WWE Raw Review 8.7.17 – with Heather



Bayley is injured!  Is she OUT at Summerslam?!  Who will replace her?!

Who will be the LAST MAN STANDING when BRAUN meets his arch rival Big Dog Roman Reigns?

Are Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins still at odds?  Or will they finally squash their differences to become brothers once again?

How is Titus Worldwide doing now that Tozawa has a shot at KING Neville again?!

With Finn moved on to Bray Wyatt has The Drifter….drifted away?!

We’ll look to get all the answers to those questions and more TONIGHT…on MONDAY NIGHT RAW

We open with Miz TV – Miz is tired of getting cheap shotted on his own show!  He calls out Jason Jordan but Kurt Angle comes out instead to say Jason is getting ready for his match with Curtis Axel later but he has another guest – Brock Lesnar.  Miz cuts off Heyman before he can say anything and rants about how Lesnar is definitely going to lose at Summerslam.  Heyman and Brock mostly ignore him until he’s finished.  When he is, Paul asks if Miz and Maryse ever role play.  He says Brock is going to role play right now.  Miz and his Miztourage are Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe and BRAUN.  He then murders them all.  Poor Miztourage.

Seth Rollins vs Sheamus (w/Cesaro)

After last week Sheamus wants revenge on Seth Rollins eventhough he and Cesaro left both Seth and Dean Ambrose lying last week so they should be pretty satisfied.  Because we do participate in 50/50 booking in the WWE, Sheamus does get a win with, of course, a surprise roll up.

After the match Seth gets angry with the ending of the match and dives to the outside to take out Cesaro.  He forgot Sheamus was there though I guess and SheaSaro easily take control of the Kingslayer.  After beating him up a little they look for Dean Ambrose to come make the save, but he doesn’t and they continue the assault and then leave.  That was way harsh Dean.

Winner: Sheamus

Backstage after the break Seth runs into Dean who berates Seth for getting himself involved in a fight he couldn’t win on his own.  He says he made Dean look like a jerk, but Seth says Dean looks like one because he IS one and he should just get over what happened 3 years ago.  Seth I love you, but some wounds just don’t heal my man.  Dean welcomes Seth to being alone and says he’ll be alone fighting Cesaro tonight.

Also backstage Kurt Angle starts panicking because his son Jason Jordan is supposed to have a match against Curtis Axel who Brock Lesnar murdered earlier in the night.  He finds a random French Canadian wrestler Jean Pierre Goulet backstage who he sends out for the fight.  Okay.

Jason Jordan vs Jean Pierre Goulet

You know who wins this.  What you might not know is how into Jason Jordan this crowd was!  Which was not at all.  Yikes.

Winner: Jason Jordan

Next up we get an in-ring promo with Bayley who it was just announced will miss her Women’s Championship match at Summerslam due to an injury she received fighting Nia Jax last week.  She is with Chuck Caruso and explains that she knew she was hurt during the match, but had to keep fighting to prove she deserved her spot.  She has to go heal her injury and now we’re going to get a new #1 Contender.  Bayley of course thinks the spot should go to Sasha Banks who happens to be in the next match and has a little moment with Bayley inside the ring.  There will be a second Triple Threat later in the night to determine who will fight the winner of the next match for the title shot.  The crowd is BRUTAL to Bayley during this promo and boo her way too much.  I might not always think Bayley is very exciting but this promo was sad for her and the crowd was garbage.

Sasha Banks vs Alicia Fox vs Evil Emma

Alexa is on commentary so that’s nice.  There is a brief moment here where the thought went through my mind that Emma could have a chance to win this match.  She tried to take advantage and get a surprise roll up at two opportune moments but was first foiled by Alicia Fox and then by Sasha Banks who turned her roll up in to a Banks Statement.  Or well, she throws Emma down kind of and she lays there so Sasha can lock it in.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Backstage Renee Young is with BRAUN.  She asks him why his last man standing match with Roman Reigns is so important later.  BRAUN gives a promo where he stares intently into the distance where I imagine he can see himself crushing the bones of Roman.  He says Roman is just a puppy and his yard is BRAUN’s playground.

Enzo is out next and he brings out the Big Show and cuts another one of his nonsensical promos.  Big Show says Cass needs to learn respect and for some reason Gallows & Anderson come out and call them NERDS so this is a match now.

Enzo Amore & Big Show vs The Club

Well this is a match that happens.  It is interrupted by Big Cass if you can believe it and he distracts Big Show long enough on the outside for a giant surprise – Enzo gets pinned.  After the match Cass tries to do something, but he just gets a nice big Knock Out Punch from Big Show.  No Thanks.

Winners: The Club

Next up is story time with Finn Balor who says that Bray Wyatt kind of freaks him out but he’s willing to finish whatever Bray wants to start.  Before he can get too far Bray does his ~spooky~ warping move into the ring but Finn is not bothered as he sits atop the ring ropes.  They have a quick spat where Bray tries to run for Finn who is clearly too fast and cunning for Bray.  He warps away and does his usual promo from the back before telling Finn to – you guessed it – run.

Dean Ambrose vs Cesaro

This is a great match you should all watch.  I love Dean Ambrose and I love Cesaro.  It gets a good amount of time and both guys looked great.  The crowd which has been divisive all night is firmly behind Cesaro, but then Dean, but then Cesaro and well – they just really like this match.  They also really like when Cesaro uses a sharp shooter.  Cesaro is just the best.  IN the end of course it ends like all matches they’re not sure who they want the ultimate victor to be end – surprise roll up!  Dean gets the win over Cesaro.  It’s only after Sheamus tries to interfere and fails.

After the match, predictably, Sheamus & Cesaro beat on Dean Ambrose angry he’s gotten one over on them.  Seth Rollins is a good man and comes to the aid of his former partner.  After they fight the crowd is HOT for this almost Shield reunion.  After a beat, Dean puts his fist out!  Seth hesitates – tries to hide a smile – then walks away.  HE LEAVES DEAN AND ALL OF US HANGING.  Sigh.  I guess it’s his just desserts.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Backstage TITUS WORLDWIDE is celebrating that Akira Tozawa is fighting KING Neville at Summerslam.  Again.  Well, so Neville interrupts to say that he’ll be watching Tozawa fight a guy who has nothing to lose since he took his title shot – Daivari.  Again.  I like all of these guys but it is the SAME matches every week.  There are other guys!!

Akira Tozawa vs Ariya Daivari

Titus O’Neil is on commentary for this because he doesn’t need to be near his guy and throw in the towel again or something.  After Neville tried to build up that Daivari may be primed to destroy Tozawa, he doesn’t.

Winner: Tozawa

Roman Reigns is backstage with Renee and he says he doesn’t care about Brock Lesnar or what he does.  He says he will be standing tall tonight just like he was last week and just like he will be at Summerslam.

Mickie James vs Dana Brooke vs Nia Jax

After nearly killing Bayley last week, Nia Jax is back at it again tonight.  I do like her, but I hope she can learn how to be a little more safe while also looking powerful.  It’s sad that Mickie James is here for this, but it’s exactly what you’d expect.  A squash.

Winner: Nia Jax

Goldust is still here apparently and he has a Shattered Dreams production.  He says he will be watching Summerslam and wonders…will he find his new hero?  His new villain?  Or perhaps….his new starlet.  I guess we’ll find out.


The crowd is firmly on BRAUN’s side.  Aren’t we all.  As often as these two fight and as much as I don’t really like Roman Reigns these two always have a fun match.  Most of it is much of the same but we get a GREAT moment where BRAUN launches a rolling chair right into Roman’s face.  As they make their way up the ramp BRAUN tries to razor’s edge? Roman into the announce table but Roman resists and hits TWO Superman Punches but then misses a spear when BRAUN, STILL ON HIS FEET, kicks him down!  Braun stumbles down the ramp towards the ring and Roman hits a MONSTER spear.  BRAUN is down, Roman almost has the win…when Samoa Joe lurks up from the crowd and puts the Coquina Clutch on him.  Joe chokes him out, leaves and this allows BRAUN to get back to his feet.  That’s right.


FINAL THOUGHTS: The Seth and Dean stuff is riveting.  It got the crowd going like crazy and deservedly so.  Brock coming out and destroying The Miztourage is good too because Brock is actually showing up to help make himself look like the Beast we know he is running up to his title defense.  Unfortunately outside those two feuds the rest is pretty standard.  We’ve seen Nia and Sasha winning already and it was unsurprising that was where those matches were going.  I don’t mind seeing the same matches sometimes, but EVERYTHING tonight seemed to be a retread outside Seth and Dean fighting Sheamus and Cesaro respectively.  Oh and Enzo & Big Show but who could care.  They need to at least just have random guys fight to make opponents look strong against people who aren’t their own opponents at big events.  The ending was great, so you should watch that too.

WATCH THIS MATCH:  Cesaro vs Dean Ambrose!  I thought it was great.  But the Last Man Standing Match was fun too.  Roman Reigns might be not-a face so therefore I can’t want to cheer him, but the guy always delivers in these matches.  BRAUN has been so great too but we all know that.

SKIP THIS MATCH: A lot of them. But I mostly skipped Enzo & Big Show vs The Club so that’s probably a good choice.

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