WWE Raw Review 7.31.17 – with Heather

New-Raw-Logo-645x366Only able to post a quick rundown tonight, but I can’t let a Monday go down without at least some words on that Monday Night staple – Monday Night Raw!  Wrrrrrrestling!!

Here’s what’s going on in the world title picture!

– We’re in Pittsburgh so Kurt Angle is excited and talking about that time he won a gold medal with a broken fricken neck!

He doesn’t get a lot of time for himself because Brock Lesnar is here along with his advocate Paul Heyman!  Paul thinks Kurt is setting Brock up to lose so the title can be on Raw more.  He says that if Brock loses to any of the other three competitors- he’ll leave Raw for good.

Strong words that unfortunately may ruin my hope for a new champ at Summerslam.

– Later in the 10 o clock hour the announced last week triple threat happened: Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe vs BRAUN.  LOLROMANWINS via spear.  Apparently also involving this feud- from the words of a friend who was watching and saw Braun’s promo tonight: “Braun’s promo is a psa about getting off social media and electronics”.  So that is something everyone needs to check out

– In the continued drama with former Shield Brethern Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose – Dean is interviewed backstage by his lovely wife Renee.  She wants to know if their reformation is complete as Seth interrupts the interview, and Dean maintains he still does not trust Seth.  As Seth forlornly leaves the interview he gets into a verbal confrontation with tag champions SheaSaro who mock him that nobody trusts him which leads to an impromptu match!

– Seth Rollins vs Sheamus ends with Seth pulling off the win via rollup but he’s brutally attacked afterward by SheaSaro.  It takes quite awhile and the crowd calling for him for Ambrose to make the save, but he winds up down as well with the tag champs standing tall.  Later – he blames Seth for setting himself up in that situation and forcing Dean to help – he doesn’t want it to happen again.

In the Jason Jordan/ Kurt Angle love child Angle we find Jason a guest on Miz TV.  The Miz first tries to get under Jason’s skin by pointing out people boo him.  Then he tries to recruit him into the Miztourage saying he can guide him on Raw.  After Jason’s refusal Miz then takes to insulting Jason’s newly found father Kurt and after Jason warns him to stop and he doesn’t – Miz gets himself a suplex into Bo and Curtis for his trouble.

– In the women’s title picture we get an Alexa Bliss interview where she says she’s excited to fight Bayley who she’s beaten twice before and that Sasha should be ashamed for losing.  Later – Bayley beats Nia Jax by countout.

For some reason Big Show vs Big Cass is the main event.  Enzo is in Show’s corner and manages to make him lose by attacking Big Cass and causing the DQ.  Cass beats up Enzo some more and then he gets a knock out punch for his trouble. Well, wonderful.

– In other news:

Bray Wyatt says Pittsburgh is pitiful and he would know.  He cuts a promo but is more excitable cut off by Finn Balor’s demon music but he instead just surprises Bray as himself in the ring and Finn throws Bray over the barricade and stands supreme.

Akira Tozawa & Rich Swann & Cedric Alexander DEFEATED Ariya Daivari & TJP & Tony Nese

The Hardy Boyz DEFEATED The Club w/ The Revival on commentary.  Afterwards a brawl erupted on the ramp with The Hardyz standing supreme.  Per my lovely friend Karen as The Hardyz entered: “13 year old girls and women who wish they still were lose their shit”.  Truth.

Elias Sampson DEFEATED Kalisto

So that’s Raw!  Did I miss something super important?  Yell at me as always on Twitter at hm_pufnstuf!