Quick Hits: Lucha Underground 8.2.17

-Dario Cueto visits his brother Matanza in his cell. Dario tells Matanza that he became weak and that caused him to lose to Rey Mysterio. Dario says Matanza must control his hunger and if he doesn’t, the gods will take away his soul.

Cueto Cup Quarterfinal Matchup: Pindar vs Fenix

-Melissa Santos blows Fenix a kiss for good luck. She must be attracted to guys that have an almost constant ducky face.

-Fenix lands some eniguri kicks sending Pindar into the corner. The ref gets distracted with Pindar allowing Kobra Moon to choke Fenix in the other corner.

-Pindar catches Fenix mid-air and hits a backbreaker followed by a twisting backdrop.

-Fenix ducks a charge and hits a German suplex. Fenix catches Pindar with a springboard belly-to-belly then double knees off the top to the gut for the win.


-Dario tells the Worldwide Underground they cannot interfere in Johnny’s match tonight. If they do, they will not be able to compete for any of the Aztec medallions next week and win an opportunity to win the Gift of the Gods Title.

Cueto Cup Quarterfinal Matchup: Dante Fox vs Prince Puma

-Fox dropkicks Puma out of the ring then hits a dive through the ropes. Puma comes back in and hits a boot to the face then a dive as well. Both men do the same again except it is over the ropes.

-Puma catches Fox coming off the apron but Fox turns it into a tilt-a-whirl DDT.

-Puma sends Fox into the turnbuckle then hits a crossbody.

-They exchange kicks and matrix style ducks. Puma finally hits a blue thunder bomb.

-Fox hits a clothesline in the corner then a fireman’s carry roll through and goes for a 450 but Puma gets his knees up.

-Fox hits a superkick on Puma in the corner. Puma blocks a charge then hits a reverse exploder suplex then a reverse DDT backdrop for two.

-Puma plants Fox in the corner and hits the 630 splash for the win.

WINNER: Prince Puma

-After the match Killshot attacks Dante Fox and tells him that it isn’t over between them.

-Capt. Vasquez talks to Cortez Castro about Cage murdering the councilman. Castro says to arrest him. Vasquez says she doesn’t want that, she wants the gauntlet/glove Cage is wearing.

Johnny Mundo vs El Dragon Azteca Jr.

-Mundo taunts Azteca early on. He ends up eating an enziguri kick.

-Azteca sends Mundo to the outside with a hurricarrana to the outside. He goes for one to the outside but Mundo grabs him slams him down.

-Mundo remains in control until Azteca knocks him off the apron and flies over the corner to the outside.

-Some nice offensive exchanges end with Mundo hitting a standing C4. He knocks Azteca off the top then hits the awful End of the World for the win.

WINNER: Johnny Mundo

-After the match Mundo puts a chair around Azteca’s neck but Rey Mysterio makes the save.

-Once Rey leaves Mundo comes back down and confronts Rey’s family. It ends with Mundo messing with Dominic. Rey comes back out but the Worldwide Underground attacks. Mundo goes to hit Rey, but instead hits Dominic with the Lucha Underground Title.

-Fenix walks Melissa to her car. Marty the Moth creepily watches on and says she won’t like Fenix when he takes his mask away from him.

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