Quick Hits: NXT Takeover Brooklyn 2017



The past few NXT Takeovers have been less than par for the course as far as NXT specials go but things quickly changed on Saturday. With the addition of Adam Cole, Kyle O’Riley and Bobby Fish plus the Mae Young Classic set to air on the WWE Network the NXT brand has once again become the hottest wrestling promotion in the world. You know the last sentence is true when Kassius Ohno doesn’t have a match or feud that made the Takeover cut the roster is as deep as the Atlantic Ocean again.


Johnny Gargano v. Cien Almas

Johnny and Andrade made another case that NXT could easily add a secondary title to give the performance that Gargano and Almas put on a kayfabe trophy. To think in five years, if a lot of the talent stays around, these two could potentially be feuding for the Intercontinental Title during a main roster pay per view.

Andrade is main roster ready now with the addition of his valet, Zolita Vega, so it is just a matter of time until he pops up on Raw or Smackdown. Gargano may have lost the match but the tie in with the DIY shirt gives Johnny plenty of steam until Tomasso Ciampa returns.


NXT Tag Team Titles: Authors of Pain (c) v. Sanity


The Authors of Pain really shinned in this match, guys like Mojo Rawley should really pay attention to AOP’s performance instead of hitting the weights. I often wondered what their main roster would be like and while I still believe it will be similar to The Ascension’s the former tag champs put on a great show.

Alexander Wolfe is a star in the making, the guy can become everything Bray Wyatt isn’t; Sanity can be a main stay if done correctly. They have all the elements and with Eric Young as their veteran leader the sky could be the limit at NXT and the main roster. I knew it was only a matter of time until we would see ReDragon and what a moment it was during Summerslam weekend for the team that will lead the NXT tag division for the foreseeable future.


Hideo Itami v. Aleister Black


What position would Hideo be in if he never had his two injuries in the three years he has been signed with the WWE? Perhaps he would have been NXT Champion and on the main roster by now but where on the card? Sometimes things do happen for a reason and Hideo’s spot in NXT is right where he belongs, his time will come or he could just go back to indies are a top draw across the world.

There has been plenty of speculation that Aleister is going to be on the main roster sooner rather than later. It would be a shame to not see Black feud with Drew McIntyre, Adam Cole or Roderick Strong but if the WWE has a good plan for the Dutch striker then I am all for it.


NXT Women’s Championship: Asuka (c) v. Ember Moon


As I said on the HTC podcast I truly believe will not drop the Women’s Title until the Mae Young Classic wraps up and the WWE signs who they sign. Asuka is a staple of the NXT roster right now and until the E can sign or create another star Asuka’s proper place is NXT.

Ember Moon had the best match of her career so far in NXT. It would totally be a WWE thing to do if Ember ended Asuka’s streak during a random taping one day after Candice LeRae signs a full time deal.


NXT Championship Match: Bobby Roode (c) v. Drew McIntyre


Bobby Roode’s time in NXT has almost come to an end. The talent has been restocked and he doesn’t have to carry the main event scene for tv or the house shows. A glorious debut at the Royal Rumble or does Roode stick around until after Wrestlemania? Bobby, like AJ Styles, is on the older side for a guy just getting started in the WWE so the more time he can help the main roster the better, I say.

McIntyre’s last WWE run ended with him being in a comedic relief heel stable, oddly with current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal, but something tells me it’s going to end very differently. The world knows no one can wait to see Dew defend his title soon, Bay Bay.

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