Justin C Watches WCW Road Wild 1999

Here we are again. I’m getting so close to the Vince Russo Era that I’m stocking up on the alcohol in advance. We are at Road Wild 1999. These shows always took place at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. And I’m pretty sure WCW never made a dime on attendance. People joke that it was just an excuse for Eric Bischoff to ride his motorcycle around with a bunch of other bikers.

So last time we left you Randy Savage became WCW Champion. Well guess what? He lost it the next night to Hulk Hogan. And on the Nitro before this show, Hogan came back in the red and yellow. Nash is also now buddy-buddy with Sid despite facing him just a month ago. So nothing new on that front when it comes to WCW. The mid-card actually isn’t bad, but it will never break through to the main event portion of WCW.

Oh and Dennis Rodman is back wrestling Randy Savage. So lets go!

We start the show with Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan and Mike Tenay. Schiavone looks ridiculous wearing a backwards hat and sunglasses. Of course these guys always looked weird.

The Dead Pool (Vampiro and the Insane Clown Posse) w/ Raven vs Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero and Billy Kidman

Juggalos. I’m sure everyone at the Sturgis Rally would just love them. Maybe I’m wrong. At least the crowd this year looks like more normal people rather than just bikers. Those bikers were rough on a lot of people during the first couple years. I’ve always been a Vampiro mark so I won’t find this match too bad. Four of those guys in the ring are good workers. And even the ICP isn’t terrible. As fellow HTC Writer Tim has said before: You can tell the ICP loves pro wrestling and put effort into what they did in the ring. Raven just looks like he doesn’t care at ringside. And he was close to being on his way out the door anyways.

Eddie Guerrero is the one to get worked over by the Dead Pool. He eventually crotches the shaved head member of the ICP and superplexes him, then makes the hot tag to Rey Mysterio. Raven finally makes his presence known and pulls Rey out of the ring and throws him into the steps. Vampiro hits the Nail in the Coffin on the outside. Now Rey gets worked over for what seems like forever before he makes a tag to Kidman. All six men end up in the ring. It ends with Kidman hitting a Shooting Star Press on one of the ICP for the win. Not a bad opener, but the heels dominated for too long to let the faces win that quickly.

WCW Tag Team Titles: Bam Bam Bigelow and Kanyon (c) vs Harlem Heat

Kanyon can’t get his line out because all the people on motorcycles start revving their engines. Harlem Heat, at the old Sturgis shows, used to get some uh “ethnic chants” toward them. Looks like there are less bikers there this year so hopefully that isn’t a problem.

Harlem Heat clears the ring early. Stevie Ray then takes out both men single handily and tags in Booker T. Kanyon catches Booker T with an elbow. Stevie Ray comes back in. This match has been about 50% action and 50% everyone playing to the crowd. This match has also really slowed down with the heels in control. Booker T goes for the ax kick but Bam Bam pulls down the ropes. DDP finally runs out. He accidentally runs into Bigelow, who then eats a missile dropkick from Booker T and Stevie Ray makes the pin for the win. I can’t help but think how much better that reaction would have been if it was in an actual arena.

Saturn, Dean Malenko and Shane Douglas vs The West Texas Rednecks

Member last PPV when the No Limit Soldiers were around? And now they are gone. Another great example of WCW throwing away money. Douglas/Malenko/Saturn/Benoit was a good idea for a group. Douglas coming in gave them a mouthpiece. Except Douglas couldn’t curse and swear like he did in ECW. And these guys were never getting to the main event scene against the likes of Hogan, Goldberg etc.

I think Bobby Heenan just said he survived for two days with a 15 degree temperature. The action here is much more paced out than the first two tag matches. It is weird seeing Douglas play the “face in peril” in a tag team match considering his ECW run. The match breaks down with everyone in the ring. Kendall Windham hits Malenko with the cow bell. Saturn hits the Death Valley Driver on Bobby Duncum Jr. for the win.

Ernest Miller w/Sonny Onoo vs Buff Bagwell

Just as I was about to say this show hasn’t been terrible, Ernest Miller comes out with confederate flag gloves on. Seriously? Also Sonny Onoo is wearing a leather black biker vest and no shirt. That’s not a great sight to see. Miller keeps trying to talk but everyone keeps revving up their engines. Good. I don’t need to hear him say the same schtick over and over again.

I wonder if any of the girls that screamed for Buff Bagwell in 1999 have called for his jiggalo services in 2017? We finally get to action with Miller jumping Bagwell but Bagwell is quick to recover. The crowd chants “pussy cat” at Miller. Some okay action ending in Bagwell reversing Miller into Onoo’s briefcase on the apron then getting a roll up for the win.

No DQ Match for the United States Championship: Chris Benoit (c) vs Diamond Dallas Page

Page kept making “Your Mom” jokes on Benoit for god knows what reason. I can’t remember why that even started. Page apologizes to Benoit for talking about his mother. He knows Benoit loves her, but so can anyone else for $2.99 a minute. Schiavone calls Page’s match last year teaming with Jay Leno a match we will never forget. Trust me Tony, we will never forget how awful it was.

The match is billed as No DQ so naturally the first ten minutes have taken place inside the ring. DDP gets in the face of Charles Robinson for not helping him out with quicker pinfalls. Page shoves Robinson down then takes his belt and chokes Benoit with it. I always found that spot somewhat awkward. Now DDP, with a belt around Benoit’s neck, hangs him over his shoulders. That’s a bit too much. Kanyon and Bigelow run in while the Revolution watches in the back. I get they want Benoit over, but why not come out and help when it is 3 on 1? Either way, Benoit takes them all out and wins with the headbutt off the top.

They give away an American Ironhorse motorcycle. I’d love to know if that person still has it. Heenan makes fun of the guy for being named Darnell.

Sting vs Sid Vicious

Sid is starting his “Millennium Man” gimmick now, where he says he will break Goldberg’s record. I maintain that if Sid put more effort into wrestling he could have been a big star. Crowds always seemed to flock to him because he had so much charisma.

Sting dumps Sid to the outside and has him leaning on the railing. I’m pretty sure I just saw a woman slap Sid’s ass. Sid slows the match down because he has to in order to last longer than 5 minutes without blowing up. Sid has a chinlock applied but the close up makes it look super weak. Sid ends the match with a chokeslam and wins. I’m surprised Sid beat Sting clean here. Of course WCW probably wanted to push him. And that is always a mistake.

Goldberg vs Rick Steiner

Rick takes Goldberg’s knee brace off early on and then hits Goldberg with it. This Rick Steiner push was always weird to me. He worked turning heel with Scott but on his own when Scott left injured he just wasn’t believable to me. Rick puts the knee brace on his arm. Too bad Cage looks way cooler nowadays with his sweet arm. Rick works over Goldberg’s knee then boom: spear and jack hammer for the win.

“Macho Man” Randy Savage vs Dennis Rodman

They cut to a sign in the crowd held by a woman that says “Look At Me I’m Butt Ugly.” And the sign isn’t wrong. Rodman takes forever to come out and is wearing a ridiculous robe. Rodman asks Savage where is his bitch at (Gorgeous George) and Savage replies that tonight Rodman is his bitch and invites everyone to take part in his sloppy segments. Gross.

Rodman delivers some short arm stiff clotheslines. Heenan says every major news outlet is around the ring. Of course the camera shot shows no one. They are on the opposite sides. Rodman takes out the referee. Savage gauges the eyes of Rodman, then takes out a cameraman and hits Rodman with his camera. Who’s the heel here? Savage then takes out the ref for a slow count. Then his replacement. Rodman backdrops Savage to the outside and he almost lands on the camera guy and the ref. They brawl up the stage to the back. Savage pushes Rodman into a port-a-potty and tips it over. That signifies 99 WCW in a lot of ways. They get back to the ring. Gorgeous George comes out and gives Savage a chain. Low blow to Rodman by George then a chain to the face and Savage wins.

WCW Championship: Hulk Hogan (c) vs Kevin Nash

Both men’s careers are also on the line here. Even if you didn’t know the outcome and results, you know that means jack shit in WCW in 1999. This match is taking place about a year too late. It made the most sense to happen after the initial nWo break-up. But that is WCW for you.

Nash goes for a test of strength and gets Hogan down. But it is a 1980s Hogan match so he fights back until Nash takes him down with a knee. Similar to Sid, Nash has halted the movement of this match with some slow offense. Nash hits a shot to the kidneys of Hogan and Hogan mumbles “Ow, he’s so strong.” How much do you think Nash slipped Hogan to say that? Nash hits his own big boot then a powerbomb but Hogan kicks out and hulks up. A big boot and leg drop a minute later and it is over. Back to the 80s it is!

Overall, the show was completely inoffensive. There was nothing awful, there was nothing great. Everything was just there. By default, that makes it the best WCW PPV of 1999. But Vince Russo is near, and things can only get more ridiculous.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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