Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 9.13.17

-Apparently Ricky Mandel changed his name to Ricky Mundo. Should’ve changed it to Ricky Nitro. Ricky gets excited because Johnny tells him there is only one Mundo in Worldwide Underground, meaning he is officially in.

The Worldwide Underground vs Prince Puma, Cage, Fenix and Sexy Star

-Ricky Mandel is hurt, so Mundo picks Fenix’s Ultima Lucha opponent Marty “the Moth” Martinez as his replacement.

-Fenix and Black double crossbody each other. Fenix tags in Cage and the referee makes him take his gauntlet off and Cage reluctantly agrees.

-The Worldwide Underground all take out Cage but he gets back up and takes them out one by one.

-Jeremiah Crane comes out and steals Cage’s gauntlet. That probably means he is going to give it to Catrina.

-Puma comes in and takes out all the members of Worldwide Underground. Sexy Star and Fenix hit dives to the outside on their respective Ultima Lucha opponents.

-Black and Mundo recover to go at Puma. Mundo hits a kick to the head and Black hits a DDT. Mundo follows it up with the End of the World for the win.

-After the match Marty grabs Melissa Santos. Melissa slaps him a bunch of times then Fenix superkicks him.

WINNERS: The Worldwide Underground

-Jeremiah Crane brings the gauntlet to Catrina. Mil Muertes attacks Crane. Cage comes in and grabs Catrina. Mil attacks him and all three men brawl. Dario Cueto comes in during the brawl and takes back the gauntlet.

Match For An Aztec Medallion: El Dragon Azteca Jr vs Pentagon Dark

-El Dragon takes Pentagon out on the outside with a dropkick through the ropes. He then hits a corkscrew moonsault to the outside off the top.

-El Dragon then jumps on an elevated floor and hits a running head scissors on the outside.

-Pentagon catches El Dragon with a dropkick going for a handspring elbow.

-They exchange chops. Pentagon tosses El Dragon in the area and El Dragon hits a DDTJ.

-Pentagon crotches El Dragon in the corner then hits a running package piledriver for the win.

WINNER: Pentagon Dark

-Pentagon goes to break El Dragon’s arm. Matanza comes out and he and Pentagon have a stare down but Dario stops him from attacking. Matanza beats El Dragon down until Rey Mysterio makes the save.

Rey Mysterio vs Matanza

-Rey attacks Matanza early on. He mounts him for some corner punches and hits a short head scissors.

-Matanza takes out Rey on the outside. He tosses Rey into the railing then slams Rey’s head into it a few times.

-Rey tries a comeback in the ring but Matanza slides him across the mat back to the outside.

-Matanza kind of weakly puts Rey into the announce table. It wasn’t a table break spot so I don’t know what the point of it was.

-Rey is able to sunset flip powerbomb Matanza from the corner.

-Rey’s comeback is thwarted by a Matanza big boot, brother.

-Matanza misses a chair shot, allowing Rey to dropkick it in Matanza’s face.

-Rey 619’s the chair into Matanza’s face. But Matanza tosses the chair into Rey’s knee as he goes for the springboard senton.

-Matanza hits a couple of German suplexes then the Wrath of the Gods for the win.

WINNER: Matanza

-After the match Matanza hits the Wrath of the Gods on Rey again, this time with a chair on the back. Matanza then sets up an open chair around Rey’s neck and slams him into the post twice. Matanza carries Rey away.

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