WWE Raw Review 8.14.17 – with Heather


This is the go home Raw before Summerslam and there are some lingering questions –

Will Brock Lesnar get his hands on any of his opponents before Sunday??

Will Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins be able to put aside their differences to destroy SheaSaro, or will they only destroy each other??

Who will take Bayleys spot against Alexa Bliss this Sunday?

Will we see a bunch of matches tonight that should be held off until Summerslam?

Well, we got those answers and more on this weeks MONDAY NIGHT RAW!

This review is late as I could not watch Raw live and then I lost my write up about 3 times due to faulty technology.  This will be a less comprehensive review than normal and I’ll just have winners of matches mostly, but I’ll hit all points leading up to Summerslam, just six days away, a probably loooong show I will be there for live!

Raw opens with everyone’s favorite dysfunctional couple, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins.  Dean calls Seth out to confront him about “the games” he’s been playing the past few weeks.  Seth thinks Dean’s playing games too.  He thinks they could be a great team and run Raw, if Dean could just admit that he does trust him.  He gives his fist for a bump – Dean refuses.  How could Seth try that after denying him last week?  Seth says they could be the strongest team around, but says maybe Dean’s right and it won’t work.  Before he can leave Dean grabs him for a fist bump, but Seth refuses and it turns into a shoving match then a brawl that leaves both men in the outside.

Sheamus and Cesaro take this moment to come out and attack both.  They have an advantage for a bit, depositing Dean over the barricade, but he makes the save then is in turn saved by Seth oncie he gets his bearings.  After they get rid of the tag champs and with the crowd going nuts,  both men extend their fists at once signifying their alliance.

Kurt Angle hits the scene and makes a tag title match for this Sunday – SheaSaro vs Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins.  Pretty typical of WWE to put together a tag team of singles wrestlers to fight for the titles as opposed to an actual tag team.  I love these guys though and am intrigued where this goes so I’m here for it.

#1 Contender’s Match for WWE Raw Women’s Championship: Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks

Alexa Bliss is sitting in the aisle way watching this match.  It’s long and pretty good despite Nia Jax being green, but that’s to be expected because Sasha Banks is very good.  Though Nia has control for much of the match, predictably Sasha picks up the win after locking Nia in the Bank Statement. After the match, Sasha and Alexa stare each other down.

Winner: Sasha Banks  

Backstage Kurt Angle is with The Hardyz and tells them about Scott Dawson’s injury (god damn Revival being hurt again …) and Matt cuts a short promo where he sneaks in some “broken” language.  Miz interrupts and asks what Angle is going to do about Lesnar- nothing he replies but Curtis Axel will fight Jason Jordan tonight.  Miz says that he will fight him instead.  Angle leaves after finding out Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor are having issues.

Kurt finds Bray and Finn brawling and changes their Summerslam Match tonight.  Ooookay.

Elias Sampson is in the ring singing to the local crowd until he’s interrupted by R Truth who comes to the ring only to be quickly taken out by Elias who then takes his guitar and leaves.

Big Cass is out to cut a promo and can barely do it due to the MASSIVE boos he receives.  It’s hard for him to get through with the crowd loudly hating on him, but he manages to talk about how Enzo needs Big Show to keep him safe from his big mouth and Show has Enzo to keep him relevant with a new 7 footer on the roster.  Enzo hits the ring to blather on like he does.  Before he can get in Cass’s face Big Show comes out but this also brings out Gallows & Anderson who help Cass crush Big Show’s hand in the shark cage door which is there since Enzo will be in it Sunday.  Whatever.

Backstage trainers suggest Big Show’s hand could be broken.  Enzo wants him to back out of Summerslam, but Show says he’ll be fine.

Cruiserweight Championship Match: Neville (c) vs Tozawa

While the announcers try to say how big it is to have a match like this in Raw, it is annoying since they could have done this at Summerslam.  If it was just to further the tension, fine, but after a great match with two great performers – Tozawa wins!  They build the sentin from him as a big move he keeps trying to hit, and when he finally does, it’s enough to get him the win.

Why do this on Raw?  They’re still going to fight again at Summerslam because Neville invokes his rematch clause after a meltdown on Twitter where he keeps retweeting himself saying “NO”, but having the title change hands on Raw is just annoying.

Winner: Tozawa?!?

We find out Big Show does have a broken hand.  He says he’ll still be at Summerslam.

Backstage Mickie James is looking at her phone before she’s interrupted by emma, also looking at her phone.  Emma complains more about not getting chances when she is the one who started the women’s revolution.  Mickie says everyone played a part and says Emma tapped out last week.  She challenges her to a Match.

Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt

I am all for helping storylines along, but it doesn’t mean these two should be fighting tonight just to give Bray his win before Sunday.  Which is all this is for.  The match is just fine and serves just to give Bray Wyatt a win before he presumably loses Sunday.  He wins pretty anticlimactly with a Sister Abigail and hits another after the win.  He then pulls his Wyatt magic and flickers the lights before standing over Finn with a bucket of blood and pouring it over him.  Finn plays it up well, rolling all over the ring and probably turning into Carrie.

Funnily enough after the break Michael Cole makes a point to say it was of course NOT blood.

Winner: *sigh* Bray Wyatt

Mickie James vs EVIL Emma

It’s a short match that the crowd doesn’t care about because these ladies never get time.  I think both are amazingly talented, but it doesn’t work if they’re not give n any real story.  Emma keeps complaining about not getting chances, but the story here is she can’t win.  And she still can’t.  Mickie wins with a Mick Kick

Winner: Mickie James

Backstage Chuck Caruso is with Finn Balor.  Finn says Bray might have his demons, but Finn has one too.  We might have known it was coming, but it’ll be great to see live there.

The Miz w/ Miztourage vs Jason Jordan

The match is quick as Jason hits some quick moves before going for his finisher and he’s attacked by Axel and Dallas.  They are in turn attacked by The Hardy Boyz making a save and we get a six man tag instead.

The Miz & Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel vs Jason Jordan & The Hardy Boyz

After a pretty long and competing match, they don’t do the smart thing and give Jason Jordan the obvious pinfall.

Winners: Jason Jordan & The Hardy Boyz

The main event is a face off between Roman Reigns & Samoa Joe & BRAUN & Brock Lesnar.  Heyman and Lesnar are out first and Heyman cuts another master class promo.  He says that the conspiracy to get the title off Brock is obvious.  Heyman says that if Brock were to ever lose the title that whoever took it off him would be able to prove themselves worthy, but none of the other three can beat Lesnar alone.  He says Lesnar will either lose because of the conspiracy, or he’ll win and prove he’s better than even Heyman has always said.

Sanoa Joe is out next and he says that he will be the one to win and he’ll beat Lesnar, nobody else.  BRAUN comes next and says he will be the last man standing like last week, but Joe claims that was because of him.  Roman is out last and he just attacks Joe right away.  It’s a brawl that ends with Brock and BRAUN staring each other down before trying to fight and being held back by the locker room who has run out.  Brock manages to break through and he and BRAUN rain blows onto each other as the wrestlers try to get control and the show ends.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I just think it was a bad show because there was way too much of what we’re supposed to see at Summerslam next week.  We don’t need to see it now.  It is very frustrating that more things can’t be fresh going into a huge show.  Sure we have Seth & Dean teaming up, but outside that it’s all pretty much a retread on the Raw side.

You can always catch me on twitter, hm_pufnstuf.  I’ll be in NYC for Summerslam next week so let us all hope for good times.