Quick Hits: WWE Smackdown Live 7.18.17


-Jinder comes out with the Punjabi Prison surrounding the ring. The second wall comes down and it has its own EERIE MUSIC OOOOOOOOO!

-Jinder explains the rules as the crowd gets on him for his usual anti-American stuff.

-Orton comes out. He says the Singh Brothers are the only reason Jinder has the WWE Title in the first place. And the Punjabi Prison prevents them from helping. Orton using that logic.

-Orton says he has nothing to lose while Jinder has the WWE Title and the entire weight of India on his back. Orton slowly climbs the first cage.

-Orton climbs to the top of the cage and says that will be his view when he beats Jinder this Sunday. And that is it. Okay then?

Jimmy Uso vs Kofi Kingston

-Kofi lays the boots to Jimmy early on as Xaiver plays the trumpet, then he hits a swanton over the top to the outside.

-Jimmy blocks a Kofi kick on the apron then slams Kofi face first onto it.

-They exchange the upper hand towards the end until Jimmy reverses the momentum of a crossbody for the win.

WINNER: Jimmy Uso

Chad Gable is interviewed. He said a little heads up from Jordan would have been nice. But he knew something was up in the last few weeks. Gable says he will support Jordan. But Gable says this is a great chance for everyone to see what he can do on his own.

Mike Kanellis vs Sami Zayn

-Zayn goes to work early and mounts Mike in the corner with some punches.

-Zayn clotheslines Mike over the top then throws him into the barricade.

-Zayn hits an exploder suplex in the corner but Maria comes in to protect him. When she leaves, Mike hits Zayn with a right hand then his finisher which is called the Power of Love for the win.

WINNER: Mike Kanellis

John Cena/Rusev Segment

-Cena is back to being RAH RAH America is great cheerleader and I thought we were past this.

-Cena says that in order to win, you have to grab the flag and cross a line. Since when is that the rules for a Flag Match?

-They should have just played that Cena commercial that is nominated for an Emmy rather than this promo.

-Cena grabs the flag to close the promo, but Rusev attacks him. Rusev applies the Accolade. Cena tries powering out but can’t. Rusev then grabs the Bulgarian Flag and holds it up.

Charlotte vs Becky Lynch

-They got rid of Becky’s smoke during her entrance.

-First few minutes is some good chain wrestling exchanged between both women.

-Charlotte is able to ground Becky and applies a couple different submissions to slow things down.

-Becky starts a comeback. She goes for the Disarmer but Charlotte escapes and hits a big boot for two.

-Charlotte misses the moonsault and Becky applies the Disarmer. Charlotte gets to the ropes but Becky pulls her back to the ring and Charlotte taps.

WINNER: Becky Lynch

-After the match all the women in the match this Sunday fight.

-Fashion X-Files. They have a pic on the wall that says “The Gh-OOOO-st Train” with a picture of Papa Shango. A delivery guy comes in with a package. It is the severed head of Fandango’s stuffed horse from last week with a note that says “Battleground.”

Baron Corbin and Kevin Owens vs AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura

-Corbin and Owens try to attack Nakamura during his entrance but Nakamura and Styles fight back.

-The match starts back from break. Corbin catches Styles early coming over the top with a right hand.

-Nakamura comes in and delivers some knees to Owens. But Corbin pulls the top rope down on Nakamura and the heels start to work him over.

-Nakamura ducks a clothesline from Corbin but Styles gets knocked off the apron.

-Corbin misses a boot in the corner. Nakamura knocks Owens off the apron but then walks right into the Deep Six from Corbin. Styles breaks up the pin.

-Styles gets the hot tag and goes to work. He eventually applies the Calf Crusher on Corbin but he gets to the ropes.

-KO pulls Styles off the ropes going for the Phenomenal Forearm. KO and Nakamura brawl. Corbin takes out Nakamura on the outside.

-Styles hits a couple of Pele Kicks on Corbin. KO makes the blind tag then catches Styles with the pop-up powerbomb for the win.

WINNERS: Baron Corbin and Kevin Owens

-Not the greatest go home show for Smackdown. They didn’t really do a job of selling the big matches on the show, especially the Orton/Jinder match. That feud needs to end this Sunday. So does Cena as the rah rah American cheerleader he came back as. Of course, if Cena moves on to Jinder that probably won’t change.

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