Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 9.6.17

Match For An Aztec Medallion: Drago vs The Mack

-Drago starts with a dropkick in the corner then a nice tilt-a-whirl DDT off the top.

-Mack balances himself on his head in the corner then shakes his gut, which distracts Drago.

-Mack catches Drago in the corner with a running kick then a Saito suplex.

-Kobra Moon distracts Mack and Drago pins him for the win. Lame finish.


-After the match Mack stuns Drago. He goes after Kobra Moon but Pindar and Viborataker take him out.

-Dario Cueto is in the ring. Next week’s episode is the 100th. Dragon Azteca Jr will take on Pentagon Dark for an Aztec medallion. The World Wide Underground will take on Prince Puma and three partners of his choosing. And Matanza will take on Rey Mysterio.

-Dario tells Rey he has to leave the building. Rey refuses at first. Dario says that if Rey doesn’t leave his match and Dragon Azteca’s match will be off. And he will fire Dragon Azteca. Rey finally agrees, then says he will come after Dario when he is done with Matanza next week.

5-0 Street Fight For An Aztec Medallion: Joey Ryan vs Cortez Castro

-There are fake police officers on the outside preventing the wrestlers from leaving.

-Ryan grabs a pair of handcuffs and strikes Castro in the head, making him bleed.

-Ryan uses a nightstick and calls him the Big Boss Man. Ray Traylor is rolling over in his grave.

-Ryan grabs a clear glove and oils it up, then grabs Castro’s ass. Castro throws Ryan into a shield in the corner.

-They brawl on the outside. Ryan throws Castro into some “cops” on each side.

-Castro misses a baseball bat shot. Ryan misses a sledgehammer shot as Striker asks if it is time to play the game. Ugh. Ryan hits a rock bottom on the hood of a police cruiser.

-Oh look there is a table with coffee and donuts on it. Castro pours hot coffee down Ryan’s trunks.

-Castro delivers a taser to the junk of Ryan. Ryan recovers and hits a superkick.

-They go back into the ring. Castros maces Ryan’s eyes then drops him on a pile of police shields for the win. I guess that was harmless fun.

WINNER: Cortez Castro

The Rabbit Tribe vs Matanza

-They try to get Matanza to join the tribe early on but Matanza isn’t having any of it.

-The Tribe gets some offense in early on including a succession of dropkicks.

-Matanza starts to fight back. Saltador and Mala Suerte crack easter eggs over the head of Matanza, London hits a Shooting Star Press but Matanza kicks out.

-Matanza comes back and hits the Wrath of the Gods on Saltador for the win. So three guys fighting for a medallion at Ultima Lucha just got squashed.

-Prince Puma is out there to announce his team. Mundo interrupts him before he can. They trade jabs about beating the other. Mundo says since Puma is so confident about beating him, why not put his mask on the line. Puma agrees. Dario Cueto comes out and says since they already have one mask on the line, they will do something else. Cueto says Puma will put his career on the line. Puma knees Mundo in the face then accepts.

Knowing what we know behind the scenes with Puma/Ricochet, this kind of spoils the result. Also who will be Puma’s partners?

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