WWE Smackdown Live Review 9.5.17 w/Justin C

Kevin Owens Goes There

We start with Randy Orton in a dark hallway. He says no one will get in his way of taking down Jinder Mahal and winning the WWE Title. Why the fuck is Orton just chilling in a dark hallway? Nakamura says he respects the legend of Randy Orton but is still chasing his goal of becoming WWE Champion. And tonight his pain will be felt everywhere.

Kevin Owens interrupts James Ellsworth and Carmella. He says he will be the referee of the upcoming Carmella/Natalya match. Shane McMahon comes out and says this isn’t happening. All KO wants to do is uphold the law and order of the WWE! Shane loses his place then says KO needs to stop blaming him for his losses. KO says he never wanted to be on Smackdown Live and if he could he would still be on RAW. KO asks if Shane didn’t get enough attention from his daddy when he was a kid. KO is probably right. KO brings up Shane’s kids and Shane tells him to never do it again.

Kevin Owens goes for the juggular. He says Shane’s entire family would have been better off if Shane didn’t survive that helicopter crash. Shane jumps. KO and they brawl to the outside and over the announce table. Daniel Bryan came out to help break up the fight.

This feud got hella personal real quick. Daniel Bryan finds KO backstage struggling. KO says he is going to turn Smackdown Live into the Kevin Owens Show and will sue every member of the McMahon Family and will take Smackdown Live and the WWE down with him. Daniel Bryan tries to change his mind. KO says he will press criminal charges against Shane.

Natalya vs Carmella

Carmella ditched her new ring gear after two weeks. They exchange bitch slaps because they are women or something. Carmella then bails after a discus clothesline. Both women are heels here so I don’t know who the WWE expects the crowd to get behind. I think Natalya? It’s been all rest holds during the commercial break. Natalya escapes a headlock and catapults Carmella into the corner and she barely jumps.

James Ellsworth tosses the MITB briefcase into the ring. The ref thinks she wants to cash in but Carmella says no. She yells at Ellsworth then gets rolled up by Natalya.

WINNER: Natalya

After the match, Carmella calls James Ellsworth the sorriest human being she ever met. She asks if really needs a human defect like him. She calls Ellsworth pathetic and says his mom should’ve given him up at birth. Carmella tells Ellsworth they are through. Man this show is getting super personal.

The Re-Debut Of Dolph Ziggler 

Dolph Ziggler came out for his re-debut. He said no one appreciates him or wants him. They would rather have some dumb gimmick. He comes out to pretend to be John Cena. That didn’t work? Dolph then comes out to MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE’S THEME. HOW DARE THAT FUCKER EVER DO THAT. He then pretends to be Naomi and says something about how he is the best in the ring yada yada yada and I’m still super pissed about him bringing down the great name of the Macho Man. Ziggler couldn’t carry Savage’s jock on Savage’s worst day.

Aiden English vs Sami Zayn

English wins in one minute, probably less, with another rollup. Poor Sami Zayn. He should be doing so much more than what he is. Zayn chases English down after for trying to finish his song.

The Usos said their match with New Day next week will be a street fight. I was honestly hoping for a Cell match at Hell In A Cell.

WWE Logic At Its Finest

Daniel Bryan comes out with no music, so you know this shit is super serious. He asks Shane to come to the ring. Bryan asks Shane what he was thinking and brings up the Miz ripping into him and how he never went after Miz. Bryan says they can’t treat their employees like Shane treated KO and says the WWE respects their employees. LOL. Shane says that KO crossed the line. Shane says he will apologize to KO. Bryan says it is too late, and he just got off the phone with his father. Bryan says Shane is suspended indefinitely. So Shane can’t attack KO for mentioning his family but Stephanie McMahon can bitch slap whomever she wants.

Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger

Corbin goes right to the outside and confronts AJ Styles, who is on commentary. Dillinger dives to the outside and takes out Corbin then lays the boots to him. Corbin regained control during the break. He keeps staring over at AJ Styles. Maybe he has CTE and needs to get it checked out? Corbin throws Dillinger into the barricade and continues to stare down Styles in the ring and now I think he just has a crush on him. Dillinger starts a comeback but Corbin hits a shot to the throat and Styles just yells “CHEAP SHOT” over and over. Corbin hits the End of Days for the win.

AJ Styles tells Tye Dillinger he gets a shot at the US Title next week.

Ellsworth begs Carmella for forgiveness. Carmella says from now on, they do things her way. So Carmella kisses Ellsowrth then slaps him. So Carmella wants to be the dom now?

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Randy Orton

Orton takes what seems like for fucking ever to get to the ring. This is slower than his normal slow walk. Orton goes for a quick RKO. Nak then taunts him and Orton goes for the DDT but Nakamura bails again. And we get iur first commercial.

Orton drops Nakamura on the announce table back from break but Nakamura immediately goes back to to work in the ring with a flurry of kicks and knees. They go to the top where Orton hits a superplex but Nakamura tells Orton to keep bringing it. Nakamura blocks a kick then lands a flurry of knees to the abdominal region. Nakamura goes for Kinsasha but Orton counters into a powerslam then hits the middle rope DDT. Orton goes for the RKO but Nakamura counters into an armbar. Orton is able to lift Nakamura then drop him to break it. Nakamura blocks the RKO and counters with a knee to the neck. Nakamura hits Kinsasha for the win.

WINNER: Shinsuke Nakamura, Will Face Jinder Mahal At Hell In A Cell

Kevin Owens was leaving backstage. Daniel Bryan confronted him. KO told him next week he will make Smackdown Live his own personal playground. Bryan said someone will be here next week to address the situation, VINCE MCMAHON!

Overall, I thought this was a solid episode. I enjoyed Orton/Nak more than Cena/Nak. Of course, both matches were about 50% of what they could actually be. They are building up next week’s show with 3 Title matches and Vince McMahon appearing.

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