Quick Hits: WWE Smackdown Live 8.15.17

India Independence Celebration

-The show starts with Jinder Mahal. They call Cena vs Mahal tonight the biggest match in Smackdown Live history and I’m trying to not hurt myself from laughing so hard.

-Jinder said something about this being India’s celebration of independence or something. I’m still too busy laughing over here. There are a bunch of dancers doing a dance. Some woman sings India’s national anthem.

-Jinder says he is a global phenomenon and people are subscribing to the WWE Network to see him win at SummerSlam. And tonight he beats Cena more convincingly than Nakamura ever could.

-Nakamura finally comes in to interrupt Jinder during his long rambling. Nakamura says today in Japan is a day of remembrance and peace. And on Sunday in America, it is SummerSlam where Jinder will lose the WWE Title, to him.

Becky Lynch vs Natalya

-Naomi comes out for commentary. Becky lands some right hands then dropkicks Natalya on the outside.

-Natalya calls for timeout on the outside but instead throws Becky into the barricade then hits a suplex on the floor.

-Becky escapes an abdominal stretch then starts a comeback.

-They exchange submission attempts. Becky jumps off the top but misses. Natalya applies the Sharpshooter and Becky taps.

WINNER: Natalya (PS, Naomi was really bad on commentary as per usual)

-Naomi saves Becky from a beatdown. Carmella and James Ellsworth come out. Carmella wishes both women luck this Sunday. Ellsworth says whoever wins, they lose.

-Tamina asks Lana why she doesn’t have a match. Lana says they don’t fear her, and she will use her beauty to help Tamina become the most destructive force on Smackdown Live.

-The Usos come into Daniel Bryan’s office. Bryan thinks they want him to join their rap group. Usos just want to know which New Day members they’re wrestling at SummerSlam. Bryan said Xaiver and Big E. He also said he still has sick beats if needed. Poor Birdie is going to be embarrassed by Bryan at so many school dances.

Rusev vs Chad Gable

-Gable connects on an early over head belly-to-belly. But Rusev rolls to the outside then slams Gable into the stairs then tosses him over the announce table and onto the chairs. Rusev applies the Accolade on the announce table. Remember, applying a finisher on an announce table increases pain by 100%.

-Rusev grabs the mic but immediately eats a RKO in the ring.

AJ Styles Apologizes To Shane McMahon

-AJ asks Shane if he is going to use him accidentally kicking Shane last week as an excuse to screw him over next week.

-Shane said last week he was in harms way and it was an accident. But Shane says this Sunday if AJ hits or shoves him he will shove back. Shane says AJ needs to RESPECT HIS AUTHORITAH! (not like that but how can I pass up a South Park reference)

-Kevin Owens comes out. He tries to stir the pot but Shane makes AJ and KO shake hands. They start to shove and KO ducks an AJ punch and Shane blocks it. KO laughs then goes to hit AJ but takes out Shane instead.

New Day vs The Usos

-This is a non-title match because the Usos wanted it.

-Kofi and Xaiver hit a barrage of leg drops then sliding dropkicks to the outside.

-Kofi gets reversed into the post on the outside and the Usos get the upperhand.

-Chaos breaks loose as all four men end up in the ring. The Usos go after the left knee of Kofi then hit double superkicks on Kofi for the win.


-The last Fashion Peaks. Fandango says he was probed, mentally. Breeze comes in and says they can’t have people thinking they are making it up as they go along. Ascension returns the pie from last week. They flip out because it had gluten in it. Fandango says they fear the whole tag team division is in danger.

John Cena vs Jinder Mahal

-Because this match is basically Slaughter/Hogan from the early 90s we start with a test of strength.

-One of the Singh Brothers lands a cheap shot on Cena.

-Cena comes back and after the Five Knuckle Shuffle the Singh Brothers pull Jinder out of the ring. The Singh Brothers hold the leg of Cena and the ref tosses them.

-Cena applies the STF but Jinder gets to the ropes.

-Jinder kicks out of the AA then hits a super AA but Corbin breaks up the count.

-Corbin leaves, but sees Jinder laid out. CORBIN CASHES IN!!!!

-The ref makes sure Jinder is up. But Cena distracts Corbin and this allows Jinder to role him up for the win. Corbin flips out after the match. That was hilarious.

Final Thoughts: I really wonder what happened there. It sounded like the WWE had big plans for Corbin, and they still might, but they just made him look like a total bitch in that segment. It makes you wonder if they are going with a full Nakamura win at SummerSlam. Was their goal to add more intensity to the Corbin/Cena match? And if so why wouldn’t Cena let Corbin win so he can get a Title shot? Lots of questions here that we can hopefully answer on the HTCWrestling Podcast SummerSlam Preview this week.

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