individual who has alienated everyone he has come in contact with.  He says Enzo arrived on Raw with much fanfare, but is now dumped on the 205 Live doorstep like a slug.  Neville wants to know why he’s repaying the Cruiserweight division like this when they fought for him to have an opportunity.  Neville says he’s disgrace and is making a joke out of this division.  He says now he is here to end Enzo and he runs down to the ring, and Enzo stops him with a note that says he has a clause that says Neville can’t touch him or he’ll never get a title match again.  He tells Neville to slow his roll.  He says Neville is in the main event and in the 9 months he was champ he never even smelt that hour.  Enzo says he’s money and Neville can’t touch him and he needs to get out of his ring.  Enzo holds the paper up.  Neville looks like he wants to murder him still.  AND HE DOES.  Neville kicks Enzo down then throws Enzo into the retired jersey Enzo has framed.  Throws Enzo into the barricade on the outside, then another.  As Enzo tries to crawl away, the 205 roster stalks him down and sends Enzo back into the ring with Neville.  He shoves the No Contact Clause Enzo had into his mouth and we are all living through Neville tonight.  Neville drags him to the corner and delivers a Red Arrow as the crowd…kind of cheers.  Neville deserves more.  This was beautiful

Final Thoughts:  This was a fun Raw.  Nothing really bugged me outside the fact that Finn/Bray is still happening but it doesn’t seem like outside that any of the annoying feuds are continuing on.  I thought the matches were all pretty good and I know people will hate the final segment, but I didn’t think it was bad.  Probably because I love Neville so much.  I’d give it a go.

WATCH THIS MATCH:  I guess maybe BRAUN vs Dean Ambrose, but start from when Curt Hawkins came out.  None of the matches were stellar, but this one was pretty fun and I love Ambrose.

SKIP THIS MATCH: You don’t really need to skip any.  I don’t know what to say.  Maybe Finn vs Goldust because it just doesn’t lead to anything, but I liked them all.

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