WWE Smackdown Live Review 9.12.17 w/Justin C

Kevin Owens Show

Kevin Owens comes out and welcomes us to the Kevin Owens Show. Kevin Owens said he didn’t fight back last week because he respects authority. He said he is suing everybody in the WWE as a result of the attack last week. KO said he will make changes when he runs the show. The first person he will fire is Sami Zayn. He is going to make Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton wear the same suit. And he is cancelling the Fashion Files! What a heel! That’s Hogan turning heel levels heat. KO calls out Vince. Shane’s music plays but it is Dolph Ziggler dressed as Shane. KO compliments him then Dolph leaves.

Daniel Bryan comes out. KO says Bryan will be the resident janitor when he takes over Smackdown. Bryan says he isn’t opposed to hard work and manual labor, KO should try it. Bryan says Mr. McMahon will be here soon. Bryan says KO won’t like what Vince has to say. KO says Vince won’t like what he has to say. So a promo to set up a promo for later.

United States Championship: AJ Styles (c) vs Tye Dillinger

Some back and forth action early on. They go to the apron where Dillinger shoves Styles into the post. Dillinger slows the match down during the picture-in-picture commercial break. Dillinger mounts Styles in the corner but Styles grabs him and hits a running powerbomb.

Styles goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but Baron Corbin comes out, so Styles hits it on him. Dillinger goes for a rollup for two. They exchange finisher attempts but Dillinger hits the Tye-Breaker but only gets two. As Dillinger tries to regroup, Styles applies the Calf Crusher and Dillinger taps.

WINNER and STILL United States Champion: AJ Styles

Baron Corbin attacks Styles after the match and says he will be Styles opponent next week. What a disappointing match.

Rusev is interviewed. He said he wasn’t welcomed back as a hero when he returned to Bulgaria. And in order to make up for the shame he felt, he must break a legend. It would’ve been better if he said he realized he needs to embrace everything great about America and become the American hero we need.

Vince McMahon Writes Poop Jokes For Jinder

Jinder Mahal comes out with the Singh Brothers. Jinder is wearing an ugly ass dark green suite. Jinder brings up pictures of Nakamura. He talks about Nak being constipated and then another one saying its Nak listening to Michael Jackson and what he can rip off next. Jinder talks about Americans making fun of him and what they will do to Nak if he wins. This is awful and embarrassing and you know Vince wrote it.

Street Fight For the Smackdown Live Tag Titles: The Usos (c) vs New Day

The Usos take it to New Day early and throw Kofi and Big E into the barricade. During the break the Usos slammed Big E into the steps then a chair set up in the corner. They then superkick a chair into Big E. The Usos take turns hitting Big E with kendo sticks. Kofi comes in and returns the favor to both Usos. Kofi then double stomps one of the Usos with a chair. Kofi goes for a trust fall but the Usos catch him and throw him into the barricade.

Big E comes back and slams Jey Uso into the announce table multiple times. The Usos regain the upperhand. Jey gets pushed off the top and through a table. New Day then hits the Midnight Hour for the win.

WINNERS and NEW Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions: New Day- Nonstop action throughout but again, a bit too short for my liking. I’m still guessing this gets stretched out to Hell In A Cell.

Smackdown Live Women’s Championship: Natalya (c) vs Naomi

No entrances for the women after they hype up the Mae Young Classic literally seconds beforehand. Carmella is on commentary with James Ellsworth, on a leash. Similar to the US Title match, Natalya is dominating through the commercial break. Naomi escapes a chinlock with a really ugly crossbody. Naomi hits a few kicks then sets Natalya up on the ropes and she awkwardly sits there waiting for a leg drop from Naomi.

Natalya gets sent to the outside then gets confronted by Carmella and Ellsworth. Naomi hits a springboard crossbody as Natalya moves so she takes out Carmella and Ellsworth. This allows Natalya to take Naomi out and apply the Sharpshooter, forcing Naomi to tap.

WINNER and STILL Smackdown Live Women’s Champion: Natalya- I hope this is it for Naomi. I never fully bought into her as Champ and there are better options.

Dolph Ziggler does his schtick again and it is still stupid. I missed the first person he imitated but I saw Bayley and the Ultimate Warrior. I don’t even care about what is going on to type about it.

Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin beat the Hype Bros in about two minutes. After the match, Ryder refuses to shake Gable and Benjamin’s hands.

Vince McMahon and Kevin Owens

KO says Vince is intimidated. Vince says he feels more nauseated. Vince says KO couldn’t fight back last week because Shane McMahon was beating his ass. Vince says when KO looks in the mirror how can he have any respect for himself at all. Vince says KO wants all the power. Vince says if KO files that lawsuit, he will fire KO. Isn’t that more grounds for another lawsuit?

Vince says that he has never lost a lawsuit. And by the time it would actually get to court, KO would be bankrupt. He says he suspended Shane for not kicking the crap out of KO last week. Vince says he is getting rid of Shane’s suspension and making a match between KO and Shane at Hell In A Cell. KO accepts and asks if he drops the lawsuit, he can beat any McMahon senseless. Vince agrees, then KO clocks Vince with a headbutt and busts him open. He lands another forearm then a kick to the gut. KO pretends like he is going to leave then hits a superkick. KO then hits a frogsplash off the top. Stephanie McMahon comes out and says something to KO then goes to help Vince to the back as the show goes off the air.

I think they did that angle a week or two too early. I get they want KO to be the heel, but the Hell In A Cell PPV is still a month away. And either way, I still think people cheer KO. But it was an effective heel heat segment because everyone still loves Vince.

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