New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax 27 Finals And Overall Thoughts

Well, here we are. After over two weeks of outstanding wrestling action we are at the finale of the G1 Climax. I’ll start with a breakdown of the Finals then add more thoughts to the overall tournament after.

G1 Finals: Tetsuya Naito vs Kenny Omega

-The crowd erupts right after the bell rings. This is a great atmosphere.

-Naito tosses Omega to the outside and goes for a dive but nope, signature pose.

-Omega blocks a throw into the railing then hits a moonsault off it.

-Naito comes back and drops Omega on the apron then hits a neckbreaker off it to the floor.

-Neckbreaker then dropkick to Omega’s neck. Omega gets thrown to the outside. Naito fakes a dive then his pose then comes back to hit Omega with a dive.

-Naito goes to piledrive Omega on the announce table, but they go to the floor. Can’t tell if they were suppose to go to the floor or not but Omega’s head caught the side of the table. I’m surprised he isn’t busted open.

-Omega goes for his roll through moonsault but Naito blocks it and hits a neckbreaker.

-Omega counters a neckbreaker with a hurricarrana then hits a running swanton to the outside.

-Omega goes for a V-trigger. Naito counters with a German but Omega lands on his feet. Naito counters and hits his running springboard DDT off the ropes.

-Naito goes for a top rope frankensteiner but Omega blocks it by dropping Naito on the top. He hits a hurricarrana and a V-trigger for two.

-Naito goes for Destino after a modified backbreaker/neckbreaker counter but Omega counters into a package tombstone for two.

-They go to the top. Omega drops Naito head on the top of the post. Omega goes for a top rope powerbomb but NAITO COUNTERS INTO A HURRICARRANA.

-Naito, on a mission to break Kenny’s neck, hits a reverse ranna off the top for two but then misses a corkscrew moonsault.

-Omega hits a pearl river piledriver. He hits two kneed and Naito falls. Omega goes for a third but Naito blocks it. Omega still connects on another then hits a sitout powerbomb for two.


-Let me catch up. Blocked Destino into a One Winged Angel then countered into a German for two.

-One Winged Angel attempt into DESSTTTIIINNNOOO as both men lay there exhausted.

-After a reset, Omega hits a couple of knees. Naito comes back with a rolling heel kick then a Destino for two. Naito hits one more DEESSTTTIINNNOOO for the win.

WINNER Of The G1 Climax 27: Tetsuya Naito

-Wow, I think I need a cigarette after this and I don’t even smoke. Naito teases throwing the trophy onto the ground after but doesn’t.

Justin C’s Top 5 Matches Of The G1:

  1. Okada vs Omega 3- B Block Finals
  2. Naito vs Omega- Finals
  3. Naito vs Ibushi- Day 1
  4. Okada vs Suzuki- Day 16
  5. Naito vs Tanahashi- A Block Finals

Other Notes From The G1 Finals:

-Taguchi Japan (Ricochet and Ryusuke Taguchi) defeated the Young Bucks to win the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship. This was easily the best non G1 Match of the tournament. Ricochet sold his right leg throughout the match after selling an awkward fall after a moonsault to the outside to the Bucks tried to exploit it throughout the match. There were two great counters to the Meltzer Driver: the first saw Ricochet catch one of the Bucks in a powerbomb and the other saw Taguchi hit a mid air rear view. That might have been my favorite Young Bucks match I have ever seen. (I have not seen any of their PWG stuff).

-Katsuyori Shibata appeared before the live crowd. Shibata suffered a serious subdural hematoma after his match with Okada in April due to a stiff headbutt and collapsed backstage after the show. He suffered temporary paralysis and vision loss as well and is not expected to wrestle ever again. He appeared before the live crowd and said “I’m alive. That is all.” I’ve seen all of two Shibata matches my whole life and even I felt some feels watching this, especially seeing the live crowd’s reaction.

-DARYL LIVES!!! The outstanding work of doctors and nurses in Japan were able to repair Daryl and bring him back to life. What a truly great day in the history of our sport.

So what did watching the G1 do for me as a wrestling fan? It reminded me why I love pro wrestling when it is treated seriously. I’ve been a WWE fan for over 25 years. And at times, it gets even too fake and cartoony even for me. New Japan treats wrestling about as seriously as you can treat it and it is great. All of the action and story telling is done inside the ring. Crowds don’t attempt to get themselves over with chants because they think they are cool. The atmosphere for the Naito/Omega match was great. It added that much more to the excitement level of it. I had no idea what the announcers were saying 90% of the time but the energy they had for the whole show just adds to the overall presentation. I’m assuming they aren’t talking about what is trending or trying to get over lame catchphrases or having petty bickering between each other. New Japan is the complete opposite of what the WWE is. And it is okay to watch and enjoy both. I do, and I think watching both helps balance out the good and the bad of the WWE.

Yuji Nagata was the stand out of the tournament for me. Going in it was announced that this would be his last G1 and he went out and busted his ass night in and night out. The crowd loved him at every stop of the G1 and despite only getting one win he would be my outstanding performer of the tournament if I could pick one. Hard to imagine looking back that WCW treated him like a jobber.

As far as what this sets up for the future, Naito likely faces Okada at Wrestle Kingdom in January. I would expect EVIL to get a shot at Okada before then due to his win over Okada in the G1. The same can be said for Zack Sabre Jr. getting an Intercontinental Title shot against Tanahashi.

Overall, I’m just glad I took the time to subscribe to New Japan World and watch my first full G1. This was easily the most fun I had watching wrestling in a long time. And I am not looking forward to bitching about SummerSlam a week from now.

Until Next Time,

Justin C

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