Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 8.23.17

Mask vs Mask: Sexy Star vs Veneno

-Dario Cueto made this match last week if you recall.

-After Sexy Star stomps on Veneno on the ropes, Joey Ryan comes in and rips off Veneno’s mask, revealing him to be Cortez Castro.

-They brawl on the outside. Castro goes to put Ryan through the table but Ryan low blows him.

-Johnny Mundo and his agent come in and warn that they will leave after the chaos from last week. Dario says everyone is banned from ringside. Mundo doesn’t want the Worldwide Underground included, but Dario says they are and Mundo doesn’t need them to beat Rey Mysterio.

Cueto Cup Finals: Prince Puma vs Pentagon Dark

-After exchanging blows early Puma catches Pentagon and hits a backbreaker then a running senton to the outside.

-Pentagon leapfrogs Puma and hits a lungblower than a double stomp.

-Puma fights back with chops to the chest then an enziguri kick and a flying knee.

-Matt Striker mentions hockey players of Latino descent on the Stanley Cup and how if Puma or Pentagon win they can also get their name on a Cup. I don’t think that’s how the Cueto Cup works.

-Puma goes for a springboard crossbody but Pentagon catches him and hits a package tombstone for two.

-Both men exchange Mexican destroyers and for some reason Striker’s over selling is really bothering me today.

-Puma hits a top rope frankensteiner then hits the 630 for the win.

Cueto Cup Winner: Prince Puma

-Vampiro comes in after the match to congratulate Puma.

Lucha Underground Championship: Johnny Mundo (c) vs Rey Mysterio

-Rey dropkicks Mundo to the outside then hits a baseball slide head scissors sending Mundo into the railing.

-Mundo takes Rey to the top then drops him gut first onto Mundo’s leg coming off the top.

-Mundo applies a sleeper. Rey fights out but Mundo pokes him in the eye then hits a springboard enziguri kick.

-Mundo takes it back to the ground again. If anything it shows me that Rey can’t work a long match anymore. Plus Rey is wearing a shirt and lets just say his not so great physique is visible even with a shirt on.

-Rey takes him out on the outside with an over the top rope senton into a head scissors.

-They go to the top where Mundo tries ripping the mask off of Rey. Mundo gets him in the tree of woe but Rey lifts up and Mundo slides into the post.

-Rey hits a Code Red then goes for the 619 but Mundo pops up and hits a backbreaker.

-Mundo goes for the End of the World but Rey blocks it and hits a split leg moonsault but Mundo gets his hand on the ropes.

-Rey accidentally launches Mundo into the ref. This allows Mundo to low blow Rey.

-Mundo grabs the LU Title. Rey’s son Dominic comes onto the apron and awkwardly tries to grab the Title then shoves Mundo down. Dominic then awkwardly spears Mundo. He literally runs then stops and Mundo jumps into the air for the spear.

-Rey hits the 619 then a springboard frog splash but Dario Cueto comes out and pulls the ref out. Cueto shoves Rey down. Rey hits a 619 on Dario. The ref helps Dario out, allowing Mundo to hit Rey with the belt then hit the End of the World for the win.

WINNER and STILL Lucha Underground Champion: Johnny Mundo

-All things considered, I thought this was a disappointing show with all the hype going into it. Puma/Pentagon was alright but too short. And the ending of the Title match left a lot to be desired. After Puma won, I thought for sure Rey would win as that seemed to be the story they were going for.

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