Justin C Watches WCW Fall Brawl 1999

So close to the Vince Russo Era!

I’ve finally gotten to WCW Fall Brawl 99. It is Sting/Hogan again. But this time Lex Luger is trying to plant the seeds of distrust in the mind of Sting. He showed Sting photos of Hulk Hogan in front of a white hummer, the same type of hummer that hit Kevin Nash. Randy Savage was also randomly in Hogan’s locker room. And then when Sting, Luger, Hogan and Bret Hart were all in Hogan’s locker room the lights went out and someone attacked Sting. Got all that? Okay.

In other WCW news we have Sid Vicious walking around as the “Millenium Man.” Essentially, he was mocking Goldberg’s streak. He would powerbomb jobbers to start the show and count those as match wins. And Chris Benoit has to carry him in a wrestling match here. Benoit is in a group with Shane Douglas, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko known as the Revolution. They want their fair shot. In theory it’s a smart idea. But they were never getting past the politics in WCW.

If you want to know how bad of shape WCW is in right now, just check the attendance for this show compared to 1998. It dropped over 4,000. And this show took place in North Carolina, a WCW stronghold for years. A place they never had to worry about attendance being bad.

Vampiro and the Insane Clowne Posse vs Billy Kidman, Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero

This is a rematch from Road Wild last month which saw the faces win. Rey Mysterio dyed his hair blonde. I’m pretty sure this is when Eminem started to become famous so I’m guessing that is the reason. He looks stupid with it. He is also dressed exactly like Billy Kidman. It reminds me of when Stewie dressed like Bart in the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover.

The crowd sounds pretty hot to start. The heels keep delaying going into the ring to start the match. As I said last month, the ICP respect the wrestling business and take it seriously. I have no problem with how they are being used in WCW. And Vampiro associating with them was smart too. Lots of nonstop action once the match gets going. And I like it because the heels never kept control for an extended period of time. Just as I was about to type that this was very good wrestling the ICP member with the  shaved head messes up a double team move. Eddie catches Vampiro with a missile dropkick then Kidman hits the Shooting Star press for the win. Exactly what you want in an opening match. Rey apparently hurt his knee and needed to get carried to the back. But that is the story of his career.

WCW Cruiserweight Championship: Lenny (c) w/Lodi vs Kaz Hayashi

For the longest time they were hinting that Lenny and Lodi were gay lovers. But they were just brothers. But they still dress and act like they are gay with sparkles, blowpops and body oil. Oh and Lenny put bows and tassels on the Title. I almost typed belt there. I wouldn’t want Vince McMahon to read that.

Lenny wrestles Kaz down and gets him in the doggy style position so as I said, WCW is still playing that up. One of Lodi’s signs says to visit “www.lodipage.com” but now it is just a random obscure link page. Schiavone says that Lenny is working over the butt of Kaz. Lenny keeps shutting down Kaz at every turn. But at least he stopped focusing on his butt. Kaz hits a nice dive to the outside and I notice a man easily in his 40s with a replica belt. Look, I have a replica belt. Its cool to have. But I would never carry it around to an actual wrestling show. Or in public. This match has been 90% Lenny offense. Kaz hits a running Liger Bomb but Lodi puts Lenny’s foot on the ropes. They exchange near falls and Lenny hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Sting interview. He says he has no problem with Hulk Hogan until they get in the ring and his friendship with Lex Luger is getting near an end.

Brian Knobbs and Hugh Morrus vs Shane Douglas and Dean Malenko

THANK GOD THIS MATCH DOESN’T HAVE JERRY FLYNN. Unfortunately it still has Brian Knobbs. This is the famous Botchamania clip where Douglas says Saginaw, Michigan instead of Winston Salem, North Carolina for the entrance. They aren’t even in the same state! That guy is holding his belt in the shot as Douglas and Morrus brawl by him. Douglas lifts the 5,000 pound steel steps to hit Morrus. I feel bad for Dean Malenko being reduced to this. And I somewhat feel bad for Douglas too. He wrestled this No DQ style in ECW at least. People give Shane Douglas a lot of crap, but I would have always put him in the spot Jeff Jarrett got.

After briefly wrestling on the outside to start the action goes back to the ring and we watch Dean Malenko try to make Brian Knobbs look watchable. God bless him. Knobbs bodyslams Douglas and yells “That’s It”, probably because he’s gassed and can’t finish the match. Malenko gets the hot tag but is tripped by Knobbs then eats a Hugh Morrus elbow, who then hits a moonsault for the win. Can’t believe they had Malenko job to those goofs.

WCW TV Title: Rick Steiner (c) vs Perry Saturn

Steiner distracts the ref early and low blows Saturn to get control. He then delivers the weakest DDT on the exposed concrete floor that you will ever see. This has been all slowed down by Rick Steiner. Everything is just there. Saturn crotches Steiner but Steiner knocks him off then hits the Bulldog for the win. NEXT.

Berlyn vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Berlyn is Alex Wright. This was their way of repackaging him. This was suppose to be a match against Buff Bagwell, but he was late getting to the arena. So poor Berlyn has to deal with Duggan here. And the story here is that Duggan barely sold any of Berlyn’s offense. And it is pretty evident that he doesn’t. So here you are trying to get this new Berlyn character over and Duggan is out there making him look like shit. And when Duggan does attempt to sell he looks like shit. For instance, Berlyn gets his feet up on a corner charge and Duggan stumbles around like a drunk idiot. Now these two are exchanging mat based moves and you can tell they are getting pissed with each other. The Wall, Berlyn’s bodyguard, pulls up the mat and clotheslines Duggan on the concrete. The ref had to be an idiot with the position he was in to not know what happened. Berlyn gets the win and you can tell he looks pissed. Bagwell shows up right after the match ends.

WCW Tag Team Championship: The West Texas Rednecks (c) vs Harlem Heat

The Windhams are wrestling in t-shirts. And you can tell why in the case of Barry. But I still like The West Texas Rednecks. I wonder if that gimmick would get over in today’s wrestling world? With the people involved (outside of Booker T), the match is very slow. Hennig takes out Booker T with the ref distracted so now the heels get the upper hand. Booker T hits an ax kick that lands on Kendall Windham’s lower back. Then Barry hits an awkward clothesline on Booker that is suppose to land mid air I guess? But it looked awful.

Curt Hennig literally just landed a shot right in front of the ref. With how many distraction/ref bump finishes there were in WCW, you would think they’d be better at this. Booker T made two tags but the ref never saw either. Stevie doesn’t care after the second and goes to work. But guess what? The ref doesn’t care. Or does he? Hennig hits Stevie Ray with the cowbell. But the ref tries getting Booker T back in the ring because he knows Booker is the legal man! He hits a missile dropkick and gets the win. Okay match.

WCW United States Championship: Chris Benoit (c) vs Sid Vicious

Sid is 79-0. You know the streak is a fraud because Sid could never work 79 matches in one year. Sid throws Benoit down a couple times early on. Benoit tries to work over the legs of Sid but Sid is able to fight right back. Benoit moves out of the way of a corner charge and then slams Sid’s leg against the post and dropkicks the steps into his leg. Back in the ring Sid immediately stops selling the legs and uses them to knee Benoit. Benoit is able to hit a couple nice German suplexes before Sid takes over.

Benoit dropkicks the leg and applies the Crossface. Sid no sells the legs again and gets up in the crossface then gets his foot to the ropes. Benoit knocks down Sid but misses the diving headbutt. Sid hits the powerbomb for the win. That’s 0-4 for the Revolution. And you wonder why all but Douglas and then Guerrero left in a few months.

Diamond Dallas Page vs Goldberg

My guess is that this is nowhere near as goo as their Halloweed Havoc 98 match. The ref searches DDP before the match and finds a chain as well as a role of quarters. DDP rolls out of the ring after getting taken down a couple times and tells the crowd if they keep chanting Goldberg he will leave. Naturally, the crowd doesn’t listen and still chants it. Goldberg continues to dominate until DDP catches him and takes him down with a foreign object.

Kanyon and Bam Bam come out. Kanyon smashes something over Goldberg’s head but he still kicks out. DDP puts the ref in the corner, but the problem is DDP has the ref in the position where he can see Kanyon and Bam Bam interfering. But who cares right? Goldberg takes both out then spears and jackhammers DDP for the win.

WCW Championship: Hulk Hogan (c) vs Sting

Michael Buffer is wearing this weird dark blue shirt with a gold collar and it is throwing me off. Does he think it is casual Sunday or something? Sting looks like he could give two fucks walking to the ring. Bret Hart comes out to wish both men luck. On the previous Nitro he said he wanted a match with Hogan. LOL. Like Hogan would ever agree to that and put Bret over.

Hogan gets mad at Sting for not breaking when they get to the ropes. There’s been more talking in this match than actual action so far. Hogan hits a suplex and Sting no sells it. How did Hogan green light that? Schiavone says the fans just want to see a great match up. So far they’d be extremely disappointed. Hogan slows this down to a typical Hogan match and I’m bored. Hogan just delivered a kick that missed by six inches. Sting hits two Stinger Splashes but misses the third. Hogan hits the big boot and the leg but DDP knocks out the ref and hits the Diamond Cutter and puts Sting on Hogan but its only a two count. DDP took out the ref with a Diamond Cutter. Bret Hart comes out to take out DDP. Sid comes out but is taken out by Hogan. Lex Luger comes out with a baseball bat but Hogan knocks him down. Hogan tells Sting that Luger tried to hit him with the bat. Hogan sees Sting with the bat then Sting hits him. Sting applies the Scorpion Death Lock and the new ref calls for the bell as Hogan is out cold. The announcers realized Sting and Luger played everyone.

The stupidity of the referees and booking on this show was awful. The refs were constantly out of position when they were suppose to be out of position. They buried the new talent in favor of older veterans. They turned Sting heel, which is about the dumbest thing you could do. Next month is the first Russo Era WCW show. So it can only get worse.

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