Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 8.16.17


-Catrina confronts Cage backstage. She wants the magic arm but Cage won’t turn it over. Catrina warns Cage that it will eventually consume him. Cage goes to hit her but she disappears.

-Joey Ryan tells Dario Cueto that Veneno is actually Cortez Castro. Dario makes a mask vs mask match with Veneno vs Sexy Star next week.

Cueto Cup Semifinals: Fenix vs Prince Puma

-Some quick offensive mat exchanges leads to both men hitting kicks to the face then knocking each other down with forearms.

-Puma head scissors Fenix then knocks him out of the ring with a superkick and hits a running swanton to the outside.

-Puma hits a northern lights suplex and rolls through, but Fenix counters a suplex into a hurricarrana.

-Fenix misses a charge and ends up in the corner where Puma hits a 619. Puma misses a corkscrew moonsault and Fenix hits a Canadian destroyer for two.

-Fenix is able to catch Puma mid-air with a stun gun.

-Fenix hits a springboard heel kick then a running kick to the back of the head.

-Here comes Marty the Moth to stalk Melissa. Fenix takes him out with a moonsault. Puma catches Fenix with a knee to the head and a Nail in the Coffin for two. Puma then hits the 630 for the win.

WINNER: Prince Puma

-Mil is warming up and gets attacked from behind by Cage, who drops a weight on him. Catrina brings him back to life with the stone.

Cueto Cup Semifinals: Pentagon Dark vs Mil Muertes

-Mil is still selling some pain as he walks to the ring.

-Pentagon ducks a dive and hits Mil with his own running senton to the outside.

-Mil drops Pentagon with a rock bottom then rams his head into the post on the outside.

-Pentagon tries to keep getting a comeback going but is thwarted by Mil at every corner.

-Somehow Catrina wearing her hair down reminds Matt Striker of the movie Carrie.

-Pentagon hits a Backstabber then a couple of superkicks. He goes to the outside. Catrina grabs his leg but Pentagon just kicks her away. He hits a double stomp off the top for the win.

-Pentagon goes to break Mil’s arm but Mil escapes as Catrina raises the stone.

WINNER: Pentagon Dark

Rey Mysterio/Johnny Mundo Face Off

-Mundo comes out with security guards in front of him. He tells Rey it was nice to see Dominic last week and he must have gotten his size from his mother. Mundo asks Rey if he is Dominc’s real dad. Rey attacks then hits a seated senton onto Mundo.

-Security holds back Rey. The Worldwide Underground comes out and attacks Rey. El Dragon Azteca Jr., The Mack and Sexy Star come out to aid Rey.

-Mundo and Rey are left in the ring. Puma comes out and Pentagon follows as they pair off against their respective partners next week and brawl. Mil and Cage join the frey. Marty appears on the top of the steps but gets attacked by Fenix. The entire roster is out there brawling. Puma hits a 630 onto a group of guys. It ends with Rey hitting a 619 in the ring on Mundo.

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